Sunday, October 19, 2008

Palin/George W. parallels, US 2008 elections victories and losses

It's my absolute belief that if McCain ever wants to know where he lost all hope of winning moderates who weren't afraid of a black president, was when he chose Palin to be his running mate. That was a colossal mistake. One I hope he realizes despite the inability to declare that out loud. It would at least indicate he has some intelligence. Palin is familiar to all of us. Some people have struggled with why they think they've met her before, they haven't. they've met her cosmic twin in terms of politics.

It's scary to watch an aspiring high office politician not know what a certain demographic of intellectuals consider to be everyday and everybody's knowledge. Where we have seen this before is with George W. Bush. He often times proved he had no idea. None whatsoever. As has Palin. Over and over again. What Palin has over Bush, is that she can potentially be a good presenter. Can be trained to spew the stuff despite in an irritating condescending and definitely uninvolved tone.

It's my absolute definite belief that it is impossible to have any interest in government office and not have any interest in your surroundings and the events of the day. The two are mutually exclusive. So whenever you see a politician who doesn't know what's going on, then you have to wonder, who is pulling the strings. I'll tell you who I think is pulling the strings. For Bush, the senior Bush. For Palin, Todd Palin. It's an easy conclusion. Todd works for a major oil company. And I invite you to conduct a google search and learn what Palin's attitudes towards global warming and environmental conservation have been, all under the backdrop of "it would impact drilling decisions", not necessarily in those exact words. Palin is hence in political vision George Bush, the female version. And hence McCain committed political suicide.

Which leads me to the fallacies of "American truths". Things that America has determined are real, despite only being real in America only. Such as you're not allowed to attack women. can't say anything negative about them. I say hogwash! If a female is running for office, she better be prepared to be vetted by the entire public. So Palin gets away with an entire list of, how do I put this, madness enveloping her person. I mean, Todd Plain sits in government meetings?! I mean what?! and all this goes unquestioned unhighllighted? Because she is female? Are you kidding me? Forget her daughters baby (ies) drama. This is personal stuff that we could exclude from her vetting and still sink her in a pile of her own crap! Women can be questioned about their actions anywhere anytime. That's one loss in this election. Holding women to truth is always allowable. No woman ever died because she was questioned about some actions she had committed.

And the dumbing down of a nation. America has been dumbed down over the years. Now they recognize the effects of this actions. As America wakes up to the inability of its youth to compete. And as the market goes fully global; how does it help to preach that names like Hussein always belong to terrorists? How does this alienate the very countries that are already feeling alienated. How does this serve towards peace? Further more, what about countries like Sierra Leone, where every name is of Muslim origin but the practiced religion is not often enough? When did Islam become a four letter word?

Obama has already won some very significant battles. For starters, his campaign has single handedly done the unthinkable. they have raised millions above millions without the help of lobbyists. This concept as unthinkable just 2 years ago. Obama has changed the face of American politics forever. Not by being black, that's just history. He has changed it by shifting powers. The significance of this is actually mind blowing should anyone bother to delve into it. It's the reason there's such anger from his opponents. the Clintons, after years of "earning" the right to... as used to be dictated by the nature of American politics as it was; the inability to decipher what is coming next and how to handle it, based on a changed platform. A set of new rules, none they know of. And suddenly everything they were standing on as a harness is rendered meaningless. And they watch it all start to tumble. significantly, the big companies start to worry. pharmaceutical companies start to worry. Oil companies start to worry. they just lost bargaining power and upper handedness. the real effects are to be felt when people finally understand this truth. And many who were towing the line because they felt they had no choice start to turn away from it all. It should be interesting to watch.

I'm not a believer in Barack's inevitable victory. I know the youth are color blind. But I talk to enough Americans to know that people above 40 are struggling with this concept. They are not bad people. they are imprisoned by the one thing they've heard all their lives. Think of when you suddenly had to think of Pluto as a non planet. What? There have always been nine planets with Pluto being the farthest of them all. It's not that you don't believe what you're being told. it's that there's a whole lot of undoing that first needs to happen. But there are people who have tried. And successfully so. There are many who are white and wouldn't have conceived the idea of a black president who are being open minded and finding their minds changed, many declaring a feeling of real freedom. Give people an honest platform. You'll see their souls and most are beautiful, sometimes troubled but mostly good. Hence, I am a believer in a possible victory. And I also dare to think it could landslide.

I'm always looking for platforms that enhance a thought, a belief or attempt to explain a situation or offer it comparative meaning. So here is something for all to think about who are Christians. A pastor the other day broke down the Lord's prayer and ranked what was important to God based on what it requests that you pray for first. So it turns out the Kingdom of God is first, followed by that is economics "Give us our daily bread" and then warfare "Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us". So based on the fact that the issues are economics and the Iraq war, what would divinity be telling us? Would the recent economic meltdown be considered a decision made by God as to who the next president will be in the USA?

And finally, as Powell endorses Barack, he is accused of doing so because he is black. That's insulting to intelligence but I'm sure he will handle it with grace, as always.