Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ending 2006

As the year ends, You'd think I'd be reflecting, perhaps making resolutions in an effort to better or improve myself. Nope. Maybe due to arrogance, ah who am I kidding, largely due to arrogance but really simply because I don't believe that too much matters to most people anymore. Instead I'm involving myself in other people's lives. Fiction especially. I have caught up with movies I haven't had time to see plus managed to catch some blockbusters within their first few days of release. And I'm completely and perfectly happy. So there 2006, if I have had the last laugh, then I guess I win.

As for Pursuit of Happyness, the misspell is relevant to the story, kinda. And Jaden Christopher Syre Smith received no favors to earn his role in the movie. That kid is one of the best child actors ever seen on any screen. Sweet genes! Plus he is so cute. And for a story based on real events, it gets you. Especially because almost everyone can relate, no matter how vaguely, to this man's trials.

Blood diamond. First and foremost, is this racism or am I super sensitive? So may recognized and small people shows keep up talking Leonardo diCaprio and ignoring Djimonou Hounsou despite his stellar performance? And some of them even show clips of an interview with him and neglect to even mention his name. I feel so insulted every time this happens. The movie critics were very fair to him however. So for that, thank you. This movie is worth your time for shizzo. I also verified the general events from a friend of mine who is from Sierra Leone. I do this always, movies tend to distort truth too much for it to be considered based on facts. But this one is pretty accurate. The blood diamonds continue to seep in through Liberia. This is one trade that was established by Charles Taylor. A diamond that passes through Liberia is probably dirty. So if you spend too much on diamonds or have bought into the hype, you may wanna rethink this. For starters diamonds are not rare. Never were. If you ever wanted to argue with that, just recall that the lead in your pencil and a diamond are one chemical compound link apart but are actually similar in composition. Next, if to preserve a facade, there has been so much blood shed, why support the idiosyncrasy? Food for thought.

Caught up with plenty of other older movies. Dream girls' will have to wait for the dvd release. Anyone who casts Beyonce in an acting role after having seen her previous movies does not deserve my money at the AMC or Cinemark counters. I know the reviews are raving, but hello, I'm not one of blind faith to those. There's Apocalypto, that's for tonight. I might see "We're Marshall", maybe not. Don Cheadle's and Adam Sandler's coming soon, forgot the name of that, watch out for that. The previews indicate a really good movie in the making.

Well, that's it. Have a happy 2007. Happy. Pursuit of it or whatever. That should always be the ultimate goal.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kenyans need Edification - fast!

Uhuru has filed a vote of no confidence in the government. Which is within his rights, - if he had a good reason to do this. To file a vote of no confidence against the government because he lost his chairmanship to a party whose constitution he defiled is preposterous. And for Kenyans to be backing him over this in their usual idle song and dance is just as historically, nonsensical.

I'd like Uhuru to answer these questions for me.
1. Does the Kanu constitution require that you get approval from its members before as a chairman you can merge it or coalesce with another party?
2. If the answer to this question is yes, are you suggesting you are above the law and the Constitution should be changed whenever you defile it?
3. What did you expect the judge to do? Reject the new party leaders after they provide their Constitution proving you have defaulted from it?

It would make you more desirable a man and a leader to accept you messed up and move on. Learn from your mistakes. It's called edification. Quit wasting time and money both of which Kenyans don't have. And the chorus that is your so called ODM party members backed by a bunch of fickle minded Kenyans does not make you right. It makes you a bunch of idiots singing the same idiotic chorus.

Is this how you would lead as a president? Result to abuse of office whenever you were challenged and especially by your own mistake? I said abuse of office. Seeing that this motion of no confidence does little more than nurse your ego, don't you think the Parliament and its members are on too high a price for Kenyans to pay so that you keep your ego intact? You as a party chairman especially, had to be the one to uphold that party's constitution. Shame on you for your acts!

Will Clay please shut up about Kenya!!! If he has to discuss corruption, I insist he discuss it within the confines of his home country, namely the UK (Updated. Engulfed in my rants I had typed in USA. Thanks Anon.). There is so much for him to discuss there. I'm aware Kibaki has snubbed the ways of the American/UK donors. Really, so called donors. He didn't like their sanctions. And for that I am very proud of him. Forget your money that comes with too high a price. And shut up about Kenya. Once and for all!!! Are you the economic hit man, or the man who comes after the economic Hit man has failed to cause chaos in the country? I have read the "confessions of an Economic Hit man" and I don't like the role you play in Kenya. Shut up! And if I hear Kenyans backing this idiot nosey man up I'll seriously have to go and throw up. I'm aware I just made an appointment with the bathroom. Kenyans, grow up. Fickle mindedness has to come to an end. Today will do. Yesterday would have been much better preferred.

1. Kenya cannot afford elections randomly every few years. Let the terms run unless there are obvious reasons to interrupt governments.

2. Self-serving manipulating so called leaders do not qualify as obvious reasons to the above.

3. Anyone who is not Kenyan needs to shut up about Kenya. They need to remove the logs in their home country's eyes before removing splinters in ours.

4. When a rally is banned in a country where authorization to have a rally is required, going out to the rally and getting teargas is self inflicted suffering.

5. Learning to obey the law and get results within it would be a great uplift from the fickle mindedness of Kenyans in general.

6. Part of being a good leader is being a good follower. Of peer leaders and laws alike.

7. I could keep going. So chew on the above for now.

Time has run out. Kenyans must get smart. This simple manipulation of minds has seriously become nauseating to watch and listen to. To end, I quote proverbs 1:22

"How long do you simple ones (in the mind) want to remain simple?"

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dunia wiki hii

Maliki and Bush at a press conference. In my opinion, the responses from a seemingly pissed off Maliki resounded that if there was an incompetent leader on the podium, it wasn't him. I'm sure the leaked memo from White House indicating they thought him to be incompetent played a major role in his responses that indicated he wasn't going to be tolerant of interference. Co-operation from outsiders he encouraged and condoned, interference, not so much. And how about Bush just obviously having lost control. It's almost sad how much that man has had to deal with in terms of challenges and tribulations. Masaibu ya ndugu W. Bush.

Biwott/Kanu Vs Uhuru. To comment on this, I have to ask what does the law mean to Kenyans in general? Because if the KANU constitution denies Uhuru the right to merge his party with ODM without official approval from his party members, then he deserves to lose his seat as the Kanu chairperson. It would be a breach and it's his fault for not having observed the constitution that binds him. And when judge upholds this constitution, how then is it perceived to be a conspiracy? And if the government is using his error to kill ODM per his claims , then he only has himself to blame. It would make him a better potential leader to learn his mistake instead of whining like a child.

My concern lies in the utter chaos that leaders portray and expose Kenyans to. The same Kenyans who understand law very little. People who no matter what's right or wrong, always side with their emotions and not with truth. Because unless the KANU constitution does not require Uhuru to have obtained an official party approval to make this political party merger so to speak, Uhuru has been fairly overthrown. Ignorance on his part isn't an excuse. I feel quite sure that there is a Sidney Sheldon that actually brings forth the importance of understanding the rules and regulations that a person is governed by within any membership. The law must be respected at all times. It must be withheld and current and prospective leaders should be the ones setting examples when it comes to this issues. And politically, who cares if Uhuru is party chairman upon "defecting" or "merging" with ODM. Shouldn't they be riding on the power of their own achievements and capabilities and not party stickers or symbols?

Don't get me wrong, Biwott isn't my choice cup of tea, but when a leader like Uhuru fails to dot his i's and cross his t's, these are the expected results. Whether he is leading an opposition party or a country. The point is to educate people so that they respect, learn and understand the law. No one can make a good leader without understanding his/her limitations and the available loopholes so as to achieve their goals without causing unmitigated chaos. More than a conspiracy, I hope Kenyans learn to see this as an understanding of law and its practices within politics and learn how to observe and use the law within their lives as well. Enough about Kenya and its challenged thinking/reasoning capabilities.

I just watched a documentary on the History channel that indicates Saddam won the after all. They didn't say this specifically but the military retrieved a video tape of Saddam learning about and ordering mass production of home made weapons. Additionally, Saddam refused to destroy the bridges which eased the advancement to Baghdad. More importantly, Saddam never prepared to fight back after the US threatened him with war. Au contraire, he hid his war aircraft by burying it. His focus was the uprising after the war. The shiites being controlled. The sunnis having a way to get to the Shiites. That having being said, Saddam in jail or not, dead or alive has won this war. Whats happening in Baghdad now seems a result of his arming locals with various kinds of home made weapons. And Bush not looking victorious in Baghdad as a result seems to have been part of the plan as well. You know what they say about he who laughs last...

