Friday, November 21, 2008

2008 - Early review (sigh!)

What???? President elect Barack what? You heard it. Yes, that blood part Kenyan is now soon to be prezzo. This deserves first mention in my 2008 review.

I must have spent at least 50% of my waking hours watching, blogging, arguing or attending election related events and news in 2008. The first victory over Clinton left me feeling tired but fired up! Novemeber 4th was D day and looking back, the most amazing moments were when it started to seem obvious Barack was going to win. I wasn't afraid to hope. I was just afraid to die from the sheer joy of realizing that dream. Reaction to the news which I conclusively decided before anyone called the election officially? Screaming until I was hoarse. Amazingly, my neighbors didn't show. It occurs to me that if I was being killed...

So that's done. Barack now better get to work. All this time we've spent getting him elected better pay off. I wasn't making friends. I was electing a person I had some kind of hopeful faith in. My job will be to appropraite kudos and shame tags as necessary. Bila time for love fests. To start with, kudos all the way. That organization in putting together a cabinet is giving me great hope. Good call on the skipping the economic summit. Don't get into any sticky situations. And oh, see you at inauguration!

The economy?! Isnt it a damn mess? I pulled money out of 401 K, paid my penalties invested in a 9 month IRA and i'm coming out way ahead of everyone who didn't. That's just sad! sadder? is that while aware of this fact, I've had to go back to investing in 401K just to offset my taxes. can you say entrapment? I'm hoping that I'm buying real cheap so it should pay off when i'm 97. Which I'd believe if I believed in that kind of bounce back for the US economy. It will bounce back, just not the same way. They've jeopardized too many people and people will always seek alternatives after this.

The big 3? Big 3 losers you mean? Why do GM, Ford and Chrysler want to pretend their woes are based on the current crisis? Lies! Bad business decisions and horrid employee union obligations. Everyone has known this since 1822 practically and it makes no sense to inject an additional 25B. Bankruptcy would get them out of their damned union obligations and give them a chance at a comeback; assuming they build a car from scratch. Ditch all that junk technology they once paid top coin to people to ensure parts broke within specified number of miles. Its called stupidity catching up with you somewhere ahead. Integrity goes a long way you have learnt. Now, get to building something that indicates you've been listening. Via the chapter 11 route, no doubt.

If the Dow see-saws any more, I'm going to need some dramamine

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Palin/George W. parallels, US 2008 elections victories and losses

It's my absolute belief that if McCain ever wants to know where he lost all hope of winning moderates who weren't afraid of a black president, was when he chose Palin to be his running mate. That was a colossal mistake. One I hope he realizes despite the inability to declare that out loud. It would at least indicate he has some intelligence. Palin is familiar to all of us. Some people have struggled with why they think they've met her before, they haven't. they've met her cosmic twin in terms of politics.

It's scary to watch an aspiring high office politician not know what a certain demographic of intellectuals consider to be everyday and everybody's knowledge. Where we have seen this before is with George W. Bush. He often times proved he had no idea. None whatsoever. As has Palin. Over and over again. What Palin has over Bush, is that she can potentially be a good presenter. Can be trained to spew the stuff despite in an irritating condescending and definitely uninvolved tone.

It's my absolute definite belief that it is impossible to have any interest in government office and not have any interest in your surroundings and the events of the day. The two are mutually exclusive. So whenever you see a politician who doesn't know what's going on, then you have to wonder, who is pulling the strings. I'll tell you who I think is pulling the strings. For Bush, the senior Bush. For Palin, Todd Palin. It's an easy conclusion. Todd works for a major oil company. And I invite you to conduct a google search and learn what Palin's attitudes towards global warming and environmental conservation have been, all under the backdrop of "it would impact drilling decisions", not necessarily in those exact words. Palin is hence in political vision George Bush, the female version. And hence McCain committed political suicide.

Which leads me to the fallacies of "American truths". Things that America has determined are real, despite only being real in America only. Such as you're not allowed to attack women. can't say anything negative about them. I say hogwash! If a female is running for office, she better be prepared to be vetted by the entire public. So Palin gets away with an entire list of, how do I put this, madness enveloping her person. I mean, Todd Plain sits in government meetings?! I mean what?! and all this goes unquestioned unhighllighted? Because she is female? Are you kidding me? Forget her daughters baby (ies) drama. This is personal stuff that we could exclude from her vetting and still sink her in a pile of her own crap! Women can be questioned about their actions anywhere anytime. That's one loss in this election. Holding women to truth is always allowable. No woman ever died because she was questioned about some actions she had committed.

And the dumbing down of a nation. America has been dumbed down over the years. Now they recognize the effects of this actions. As America wakes up to the inability of its youth to compete. And as the market goes fully global; how does it help to preach that names like Hussein always belong to terrorists? How does this alienate the very countries that are already feeling alienated. How does this serve towards peace? Further more, what about countries like Sierra Leone, where every name is of Muslim origin but the practiced religion is not often enough? When did Islam become a four letter word?

