Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Women in Kenya have become very good at fighting for their fair share of properties and their rights from their (estranged) husbands. I'm guessing what I was expected to note from this story was that this man has amassed some billions of shillings somewhere. True, it struck me as odd. But there are so many overly rich people from the previous regimes that within that context, this kind of wealth has to fit within normal confines. Still, $10M in a bank account is way too much money. Especially when you shouldn't have afforded it. This was the problem with the previous looting. It was absolutely ridiculous. They stole, collapsed projects and kept stealing, like people possessed with a stealing demon. Plenty of investments there, Mr. Gichuru.

And what's with the vodafone 35% and mystery non existent company 5% and of course the remaining 60 % with the government story on Safaricom? OK, if Mobitelea does not exist, does the government then not have the right to claim the 5% shares unless someone or some company can legitimately claim them, within say 30-60 days? So the people involved in this scandal will either unveil themselves (doubtful) or at least lose some of the 5% shares they own in Safaricom and those earnings hopefully are diverted into projects that build the nation.

As a result of moving to blogger beta, I'm unable to leave comments on other people's blogs. I'm just in no mood to go about searching for the solution to this issue. However, I have done a little digging around and I'm aware that this issue is not uncommon. I'm just irritated that google, a company with shares prices that hit over $500 a share, should be putting out such major issues out with their beta products. I'm allowed to expect better here. And just when there was so much to comment on.

I'm in search of a really good juicing machine from a Nairobi store and an average cost from anyone who knows enough to enlighten me on this one. Also can anyone tell me if they have grapefruits anywhere in Nairobi as well? My father has cancer and we're trying to get him into a healthy eating lifestyle. So if you have any helpful information on this end, I'd really appreciate it.

On to the great thanksgiving week(end) here. I'm sure there is plenty to be thankful for. The only food store open all day on this day is a whole foods store I frequent so I'm pretty pleased about that. It's great to know I can spend thanksgiving shopping. Last time I was at this store they served an entire meal from soups to dessert. It was a Tuesday evening and I believe they were advertising for their thanksgiving dinners that you could then place an order for. Chicken, beef, seafood, dairy, pies, coffees and dessert. Those were the food sections out there. Talk of a free dinner! And unexpectedly. And this from an organic store where all food costs an arm and a leg... yeah. I was pleased!


pesa tu said...

Check my site for a theoretical answer on safaricom issue

Anonymous said...

Hey Josephine (thats the name I remember from Kabbz)

Pole to hear about your Dad. For grapefruits, try Westlands - the green grocer at Sarit, the one near the old Uchumi (near the Westlands roundabout - if its still open), or even the Westlands Nakumatt.

Mimmz said...

ummm... Thanks anon. Now how did you know exactly who I was? I'll have my trusted aides back there check to see if this place is still open.

Steve said...


Hope your dad will pull through.

There is a great home appliances store in Sarit Center on the ground floor opposite the post office I think. They have some nice moulinex products including juicers for a "sorta reasonable" amount.