And George Stephanopolous showed some data indicating that Barrack was a 3rd best choice for president in current non scientific polls with New York's Rudy G. leading this, McCain second and H. Clinton coming in 9th. Those statistics blew my mind away. Might America be ready for a black president? Has Obama accomplished this fete? Only time will tell.

Until next week...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Only in the midwest...

Is it 70 degrees and sunny at 4:30pm Tuesday evening and 27 degrees next day at 1:00pm with 1/2 an inch of ice on the roads. Of course the weather advisory last evening indicated the ice storm was going to be further east and wouldn't affect us. Right now we're on an ice storm advisory. And pray it stops soon because all that ice, plus another day below freezing tomorrow means trees will come down and we will have power outages. Last time this happened we were without electricity for 3 days and I was amongst the lucky ones. Did I tell you how much we need electricity to stay warm?

The streets of Nairobi, oh how I miss you right about now!

Perks: School's closed.
Unperk: This lesson is going to be covered online. I'd rather be in class with my interesting crazy classmates.

Perk2: Leave early from work
unperk: Deadlines weren't shifted so really it means work from home.

I guess working from a laptop under some warm covers isn't as bad as working in this cold freezing building. Why do they always delay turning the heat up?

I'm off to hot coffee, covers and layers of clothes. Stay warm!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is it or Isn't it...

A civil war? NBC, amongst others, say it is. Bush says it isn't. Related Fact: Sunnis and Shiites are at war with each other in Iraq.

A religious war? Is this about Christianity versus Islam? Related Fact: Iraq is an Islamic community with cultural practices inherited from the Islam religion.

A war against Terrorism? Related fact: W. Bush's government once insinuated that Saddam had ties with Al-qaeda which were ultimately found to be baseless.

A war about oil? The US once upon several decades ago entered into their mantra that they will stop at nothing to ensure that they have enough crude oil. Related fact: Iraq is the world's 2nd largest exporter of oil.

A war about the Euro? Rumor has it Saddam was determined to break OPEC's dumb ruling that all oil should be traded with only the dollar and was looking to sign treaties where he could sell oil in euros. Related fact: OPEC wouldn't like that.

A continuation of the gulf war?

A plan to attempt continuity of world domination gone bad?

Time for the troops to leave Iraq?

Time to deploy additional troops to Iraq?

A result of underestimating the world in general?

A grave error?

A method to control crude oil prices so the rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer?

Another day in Iraqi civilian lives?

The beginning of an actual real war between the Christians and the Muslims?

The result of utter stupidity?

Necessary to begin with?

A window into the reality of "reaping what we sow" ?

Affecting your life directly or indirectly?

Is it, or isn't it?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Women in Kenya have become very good at fighting for their fair share of properties and their rights from their (estranged) husbands. I'm guessing what I was expected to note from this story was that this man has amassed some billions of shillings somewhere. True, it struck me as odd. But there are so many overly rich people from the previous regimes that within that context, this kind of wealth has to fit within normal confines. Still, $10M in a bank account is way too much money. Especially when you shouldn't have afforded it. This was the problem with the previous looting. It was absolutely ridiculous. They stole, collapsed projects and kept stealing, like people possessed with a stealing demon. Plenty of investments there, Mr. Gichuru.

And what's with the vodafone 35% and mystery non existent company 5% and of course the remaining 60 % with the government story on Safaricom? OK, if Mobitelea does not exist, does the government then not have the right to claim the 5% shares unless someone or some company can legitimately claim them, within say 30-60 days? So the people involved in this scandal will either unveil themselves (doubtful) or at least lose some of the 5% shares they own in Safaricom and those earnings hopefully are diverted into projects that build the nation.

As a result of moving to blogger beta, I'm unable to leave comments on other people's blogs. I'm just in no mood to go about searching for the solution to this issue. However, I have done a little digging around and I'm aware that this issue is not uncommon. I'm just irritated that google, a company with shares prices that hit over $500 a share, should be putting out such major issues out with their beta products. I'm allowed to expect better here. And just when there was so much to comment on.

I'm in search of a really good juicing machine from a Nairobi store and an average cost from anyone who knows enough to enlighten me on this one. Also can anyone tell me if they have grapefruits anywhere in Nairobi as well? My father has cancer and we're trying to get him into a healthy eating lifestyle. So if you have any helpful information on this end, I'd really appreciate it.

On to the great thanksgiving week(end) here. I'm sure there is plenty to be thankful for. The only food store open all day on this day is a whole foods store I frequent so I'm pretty pleased about that. It's great to know I can spend thanksgiving shopping. Last time I was at this store they served an entire meal from soups to dessert. It was a Tuesday evening and I believe they were advertising for their thanksgiving dinners that you could then place an order for. Chicken, beef, seafood, dairy, pies, coffees and dessert. Those were the food sections out there. Talk of a free dinner! And unexpectedly. And this from an organic store where all food costs an arm and a leg... yeah. I was pleased!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Flying and a MUST read for all 3rd Worlders!

Northwest airlines almost got a clean bill of health from me. Until I missed a connecting flight. I could see it, but the lady had stopped boarding. This didn't make sense to me for several reasons. First, the flight was scheduled to depart its gate at 5:00pm. It was 4:55. I had been waiting at the counter for 2 minutes while she was inside the doors. I don't know how long before she had been in there with a closed door behind her. One might argue that since passengers are supposed to have boarded 15 minutes before, she is within her rights. I disagree. Why? Because I was a connecting flight passenger. My flight had been on the ground for at least 20 minutes, 7 of which we spent parked at our gate while waiting for the doors to be opened so they could let us disembark. So, if anyone had cared about customer care, they would be waiting for me at the counter because they are expecting me, still have time before the flight departs and they're sure the flight is at its gate, so they don't expect random delays by choosing to wait for me. More annoyingly, the connecting flight was only 1 gate away. They weren't concerned about the amount of time it would take me to get to the correct gate.

I'm convinced the fact that this was a flight where I had chosen to upgrade to first class played a role in this. First class space is limited and they are always trying to give these seats away to passengers that want to upgrade using their miles. So I assume that it was a good opportunity to do so. Either that, or flight crew going home also love to use the first class section and would jump at an opportunity to find a suddenly freed up seat. So the lady at the counter tells me my plane has left. I tell her it hasn't, just page the pilot and open the door. She spends a precious 60 seconds arguing and at that moment, the pilot backs off. I waste no more time arguing with her on this one. "get me home, today!" I bark at her. So she gives me some random new path journey that allows for 20 min between connecting flights. I flat out refuse to take it. I guarantee her that would be another opportunity for a missed flight since all their flights have landed and or disembarked late. So I sent her searching again. Eventually, she sends me back on the plane I just came in, back to where I came from. From there I can catch a flight back home. The only good news here is that this flight gets me home 1 hr earlier than her earlier proposed flight plus it gives 45 minutes between flights. Which it turned out I really needed as air traffic slowed us down midair.

I was too angry to sleep despite my very fatigued state. So I started reading. The book is "Confessions of an Economic Hit man" by John Perkins. At first sight this book seemed like a book that might tell me about how the author embezzled dollars or helped finish companies. So I thought I wouldn't be interested. But for no good reason at all, I picked it and read the back and what it was about. Well, it's about how the 4 main companies in America are working "privately" from the government to enrich certain families by economically crippling the targeted countries, the LDCs. This is their lingo, I guess used elsewhere as well for the Less Developed countries.

On September maybe 11, maybe 12, maybe 13, 2001, I was watching Discovery channel when they declared the Mau Mau to be early times Terrorists. I have never bought into the war against terror because of that. I have always wondered what Osama's side of the story was. However, I have always emphasized that his methods are wrong. That he is hurting the innocent, despite whatever provocation he might have. By page 10 of this book, I understood 2 things. I was right, Osama is a counter terrorist, not a terrorist. Additionally, the loss of innocent lives is related to the methods used by the original terrorists. The starving of nations to make them so poor that they can be easily manipulated. It leaves tons to die from hunger and disease. It's the reason why these group of people insist that there are no innocent people standing by their targeted areas. This is not specifically mentioned in the book. But it's easily deducible.

