Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Only in the midwest...

Is it 70 degrees and sunny at 4:30pm Tuesday evening and 27 degrees next day at 1:00pm with 1/2 an inch of ice on the roads. Of course the weather advisory last evening indicated the ice storm was going to be further east and wouldn't affect us. Right now we're on an ice storm advisory. And pray it stops soon because all that ice, plus another day below freezing tomorrow means trees will come down and we will have power outages. Last time this happened we were without electricity for 3 days and I was amongst the lucky ones. Did I tell you how much we need electricity to stay warm?

The streets of Nairobi, oh how I miss you right about now!

Perks: School's closed.
Unperk: This lesson is going to be covered online. I'd rather be in class with my interesting crazy classmates.

Perk2: Leave early from work
unperk: Deadlines weren't shifted so really it means work from home.

I guess working from a laptop under some warm covers isn't as bad as working in this cold freezing building. Why do they always delay turning the heat up?

I'm off to hot coffee, covers and layers of clothes. Stay warm!


egm said...

This is a very funny fall season, not just in the midwest. Would you believe it, there are trees outside my office that are in pre-bloom? Next thing you know they are all with flowers like it spring. Yet we expect snow on Monday. Weird, I tell ya!

And I hear you on the set-in-stone deadlines regardless of not going to work. As for why they don't turn on the heat? $$$

Martin Goetzinger said...


I don't know if you would be interested in getting the word out, but I have recently launched a new site ( that lets folks know when their school has been closed or an important message needs to get out.

Briefly: it sends out an SMS Text Message to your cell phone, an email to your email addresses, and updates partner websites with an RSS feed.

I am looking for folks to spread the word and it seems like you could help.

If not, disregard my post. If you are able to help, let me know and we can work something out.

Best Regards,
Martin Goetzinger