As far as this book goes, this is all I have to say. No one should consider themselves worthy of leading/ruling a 3rd world country without reading it. Additionally, the whole oil drilling situation going on in Kenya now, just as it starts to see the end of its debt plays perfectly into the methods employed by these knucklehead companies and their political counterparts. I would suggest it is stopped immediately.

This book will not be a shocker. Nothing so far fetched that you hadn't thought about before. It's beauty is in how much it seals the cracks in the jigsaw puzzle of manipulation of the 3rd world countries the world has become aware of. This book is also not a new release. Its newer in paperback but it has been out since 2004. I'm not even halfway reading this book but I have such clarity of issues, I'm amazed. The author has also bothered very much to provide reference materials one can look up in libraries and public records.

Pick this book up. read and be bothered. Be very bothered. More importantly be very aware of your actions and comments. Watch what your opinions are and what person from the west implanted them there. Read this book before you next allow yourself to criticize a government that said no to military bases and investment opportunities to the great US of A. Allow yourself to see how you too have already been used. Then edify yourself and become a better citizen.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Midtacular Elections

So I went to bed last night all worried and disappointed because it seemed McCaskill was losing to Talent by 10%. Forget that only about 2% of the total votes were in. It was super depressing. Since I was determined not to get emotionally engaged with these results, I tuned into Bravo and watched the crazy women crack jokes, or attempt to anyway. This versus my usual Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert choice. They were covering elections. Soon I was in lalaland.

Fast forward to this morning and I resist as much as I can to check the Dems vs Republicans results. I finally give in to what is over and above curiosity and WHAM! Do I see McCaskill ahead by 3% with only 2% of the precincts not accounted for? I'm feeling better. And what is that? Oh yes, The Dems seem poised to take control of the senate. Well contingent to the Virginia and Montana vote tallies coming in.

Nice start to this morning. Especially after I went to bed with this weird "can't live through this another 4 years" feeling. Will keep you posted.

pssst.... Did I mention the Talent team had started a small victory dance last night? What is it they say about he who laughs last?

Update at 2:15 CST
Already, the first major rewards of the Democratic rule days. Rumsfeld has been forced out. Finally. My day continues to go well.

It seems we are confident enough to declare a win for the Democrats in Montana but not yet ready to do the same in Virginia as far as the Senate goes. Looks like they are winning here as well. And the day gets better.

Random Observations:
-Last evening, despite crude oil prices going down, the pumps shot gas prices up by 10 cents. Are we in for major gas hikes so that they can come down same time 2008?

-I have always thought I'd comment on Bush and a regrettable legacy some 2 years from now. It seems like I might have to start now. The comments coming in from the world in regards to his 6 years as American President seem to be forcing me to discuss the importance of doing right, versus being right with the rich. Still I choose to hold on to give an in-depth personal analysis on this one perhaps in 2008 sometime.

-Myself and many others fed up with a lot of crap going on had a conversation. We are not idiots and therefore don't think the democrats to be gods. We just want the lesser evil. We're hoping that in 2008 the ticket will run as H. Clinton and B. Obama as running mate. Obama could use some exposure before running for the white house. (Dear Obama: Of all things stupid to do, do not announce your decision to run, if at all, on the Oprah show. You must show your charisma, your independence, intelligence and your belief in yourself by standing on your own cloud, not Oprah's. Please take heed.) Worthy opponent from the Republicans? McCain.

- On the stem cells vote held in Missouri; Belated education. Stem cells can be harvested from grown adults. However, by doing this, the cells would be free and there would be no profits for the drug companies. That's why they are pushing for embryos. This bill to legalize stem cell research passed. Have I mentioned that I passionately dislike the pharmaceutical companies? Oh how I wish the ads had educated people on this instead of bashing each other.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jibber Jabber

**Title adopted from one of Boston Legal's senior citizen judge.

One of my new instructors might be a schizophrenic. I had the idea he was a timid man, very agreeable and possibly a push over. 15 minutes into the class and Joseph Stalin, Hitler or Mao Tse Tung stood before the class. Demanding that we understand he will push us to the ultimate level and that he is not to be challenged. Not to be challenged? This man does not want to be asked how long a paper should be. Moreover, he does not want us to use certain words (7 in total) that are all over the course materials, both in class and within our homework after week 3. And since he will deduct 50 (out of a possible 600) points if you challenge him, well then, we aren't arguing.

Having said that, he seems like a very intelligent man. A self made millionaire with very good intentions. Working at some college that's specifically for the underprivileged as well and his mission is to teach them how to be pushed and how to push themselves. He knows this grows their confidence as they overcome hurdles. Best, is that he loves international students or foreign educated students. He says they just get it. My opinion of him? A little scary but definitely my kinda guy. I think too he used to be timid and has had to learn how not to be timid, perhaps from abuse. So he is way in the other extreme. But he is definitely good people. Gives a lot of homework but he did warn us we would be pushed to the limit, right?

The temperatures have started the dance. Its 77, no its 47, no, it will be 28 all in 72 hours. My body just starts screaming when this happens. I'm ready for a steady 37 degrees now. "Oh, Nairobi, where art thou, Nairobi?" Maybe it's not a good idea to phrase my love for Nairobi around excerpts from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet given it's ending.

The campaign ads in this city are nasty! Swing state, we get it, but hello??? Could these ads get any nastier? Some people are writing to the TV stations carrying these ads to complain about it and threatening not to vote because of the same. One station that gives an occasional commentary by their president has him educating the people to vote so that this kind of pettiness can be done away with. OK, these ads are nasty!!! And Michael J fox found himself in the midst of this nastiness. Plus some poor lady who had filed a sexual harassment suit some 15 years ago, whose story was being used without her consent. They don't need it though. It's public information. Not to mention frustrated veterans. And as of this morning, the polls showed the two possible incumbents at a tie. 47% each. Next Tuesday better hurry in, so Wednesday can be ushered in and we can be done with this nonsense.

Halloween? What the heck? You want to be spooked? Take a good look at the cost of books for grad school!

Nairobi and the hawkers... mmmhhhh. OK. Let me get this straight. The residents of Nairobi complain about a dirty city, crowded streets and insecurity, correct? But the same residents of Nairobi have beef with the city for kicking hawkers out of the cbd and allocating them specific quarters? And some bloggers are somehow linking this to the extinction of the middle class???! Now if that is not alarmist! This blogger should seek a job with the Standard Newspapers. Basically people, get educated about cause and effects. Makes you better able to make what I'm willing to accept as intelligent arguments!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Peek through the blinds...

I keep getting asked about how my brain is wired. Here's how.

1. Whenever there are 2 opposing parties, I make choices/decisions based on pure fact. Forget sentiment. Simply it means that if I switched sides I'd still make the same decision or hold the same opinion. And if not, I'd carry the knowledge that I was being self serving and not necessarily fair. That's as fair as it gets.

2. I hate people who abuse those they deem lesser than them. physically or emotionally.

3. I'm simply lost when it comes to this one. Why again are you with a spouse who abuses you?

4. I value most my peace of mind. The first signs of a relationship infringing on this and we're done.

5. I only break up once!

6. People who get to know me tell me I was intimidating when they first met me. Until I heard this several times, I used to think I was very approachable to strangers. Interestingly, no one has clearly explained how it is I intimidate people yet.

7. I have patience proportional to your expected knowledge base on the subject matter. This is a very elastic area for me. 0-100%.

8. I emotionally dump people who insist on seeking pain in their lives to play the perpetual victim role. Logic behind this is if I'm choosing happiness and they insist on calling me to join their painful choice of a world; then they're antagonizing my efforts. Kwaheri!

9. It's all very clear to me. Almost always. crystal clear!

10. I'm very angry at the idea of death. I've accepted that it happens but I'm still very angry about it. We could all just leave when we were ready to. Who wants to continue living when all their body parts don't work any longer?

11. I feel quite sure that Christianity is the way to the truth. Having said that, I've lately come to believe that the enemy is within. Organized religion is causing Christianity to be deemed stupid. I can see why people would think so.

12. I have 2, potentially 3, people I admire or that inspire me. First is Mother Theresa, hands down. 2nd is Bill Clinton. If you want to go on about adulterous scandals, I said people I admire, not gods. And a possible 3rd is Princess Diana. I wish I knew more. But there's so much potential there.

13. I really don't care what people think of me as much as I care that I can stand myself at the end of the day.

14. Music and books are alike to me. I will listen to or read anything.

15. As far as I'm concerned, "stupid" is not an insult. It's a condition that can and should be rectified. Usually through self edification.

In a nutshell!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Lists of shame:
Barrack Obama fueled by ignorant kenyans : I have said many times before, that the opinion of the west is to be left in the west or to be left only to proper diplomatic forums. I have begged before that Kenyans start to value only their own opinions after ascertaining that they are informed. Barrack cannot claim that the Kenyans he spoke to have depth, which he claims is missing from the response letters he got from his speech. These Kenyans with depth are looking for any cult like figure or following; and just look at the orange, banana shenanigans that went on in there just a few months ago should you want to argue. Information from this crowd or an opposition hell bent on destructive politics is not depth. As a politician himself, Barrack should be able to see this from far. But is it possible he is plagued by his own ghosts? Remember Auma his sister in his book "Dreams of my father"? What did she insinuate to him was the reason behind why his father couldn't get a job at some point? She claimed tribal politics. Forget that it was the universal political game; you antagonize the leader, you fall. No one would blame Barrack for holding this grudge with all the one sided information he has had access to. Still, it's no excuse for a smart man like Barrack to act like he wasn't. And feel secure because there is a loud chorus of ignorant Kenyans backing him up. Again, I repeat, let the Kenyans run Kenya. It is these random acts where you allow a select few foreigners, say Clay and Barrack, to make derogatory statements randomly that lead to the comments made by Bush and the Tanzanian president. That you scoff at? You created the environment that lets these kinds of things happen. And those that want to argue with Barrack being kenyan so he can comment, BS!!! If he was THAT Kenyan, he wouldn't be on the US senate!

John Githongo: If ever there was a man to be ashamed of, it's this one. Pretending to run for shelter from peopel that want to kill him and acting like a perpetual victim. This might be a condition of overvaluing self. And now you think you deserve a seat in our kenyan parliament? Tell us Githongo, say you were president, where would you run to should a difficult situation arise? Where? Into whose arms? The UK, US, those people you run to, to disclose information that tax payers, via the government paid you to gather. Information they expected you to deliver to their hands that you took and delivered to another independent government?Your job was to deliver this dossier to the government that paid for it first, not other governments. What you did was abscond your duty and absolutely abuse tax payers money. Your good fortune lies in the fact that they, the taxpayers, are mostly too dumb to realize that.

The government on dropping the standard newspapers journalists case: I personally believe there is a small fire hidden somewhere here. I think that the Standard either had or has a leak in the state house. What this does for national security makes me shudder. Plus, I think that the government dropped these cases so as to be in agreement with the masses. The pontius Pilate syndrome at work here as well. Personally, I need a government that can protect me, and follow through on what they start out to do. At releasing these journalists, they indicate these people were never at fault and should therefore immediately indict Michuki and his crew for harassment and property damage.

Lists of kudos:
Warren Buffet: On starting a trend that has caught on, when he gave a very huge chunk of his wealth to the bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Kudos!

National Geographic channel: For more information than anyone will ever need to have on the entire process of birth right from conception. Details on details and 3d picture of a developing female foetus. Brilliant! The documentary is in the womb and it's strangely fascinating.

Kenyan government: for making the abuse of malaria drugs more expensive and therefore harder to reach. And especially for making malaria treatment free in clinics. Very big kudos!

Wangari Maathai: On a brilliant autobiography and just a wonderful journey through life. Long live!

Resting my case(s), for now anyway!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is this normal behaviour?

Earlier, I mentioned there was one other African girl in one of my classes in this post? Well, she's still in my class. Anyway, the instructor, I guess in a bid to show how working within our exact group people affects opinions, asked us to divide ourselves into groups, specifically our gender and race groups. That is white females, black females and the same groups for the males. Which brings me to an interesting observation I've made. There are no latinos in any grad school. The percentage is just very very small when they exist, its negligible. And this for a race that is so abundant in this continent. And I have bothered to verify this observation with friends in at least 5 other post grad institutions. But I digress. Where was I? Oh. The race, gender groups. Since this is one of those no brainer, don't need to spend 3 minutes figuring out a group to join moments, I decided to dash out to the office because I needed to get a parking sticker before the lady left.

By the time I returned, the discussion had started and the points the instructor wanted were well underway. Seeing that I was a little late, I spent the next 5 minutes getting caught up and then scripting the presentation. Then I looked around and something struck me as odd.

me: Where is that girl?
girl 1: You didn't see her?
me: (wondering who she thinks I'm referring to). I mean the other girl from Somali.
girl 1: I know
me: She was here before this exercise, right?
girl 1 &2: yeah, she's still here. (gales of laughter abound).
me: (definitely confused. Also concerned that they may have offended her so she left) What happened to her?
several girls: (amidst gales of laughter) she went with the white girls (they were working outside the classroom)
me: No, I'm talking about the girl (wrapping hands around my head to demonstrate her religious head wrap that she wears)

By this time, everyone else was laughing so hard. Mostly at me. I looked so flabbergasted, they later explained.

It turns out this chic decided she was white and went with the white girls' team.

I wonder how uncomfortable she made that exercise for them.

I inquired of the other black girls in class if anyone had asked her where she was going. They replied no. I wondered if she didn't hear the instructor clearly. Well, this girl understands English with no issues.

Later, after groups had presented, which included the presenting groups sitting in a circle in the middle of class, she offered an explanation. Despite the fact that no one asked for it.

She said she was African and she didn't understand this black or white divides. She was African. When people ask her if she is black or white, she gets confused. She is just African. blah, blah, blah, blah.

I held my peace. I was very offended by this explanation. I hate it when people represent Africans as resounding idiots. And this was one of those moments. I have never wondered if I might perhaps be white. C'mon, it's not rocket science.

My opinion? This girl epitomizes self hate. She despises herself so much plus she has a great ability to entertain denial. Beyond normal capabilities. But she felt dumb and uncomfortable. Otherwise she wouldn't have offered that cheesy explanation she did. I'm still wondering how much you have to hate your skin color to expose yourself to that kind of quiet ridicule she underwent. Not so quiet. Seriously, myself and some girls laughed when she walked to the middle with the white girls. It was more than ridiculous and would have been forgivable only if a) she were blind or b) had never looked into a mirror. I wonder if she ever stopped to think about how damaging to the overall exercise her presence amongst the white girls' was.

That's my opinion. I could be wrong. Tell me people, have you ever wondered what race you belonged to? Is this a normal phenomenon, especially to a person who is not of a mixed race?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Curtain on our eyelids

In an organizational leadership class, our instructor brought up cultures within the organization. She was therefore forced to discuss racial differences. The tier within the provided curriculum has the whites at the top, the mixed or passing (for white) in the middle tier and the blacks, Hispanics and natives Americans, amongst others at the bottom. In exactly 5 seconds, she had changed the entire mood of the class. Just by showing that one slide.

Then began the tense arguments that roughly said:
The white males: It's all bullshit. The whites are not on top of anyone. Power is mixed and evenly distributed.
The instructor: (Mixed race). In what sense? Think about who's running corporations, who's the leader of this nation...
Another white male: The governor of California is not white.
Instructor: Think about these things, Who has the ultimate purchasing power, the 6 figure jobs, in what ratios. That's the power. So who has the power?
Black female: Oh, we know!
all the above interjected with terse silences.

Finally, one black male, very senior position in a government establishment.
Black male: I notice that when we get to these topics, the white people get defensive and stop talking about it. We're all in graduate school, we should be able to discuss this, whether we agree or not.
White male: I would be fired for discrimination, My company does not allow this...
instructor: It's not about you. It's the general society.

This argument goes back and forth and involves several people.

I'm observing, literally from the farthest point of a V shaped class. And I watch them all start to bleed out. Silence and pain. Tangible. I'm still reeling in shock at how terribly the deeds from years past can haunt people in the present day. I knew but had never had a chance to feel, to really experience the tension that ensues in these instances.

It made me wonder about Rwanda 20 years from today. The hutus and Tutsis in the same classes. And if there was a way to intercept that pain and make it better and easier for the incoming generations to deal with the genocide after effects.

Because honestly, everyone in that class is a victim of slavery. The whites are descendants of the slave drivers and that's all most of them have ever done wrong to a black person. While the blacks are still angry about being brought up in a society that told them they were second class when it mattered the most in their growth years. Only I, and I suspect one other African native in that class were outsiders to that issue. We saw and understood what was intended by the author.

It's absolutely strange that a white man would argue about who has power in America when put in tiers as it was presented to us. I mean seriously, don't antagonize the black by pretending they too have the power in places where it matters.

But as you listen to the white, especially males, you realize they are protecting themselves. The white males is always a villain in these debates. Even if he's poor and struggling like the rest of the folk, he's still a white male. And that's the dorminant position. What's a man who has never experienced power to any significant degree, nor wealth for that matter, supposed to feel when injected in as a dorminant and perhaps oppressive party in a pie chart? What do you mean when you say to him the white male has power? Unless you're suggesting that he's not a white male he doesn't get what the F you're talking about. Or does he?

And the less he understands, the more the black man gets pissed.

The black man just needs this white male to accept that positions of power are held by people of white color, mostly males.

Are we all just walking around with curtains on our eyelids? Just protecting ourselves from the perceptions or accepted norms of society. So much that we cannot see the bare naked truth? To the point where we have become stumbling blocks? Are we so victimized by our own societies that we have become defensive of our positions and become blind to our realities?

So I thought about the general "I hate Kikuyus" sentiments that are all over Kenya. And tried to equate them to this. And came up with an apples to oranges situation. The similarities only lie in cultural differences. Or do they? Didn't the Kikuyus get better education sooner because the white man settled in and around Kikuyu neighborhoods? Didn't they therefore get better opportunities sooner? Did this lead them to become entrepreneurs when the country was just growing, giving them a chance to prosper? Even if the answer to all these questions is yes, aren't the differences obvious. In that Kikuyus did not oppress the other communities. They just benefited from geographical locations and got better opportunities. Including that they have fertile lands, and this is Africa, agriculture is the order of the day. At the end of the day, isn't the enemy the colonialist in this case? Basically, can I equate this to the racism debate I experienced without flawing logic and meaning? I personally don't think so. Still there was a lot to be learnt from it all.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Revitalized but still very frustrated

I feel like things are worth speaking out loud, read blogging, out loud again. I guess I had allowed myself to get to where everyone goes sometimes. That place where it becomes evident that nobody really cares about anything. It seems to me it takes too much for people to think through things, it's too difficult to get out of the status quo that has become the everyday norm and people are walking around feeling doomed and hoping to find a loophole. Basically, we've all sold our souls to whomever it is that controls this status quo.

I started back at school again and that may be the source of my renewed vitality. It's nice to be in a room full of people with opinions, ideas and a definite determination to change things. Some of them with ways and ideas I would never endorse, but they are thought out and they have a valid source as far as their lives and backgrounds are concerned. But it simply feels good to know there are still a few people that are worth hoping for something in. Still, I wonder how many of them are eventually going to lose their current passion as they wade through the system.

Which reminds me that while taking a good friend to check out a law school in Ohio several months back (She went by the way, good luck to her!), I learnt that the discrepancy in starting salaries between lawyers who go into public/government service and those that don't is almost $100,000 a year. Yes, apparently, lawyers get started at about $39,000 a year in some cases. The average starting salary was $96,000 a year and the highest was I think about $126,000. As per the statistics then. Which begs the question, why would you go to the $39,000 job? Well, this is the only way to provide a true community impact. Translates to the fact that the status quo has made it not lucrative to go into jobs that fight the system. Now working in major law firms, high earners that have clients who are high income earners, survivability of the creme de la creme must always be protected. And they'll reward you for it. So there is hope because there are many people who, despite the knowledge of the pay discrepancy, opt for the $39,000 jobs.

My frustration is always with the people though. I often wonder about the reality of how history has played out. I think it's imperative that people fight back when pushed to certain corners. This is a theory that I think would have changed the outcome of the holocaust and Rwanda 1994. What am I talking about? Think about the documentaries you have seen, real footage from the holocaust. Some 100 armed guards to thousands of Jews. Fleets after fleets of the same thing. Had anyone of these fleets of Jews started an uprisal, don't you think chances are they would have stopped the carnage before it went on for too long. That this part of history would be different? Same thing in Rwanda. Why didn't the Tutsis pick up their garden tools and fight back at the point where it became obvious they were being massacred? Remember it took a few dead Hutus from the RPF to stop the massacre. My point being that a little resistance goes a long way. I believe things get out of hand because everyone sits back and hopes someone else will intervene. Closer to home, remember the Molo clashes in Kenya? Those things stopped immediately when the targeted kikuyus displayed a bloody uprisal and, using their pangas, fought back. The media portrayed them as horrible and cold blooded for having done it. Yet that fighting back stopped what could have easily progressed to a civil war.

So what's my point? My point is that I'm frustrated, always, from history and in the present by the inability we, as humans, portray to fight for our rights. I think my real frustration lies in how quickly we allow ourselves to be manipulated to submission through fear by our fellow human beings. And just how many things keep going wrong, even though they may not involve obvious loss of life, everyday because of this weakness we carry. I think it's worse for me because I'm still trying to accept that I personally and those people that orchestrated genocides such as Rwanda's are of the same biological species. Quite frankly, I suspect a deviation of the species here that I hope a biologist will one day prove.

So, while I know it's not the easiest thing to do anything we feel is tangible, I think we all could do better by informing ourselves and avoiding mass opinions. Choosing to make informed opinions, or have no opinions at all, based on no information. I think it would reduce our overall propensity to be manipulated, and that translates to somehow, beginning to weaken the reins by which the 'world masters' have controlled and continue to control the masses.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No, No, NO!!!

Minimum or maximum, just say no to the proposed constitution reforms. Truth be told, enough time has been wasted. Emphasis on wasted here. Ask yourselves:

1. Who are the beneficiaries of the reforms? To answer that question correctly, barely you the citizen. This is yet another selfish ploy from your elected leaders. Its about them and keeping posts. The constitution may not be great, but the constitution barely sucks. And Kenya definitely HAS GREATER problems. If they try to convince you, it's for you, don't believe that.

2. What are you losing while debating, discussing these reforms? Time and money! These politicians have done little in their constituencies to show for the 4 years. A major part of which they spent lobbying for themselves within the constitution draft. Waste of time and resources. You know what would benefit you, the average Kenyan more? More schools, water projects, more hospitals and hospital equipment within existing facilities, better infrastructure, including roads, hish speed internet access amongst others. These are the tools that open up business opportunities and reduce cost for existing ones, making them better able to afford more staff... Chain reaction is positive to all.

3. Following up on 2 above. What are you gaining from these reforms? Not what is your elected official gaining. You, the tens of thousands that are the rest of you that weren't elected? Do you expect that the minimum reforms will be about minimum wages, gender rights, fair employment practices or anything else that benefits you? Or do you expect that these reforms are about consituencies and elections? What do you gain? If you have an answer to this question that you feel is satisfactory, please share it.

4. Think about how much you're paying these people. YOU are paying these people. Otherwise, that money would have been left within your available income/purchasing power and provided you with a means to afford more. So it's an election year next year. YOu are still working everyday. Why should your MPs start campaigning on your time? You're paying for it. Demand results! Their job is to serve your constituency, not their selfish needs.

5.Think about this. If every election year, 1.5 years before the actual elections are held, time starts being wasted this way by your elected officials. If this becomes a norm, it represents 7/10 working years in a decade. That's 70%. Ask yourself if 70% is satisfactory in terms of showing up for work. As they campaign, what about your constituencies? Who is thinking about that are, its people, its needs, its development? And then start to add up that in 2 decades, 3, and see how quickly those wasted years add up. This is before you include their very obvious absences in parliamnet throughout the years.

6. Fact is, let them wait to be re-elected, attend parliament and format a workable, reasonable, informed and educated way to identify weak points, reasons why they are weak points and how to ammend these weak points satisfactorily (versus selfishly) within the constitution.

Enough time wasted. Ask these officials to shut up about elections and constitution reforms. Campaigning is to be done at their own time. Not yours and mine. Including those spending enough time campaigning and soliciting funds in the states. Who is working within their elected constitutions as they do this? Teach them that their real campaigns will be in the output of their 5 years. Tell them what they really need to do is to double over and start getting caught up with measurable results. No, No, NO!!!! No more veering off the path of development.

Please do all of yourselves that favor.

Friday, August 04, 2006

So why do I care?

About these things. That's if I really do care. They do bug me though. That I know for sure.

1. The cheap perfume. And why so much of it? So much that I gag when I walk into the bathrooms after you've been there? Despite the fact that you're no longer there, and I don't know how long ago you were last in here. But I know you were in here because your cheap smell is still hogging the air so tightly. It's so bad that I have to hope I don't leave the place smelling the same as the current air I'm struggling to breathe in.

Here is a tip. Dump the cheap perfume. Buy a more expensive one. Use like 1/10 of the amount you are using currently. Seeing that you will shop a lot less often for perfumes, your everyday cost will remain unchanged, if not reduced. And why do I care? Because you're infringing on my share of the air as well!

2. The ineffective manager. The one who is afraid of everyone and hopes to make all his subordinates the same as him. Becomes openly hostile to his subordinates when they don't comply, while he's a total woos amongst his peers. Result, underfunctioning department, unhappy, frustrated direct reports, a team that nobody wants to work with and a general pain in the you know where! Worse than him is the Bit**, (always a woman, in this case. Anyone know why?), the person he tries to shelter from answering basic questions that would assist his team in working out her problems. Why does he shelter her from answering questions? Don't know. Because it sure as hell won't kill her!

Why do I care? Because we the other departments have to deal with your department. And we hate that we work with them undercover, and can only let you in on what we are doing at the very last minute, so that you don't cripple them, and us in the process!

3. The freaking wars all over the damn place right now. The fact that in the old days, when wars were fought by the sons of the Kings at the head of the battle lines, controlled the wars that were fought to within necessecity. Not today. We pick an elite group. Vote them into powerful positions, and make it easy to okay a war. We then go out and recruit poor kids into an army, convince them that the word of their superiors is law, and then proceed to send them to meaningless wars. You know why they are sending these kids to these wars?Because their own children are not at the frontlines! Had they been, their opinions on these issues being war worthy would be very different. And while I'm at this, can anyone tell me why Israel keeps bombing Lebanon over a war it has with Hezbollah? Doesn't this violate like some many war pacts sitting inside of the UN?

Why do I care? Because I am shit, pissed tired of the rich, greedy, guileless, immoral people being so easily able to manipulate the rest of the people. And in the process, enriching themselves and chasing meaningless power at any cost to the lives of the regular folk, those that apparently don't matter! And worse, that we the masses, sit here and continue to live in a world that lives like this. And especially because those resisting it have been lumped together with the real terrorists. And we will no longer be able to tell the difference between the two!

And to end on a lighter note. If you live in the states. See if you have a frenemy you may wanna send this to.

I've also had this with me for so long, I'm not sure if it's live in production yet. Here, entertain yourself as to some of the new vista sites coming soon.

Xbox crazy? This one's for you! It was especially hot during world cup. And there are so many more. All in small doses, peeps.

Enjoy your weekend folks!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blogworthy featuring mention of Lionel Ritchie

You can listen to this masterpiece hit, "I call it love" here. This man still has got it! I'm referring to the ever elusive "it" that most wanna be stars are always hoping to have, find, acquire, create, buy..., whatever. Can't wait for that cd. And I was just commenting on how Neyo and Chris Brown are making decent attempts on bringing back love songs. They aint got nothing on this man! And so many years later. My father must be jumping around somewhere with the thought of new music from Lionel. And the radio DJ was super excited about Nicole being in the upcoming video. He proclaimed it was going to be good. I mean how sexy can one get in front of her dad?

Can anyone say tail between legs? I wonder how they all feel about this. Having to reverse their self serving policies. If that money is coming in with sanctions, Just say no! I have to say I think we need to be prepared in case Somali gets out of control for the sake of Kenyans, but we still have the upper negotiating hand here. Al qaida isn't mad at Kenya, if you all know what I'm saying. They get a strong hold in our neighborhoods, not good for us, but much worse for others! Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

The blogs have been interesting. So is the Kachumbari of KenyanVillager dead? Or is Samuel, Kachumbari's alter ego? I sure hope the latter is the case. Yes, I'm in denial, seriously!

And I was in San Fran. Had to scream at a cousin, name Njeri, to cross over so that we wouldn't miss the cable car. So I scream"Njeeerrriiiii!". White woman to my right looks at me, she is flabbergasted. "What a coincidence," she reckons. "Even, I'm about to scream the same name across." And proceeds to shout "Jeerrryyy ", to her male friend (Jerry) across. Which brings me to a new philosophical question. "Is this or is this not a coincidence?" You know, like in the tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it thud, and hence, does it make a sound? Seeing that we weren't calling the same name, despite sounding like it? Feel free to debate on this one, if you please.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The book or its cover?

So according to the picture of the book cover, Raila is to be compared to a lion? Really? Is that a synonym for the ruler of the jungle or the loudest roar? Yes, this is about the autobiography, that unveils Raila, or so the standard claimed. But not wanting to give my opinion to this randomly, I ask. Does anyone feel absolutely safe considering a man who was involved in coup attempts for a president? Is it scary, that people who resort to such measures should become presidents? Does it make one wonder what they might do to hang on to power once they have it? Or does it portray a brave person? And if so, is that what Kenya needs, a brave man, or an intelligent well rounded leader? Is it stupid, especially in Africa, to lead countries down the coup path? Do coups not just make room for dictators or civil wars? Look into history as you ponder these things through.

Where's Kalonzo's? I gather he has one coming out in readiness for the general elections next year. And I predict a wasted 2007. Elections are in December. Nothing will be accomplished for 12 months as people use up time on election campaigns. And use this as an excuse to shirk other responsibilities. A wasted 12 months! It's in the horizon. They can do both, you know. If you still have to work throughout the year, and its your tax money being used to pay his salary, shouldn't you demand that your MP work, with results to show, as well?

Israel, Lebanon, Hezbollah OR Iran, US
I'm going to ask a question here. Who believes Israel's leaders and the white house are in cahoots here. And they are now in the process of creating an illusion (a cover so to speak) of missiles from Iran, according to this article. I absolutely don't believe in this nonsense. I'll tell you what. The white house is smart enough to know the world is not going to support them on an Iranian invasion, neither can they afford it. And Americans won't have it either. So they analyze who might want to attack Iran. They find the Israelites, no not religious jargon. They devise a war. And they start leading us to think Iran is involved. Anyone tired of the bloodshed yet? And I have one question to ask, what is this about power struggles? Hasn't History proven time and time again that superpowers come and go? There was a time or period of military might. Those days are gone.

Economic power is here to rule the day. Give up! So you beat Iran to a pulp. Then what? China next? I mean, they will be super powers. They and Mumbai, India. Which by the way brings me to the annoying "formerly known as Bombay" tags that were inserted every 4 lines as they discussed the bombings by the leading news sources. Once, is enough! Another sad day but could have been much worse. But I digress. Back to Iran, Israel, US. It's only a matter of time before we have a new world power. I mean, you want a good sign? Guess where Americans are going for their surgeries now? You guessed it. Mumbai, India. Recall when everyone went to the states and England for medical treatment? So, the Hezbollah attacks. Is there a book beneath the cover here? Or is what we see what we get?

Closet scandals
You know what else you should wonder about? The Armenians. So the cover, its a Kenyan fiasco. The book though might reveal international interests. So you all know Interpol knew about the stolen passports and identities. But these people still got into planes (there's a black list on passengers these days folks!), and landed in airports other than the Jomo or any other in Kenya. Is it possible, they scandal blew up in Nairobi, but these people are actually connected in International circles? So that we are asking questions in Nairobi might be bothering people elsewhere. And that we probably won't get anywhere with all this is a possibility? What about the fact that, if that's the case, Kenya is wasting both time and resources, both of which it could have used to develop itself? Does Kenya have more important issues to deal with? Ask, ponder, think, wonder. The book, or the cover? And if a book, is it worth delving into?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Broken Promises...

So I promised a second post that never materialized. It's not that I'm trying to borrow a leaf from our leaders, or get into the African people mentality, no. I've been under the weather. It is possible to catch strep throat within days of being done taking antibiotics for the same thing, I have learnt. Granted, I'm compromised as far as my immune system goes, thanks to being anaemic. Somewhere in here though lies a long, long rant in relation to my doctors. But I'll save it for when I have enough energy. I saw the bill they sent to my insurance company though. Only 5 hours in the ER and I racked up some $1500 plus... Glad it's not being billed to me!

But I'm back, mostly. Making no promises until viruses and their evils are well behind me. The second post mentioned before is not the kind of post one writes with a half capability to think clearly. It will come. But when I can trust that a few months down the road, I won't read it and cringe too badly from its overly mediocre status.

I read a post from bankelele titled Economics not Politics which just seems to agree with a lot of my own personal sentiments. The comments on that are interesting as I noted a complaining coldtusker react in a way I generalize as a Kenyan mentality. I'm sure there will be plenty more of those.

World cup has been a good friend. The quarter finals and the one semi final that had Italy winning went my way. I kinda wanted Portugal at the finals. I guess I can't have everything. Very comforting as I ailed on my couch. I am personally tired of the disrespect that is accorded the teams that are not England, Germany or Brazil in the world cup. These other teams work hard and nobody wants to give them the time of day? So proud that the expected giants are all missing from the finals. It's time we all learnt to have some faith in the other people. Go Italy! All roads leading to SA 2010?

I met up with a childhood best friend after 17 years. Very surreal moment. I (am convinced to)attend one kenyan party and some (drunk, I'm sure) person sees it fit to leave a huge atrocity on my car. A whole section of paint gone from my door, I imagine as this person made their way into their car. I'm no longer upset about it. Have to fix it because I can't bear to look at it everytime I have to get into my car. It would have been nice to catch the person who did that and leave them with an earful though. What is it about telling someone, who deserves it, off, that leaves one feeling so refreshed?

I'm off to read the papers. Haven't too much in a while. Can't wait to see what news awaits me from the motherland....

Monday, June 26, 2006

In the past month...

-I have been to hell and back via strep throat. Hell thoroughly sucked.

-Al Zarqawi got killed. In an air strike. Some 2, 500 pound bombs used. Picture of dead body was taken. It was framed. It was displayed to the public, proudly. And they call the Africans barbaric? And btw, I'm not buying the air strike as Zarqawi's point of death. That body did not bear the marks of the air raid that was described as the source of death. It should have been more... what's the word, bruised, battered, blue...Yeap. The forensics evidence would support my suspicion I'm sure. Who else suspects another gitmo murder?

-The Armenians saga... I'll let you all talk about that since you've had so much to say about it. So is this about airport security, attack on the president, who was going about his business as were the rest of you when guns were pulled out at the airport, or is this just another loud public bickering out of sheer habit? And how horrible, the police found these people, shipped them out of country immediately and the government is doing nothing?! tsk, tsk, you poor Kenyans with no one looking out for you. Or are the cops not part of the government structure unless they're raiding the standard...? Get serious you people!

- And today, Buffet announced that he would donate an approximate 80% of his $44 Billion wealth to Bill Gates foundations mostly, amongst other organizations. The significance of this is that Gates foundations are fundamental to issues in 3rd world countries as a solution. That's what I call a hero. He still left his children as billionares, not multi billionaires though. Each got just about a billion dollars.

- Also today, I decided to end my blogging hiatus. With a double post. Second one to follow shortly.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Kenyan Bloggers Day 2006 Button

In response to the KBW request, I have felt the desire and the proud allegiance to write about Kenya in unison with my fellow KBW folk.

I guess at my age, Kenya exists as a pre Kibaki and post Kibaki country for me. Unlike many other Kenyans, I see reason to be very proud of what Kibaki's government has achieved. I believe it is absolutely unrealistic to have expected an immediate turnaround on everything after the new government took over. And this doesn't mean that I agree with everything that has come out of the current government (Why do I feel the need for a disclaimer here, dear cannot wait to argue Kenyans?).

For me, the glass is definitely half full. I realize it can quite easily be knocked over. However I wanted to write a messgae of hope. Hope for the future because Kenya's future will have the majority of adults knowing how to read and write, thanks to free primary education. Hope for the business sector as the Nairobi stock market flourishes now that it is open to all qualifying businesses. Hope for agriculture as the co-operatives revive and delayed payments start to make way to the farmers. Hope for the health of every Kenyan as the health Ministry looks at the possibility of a new health system. Hope for a bright future, because for the first time this year, the budget is expected not to include donor funds. With this expectation, how can you let anyone convince you that corruption has not been dealt with to any extent? No one is claiming it is done away with, quite frankly I am yet to find a non- corrupt country. Those wagging fingers at Kenya are as bad, actually much worse if you ask me. Rome was not built in a day and Kenya will not be turned around in 4 years either. Progress is what we are to demand and to expect.

As a Madaraka day wish, I urge that you all start seeing things as they have changed. Support the no smoking in public places ban. It will save lives including those of your loved ones. Revisit the breathalizer tests. Make the roads safer for all, young and old. It really doesn't matter who supplied the breatherlizers. Someone had to. As long as they weren't overpriced and the governement ripped off, there isn't an issue of concern. Keep your eyes focused on the real issues and don't fall prey to propaganda so easily. Support the media, but beg for integrity from them. Question Michuki either on his acts or his methods. Figure which one out. Remember that Rwanda April 1994 may not have happened if someone had stepped in and controlled the radio stations. Most importantly, stop echoing the wealthy nations' sentiments like a bunch of sheep. Take ultimate control of Kenya and its progressive path. This you do by entrusting all faith of capability and entitlement of Kenya to no one else but the actual Kenyans.

Madaraka cannot be given to you beyond being made available. The next step is to take it and to exercise it. And this part is up to every individual. You are as free as you let yourself be. Claim Madaraka. Take Madaraka. Be Madaraka.

Long live Kenya!

Wishing everyone a bright, positive and literal Madaraka day!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Genesis...

I've been wondering why the US has become so arrogant as to ban people out of the states under what they call an anti-corruption law. Never mind that their current government is running with more corrupt deals and allegations than the Kibaki government.

It's the same arrogance I see with this US government that has them interfering with Iran and their nuclear program under a "cannot be trusted with those" guise. Surely, can the US of A who already have nukes be any better trusted? If what the ex-CIA official said is true, there's a tape out there that guarantees that Bush and Blair were plotting a war that had no basis. The CIA has a conversation between these two men of the "trusted" nations that has them discussing how to force a relation between Iraq and al-Qaida, despite knowing that there are no links, saved.

I'm to the point I'm both frustrated and exhausted with this attitude. Simply because it insults me. Every time I hear a politician open their mouths and justify an obvious wrong, every time someone comes out and tries to pretend that all is well, if you look at it from their point of view, I want to scream. I don't want the modern day politician speaking on my behalf. Do not speak to represent me. I would call for a disclaimer be introduced before they speak. One that goes like "As I speak, I represent only those dumb enough to agree with me. I emphasize that I do not represent those smarter and more conscientious than I". I will belong to those this disclaimer excludes. And I would like a badge of honor made for me to wear to show this. I'm smarter than all this, and definitely better than it too. Don't lump me into what seems to be the majority world population. You are drowning my voice and it's singing a very different tune from yours.

As always, I'm going to the root of the problem. And I'm blaming you people out of there that belong to the following categories. If:
1. You hear things and believe them without question, especially if you believe them because they are from people who you have things in common with you such as tribes, race or business/wealth inclinations.
2. Do not vote. Complain under the table and just never bother to get involved beyond bickering. I call you whinny.
3. Do not read the paper, watch news and bother to enlighten yourself, objectively I might add.
4. Write for any news outlet, especially major ones in one of the following ways. Write inaccurate information, intentionally or not. Write biased news for the masses as if it were truth and do not involve yourself with due diligence before printing influential materials.
5. Refuse to stand alone to fight for what you believe in ever. Always pick the safe/majority side and refuse to just risk being different even for things you believe in. Swayed convictions. Must agree with the masses.

To me you are all the genesis of my problems. You are the reason why these idiots first and foremost, get elected. Then the reason why they confidently and in a non chalant manner proceed to do atrocious acts. They then come forward and justify these actions. And moreover, some of you continue to support them either because they paid you money, or because they added a gay vote to the ballots amongst other important issues. Worse, because they are from your tribes. You are my problem. If this type of habit, attitude or leadership is a drug, you are its enablers. You are the reason no amount of rehab could change anything around me.

I appreciate the freedom to express yourself always. To do what you want to within the law. Even to be stupid. It's all your prerogative. But I draw a line on any of these freedoms. At the point where your actions/ freedoms start to affect me. And all of yours have been and continue to affect me and a lot of those people without voices. You are the genesis of the wrongs that are going on in this world. So now that it's been explicitly pointed out to you, what are you going to do about it? How are you going to confine the consequences of your acts, mainly selfish and lazy ones, to yourselves?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Men - The last generation?

I came across an interesting, though somewhat alarming article. Women, you may want to read on to understand why chances that your son will be gay are increasing daily.This article, amongst many other things, says the following.

"This study postulated that "environmental influences," particularly widely used chemical compounds with an impact like that of the female hormone estrogen, might be contributing to a drop in fertility among males."

While the article begins with the discussion that teenage pregnancy has dropped by some 28% it ends up by advising that we don't blindly give this credit to all the efforts, both right and left wing, that have gone into this.

The impact, socially, economically and politically if all that this article claims to be true is so would be of extremely huge proportions.

"Among the evidence presented are several trends that seem to point to a subtle feminization of male babies: a worldwide rise in hypospadias, a birth defect in which the urethral opening is located on the shaft of the penis rather than at the tip; a rise in cryptorchidism, or undescended testicles; and experiments Swan has done showing that in male babies with high exposure to compounds called phthalates, something called the anogenital distance is decreasing. If you measure the distance from a baby's anus to the genitals, the distance in these males is shorter, more like that of girls."

This indicates that the chemicals we are using could possibly be slowly moving our male genes, namely the Y chromosome, into oblivion. It means that if this research is accurate, give it an insignificant amount of time in political timeframes, our debates will change drastically. It means that the church may have to reconsider its stand on gay and lesbian situations. It also means we as a species are on the way to becoming extinct. Let's first discuss the present.

Churches and morally upright groups are forever up in arms against gay and lesbian practices. I can see why the church needs to harness this situation. What I've always felt about this is that the church needs to take a stand and stick to it. If you're thinking that the church has denounced homosexuality, and that's taking a stand, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about in responding to, "what is gay?". There are two theories when thinking of homosexuals. Either as having made a moral decision to have different sexual tendencies, or as being born that way, and having no choice in the matter. If you pick the former, gay people then are just simply promiscuous, and should be handled just like the prostitutes as far as religion goes. If you pick the latter, then these people need a lot more understanding support and research money invested to save them from this...Whateverr word the churches want to use to complete that sentence. Churches or not, homophobic or not, I believe any one forming an opinion on this issue should base it on one of these two theories.

This article though seems to support the latter. That gay is becoming an issue that we are causing. Let's talk about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) here. Numerous lobbyist groups have been talking to this body in regards to making safer regulations, first by investing in due diligence when it comes to research and also choosing safety before money. They have been resistant and really don't seem interested in making major changes. Maybe because I'm female, but if these tests continue to show that men are becoming extinct, thanks to what the FDA approves, who wants to bet the quickest turnaround in their opinions? Maybe this is the saving grace. Maybe because of this, obesity will be managed.

What about politicians? Here in the US, they influence votes of different issues by adding a homosexual related vote into the ballots. The religious states always go with whomever is anti-gay. The constant manipulation of simple beliefs and practices. What would they say to us, if we could prove that they've caused this? This article expressly mentions that the 3rd world countries seem to be unaffected. This is largely due to the fact that they are mainly eating organic foods, now. All that is beginning to change slowly and they too will start to experience the same symptoms, if they haven't already. Ass far as this conversation goes, the person that is altering a gene, is the male species. While women are developing cancers from excess estrogen levels, men are becoming estrogen filled. Men are, everyday, shifting towards becoming women.

What if this trend continues? What about the future. Does that mean say in 2 centuries, Lesbian couples will be normal, and gay men forbidden, because the few men that exist must be used to continue the species? How would that affect political debates? Protected classes such as gender equality?

Reuters has been asking if we trust the media. Let me answer that by asking a question. Would an article such as this one, given its expected economic impact, ever make its way to the major headlines? Would the media companies be willing to risk going into battle with major economic giants to highlight such information? Would they risk lawsuits, losing major sponsors and all so that the average citizen would be aware of the possible effects of the food he consumes?

In a nutshell, men you now have a reason, beyond obesity, to watch carefully what you eat. Women it may translate to the fact that obesity is directly proportional to the chances that, that male's male offspring will be gay. Or maybe not. Maybe I read too much into this article.

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Missing Link - Kenyan/African Politics

Is it possible that, like in the ever debatable evolution of man theory, there exists an evolutionary gap in the Kenyan/African political circle? Is it possible that everyone is doing their best, but the reason why so much is going wrong is because there are 2 different "species" out there. Each stuck in their survival instincts despite the fact that these instincts vary widely between the two species.

Meet the species
There are two types of people in Kenya and the general Africa. Pre independence and post colonialism. Now they say, mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka. Nobody ever explains what happens when a snake changes habitats and the child snake has to grow up in different environments where it learns how to hunt for different food types with new instincts to match its new environment.

The missing link
Is it possible that what's missing in Kenya is that one generation that understands both attitudes and habits clearly? A generation that understands what it was to be colonized, yet one that was young and fresh enough to comprehend and grasp that we had attained independence and it was finally up to us to make changes in 1963?

Dominating Theory
I'm under the belief that our problem stems from colonialism. Remember the mtoto wa nyoka? Well, the first leaders of post colonial Kenya inherited Kenya from the white man. The very one who came masquerading as a Christian but went ahead to practice ungodly things such as stealing. It is stealing when you kick people from their most productive land so that you can selfishly (another ungodly trait) settle in this most desirable land. Not wanting to digress, our founding fathers, the Jomo Kenyatta and his peers, inherited this land from these people. What had they learnt from these people, the colonialist? They had learnt that once you're in power, you oppress the local people. You rule by fear and oppression. You also grab everything worthwhile and you use the local people to push your agendas. You make the people feel worthless, you enrich yourself and you make sure they will always need you so as to be able to find their daily bread. Or am I wrong? Isn't this what the Kenyan was to his colonial master? Wasn't he a slave? Didn't he do the menial jobs? Work in the farms of his master, despite the fact that he and his family once owned the land he now works in and they never sold it? Didn't he learn how to feel worthless and incapable? Weren't the colonialists the people that introduced dictatorship and its general tendencies to the African governments?

Compare our current leaders and the trend that exists and continues to exist. Aren't they the new colonialists? Aren't they out there using and manipulating their citizens? Haven't they failed to see that they need to help these people? That they are "their people" and the point is not to gain an unfair advantage? Haven't these leaders learnt from their generations that the leader dominates his subjects and aims only to please himself? Would the African politicians who may stumble upon this argue with the similarities they share with our colonialists?

The sons and Daughters
Then come along the second generation. Have never had a white man rule his country. Cannot understand tribalism and its meaningless core. This generation sees Africa as a place to be proud of. This generation has not been called stupid or worthless by any white man. This generation loves Africa as their home and wants the best for it. This generation sees the previous generation as an enemy to development in Africa. This generation wants change. This generation wants Africa in the hands of people who believe in it and want to make it work. This generation recognizes that every African is going to have to get involved in building Africa. And that means adopting a 'develop Africa' mentality versus an 'enrich my pockets' one. For this reason, this generation sees the previous generation as enemies of the continent.

Is the solution...
...The generation that gets both these people? The generation that might be able to receive a listening ear from our current leaders who mainly believe that a leader is an older person. That wisdom comes with age. Not always, obviously not. Is there a generation that understands the fear, pain and uncertainty, and more so bad habits left behind by the colonial master for our leaders to inherit and at the same time understands the current generation? The one that sees us all as being the same. The one that understands division was created as a tactic to conquer the black Africa. The generation that might be able to convince our leaders that they have become colonialists, intentionally or not. A generation that might be able to express to our leaders the understanding of their fears, that one day the white man will come back and they better have more than enough, so when he takes most of what they own, he'll still have some left; and at the same time express that this is not likely to happen if we strengthen ourselves by building our continent. The part of the population that experienced the white man's rule, the struggle and the early post white man rule (direct one at least)days. Importantly the ones who haven't become part of the continous circle of oppression. The ones that haven't yet learnt how to oppress.

Surely, out there exists this missing link. Because without it, no young generation governments can be formed successfully. There's no winning by shutting out the pre independence generation. They do not trust other people to lead them. And unfortunately they don't lead very well. They also now have old money, stolen corruptly or not. And winning an election needs money. So isn't there a desperate need to identify the missing link and encourage them to bridge this wide and looming gap? For the sake of Africa, where is this missing link?