Obama has already won some very significant battles. For starters, his campaign has single handedly done the unthinkable. they have raised millions above millions without the help of lobbyists. This concept as unthinkable just 2 years ago. Obama has changed the face of American politics forever. Not by being black, that's just history. He has changed it by shifting powers. The significance of this is actually mind blowing should anyone bother to delve into it. It's the reason there's such anger from his opponents. the Clintons, after years of "earning" the right to... as used to be dictated by the nature of American politics as it was; the inability to decipher what is coming next and how to handle it, based on a changed platform. A set of new rules, none they know of. And suddenly everything they were standing on as a harness is rendered meaningless. And they watch it all start to tumble. significantly, the big companies start to worry. pharmaceutical companies start to worry. Oil companies start to worry. they just lost bargaining power and upper handedness. the real effects are to be felt when people finally understand this truth. And many who were towing the line because they felt they had no choice start to turn away from it all. It should be interesting to watch.

I'm not a believer in Barack's inevitable victory. I know the youth are color blind. But I talk to enough Americans to know that people above 40 are struggling with this concept. They are not bad people. they are imprisoned by the one thing they've heard all their lives. Think of when you suddenly had to think of Pluto as a non planet. What? There have always been nine planets with Pluto being the farthest of them all. It's not that you don't believe what you're being told. it's that there's a whole lot of undoing that first needs to happen. But there are people who have tried. And successfully so. There are many who are white and wouldn't have conceived the idea of a black president who are being open minded and finding their minds changed, many declaring a feeling of real freedom. Give people an honest platform. You'll see their souls and most are beautiful, sometimes troubled but mostly good. Hence, I am a believer in a possible victory. And I also dare to think it could landslide.

I'm always looking for platforms that enhance a thought, a belief or attempt to explain a situation or offer it comparative meaning. So here is something for all to think about who are Christians. A pastor the other day broke down the Lord's prayer and ranked what was important to God based on what it requests that you pray for first. So it turns out the Kingdom of God is first, followed by that is economics "Give us our daily bread" and then warfare "Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us". So based on the fact that the issues are economics and the Iraq war, what would divinity be telling us? Would the recent economic meltdown be considered a decision made by God as to who the next president will be in the USA?

And finally, as Powell endorses Barack, he is accused of doing so because he is black. That's insulting to intelligence but I'm sure he will handle it with grace, as always.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Round Circles

It's been a long time since I've been here.

Let me start by saying just how disappointed I was by South Africa and Mbeki's resignation. If anyone has ever read a word I put into these blog, they know I worry about the shortsightedness of Africans. The selfishness and the never ending ability to just want to be heard and with no element of consequence analysis. may God have mercy on us all.

And the $700B bailout plan. I know something must be done but why the major rush? And more importantly, we need to fix housing first, correct? We say we can't afford to let the market auto correct, right? Here's the reality in housing though. There's a glut. Of houses, yes. But of builders as well. Who build houses. And if this rescue saves them all, then we have the never ending issue of too many houses in the market. Here's the reality, home ownership is not for everyone. It is a classful selection and only the middle class and above and a few lucky few should be able to afford to own their own homes. That is unless we start to include the outliers and the last quartile homes on the home prices grid.Then the really cheap homes (usually riddled with issues and one strong wind away from condemnation) can be bought by those below middle class.

The tough call is calling a spade a spade. In America, it's uncool to say that "only the middle class and richer should have access to..." Yet economically, that's the only salvation out here left. The builders must be reduced. Construction must reduce very significantly. Because if not, the attempt to put in people into each of these new homes will mean that we still have to maintain very iffy lending practices, so that regular Janes and Joes can fill these homes. The Jones' already could afford their homes and are still in them without pending foreclosures. The housing market must include old homes to a very significant percentage to be robust. Hence Washington, open thine eyes! This bailout may not be wrong. It definitely isn't a first step. There are tougher, less popular calls to be made and enforced here. Some real estate personnel must lose jobs. This is where the real problem is. And city zoning must be regulated to certain numbers (based upon research) of new homes per year.

So we're all going to have to stop keeping up with the Jones', revert back to accepting how regular Jane and Joe we are, and keep renting and working and praying for a miracle until we can afford a home. Capitalism is about social classes. No one without the other. Which means that some Americans are going to have to NOT afford home ownership. It ought to be prestigious to some degree anyway, right?

You heard Barack? You heard McCain? Not a populist opinion. But a fact none the less.

Happy voting in November folks!

Friday, June 13, 2008

NBC's Tim Russert - RIP

I'm completely stunned by the very sad news - Tim Russert has passed away from a heart attack.

I've been spending a whole lotta time with this guy lately over politics and I am definitely jolted by his death. I'll miss his work, his insights and his courage.

May he rest in peace.

My condolences to his family and the entire NBC family as they mourn this great loss.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On my mind...

Kudos to Hillary for actually verbalizing a concession, an endorsement and a "yes we can!" all in one very disjointed speech.

Pro-Hillary Women:
What is this "robbed" phenomenon going around in her blogs? How is it they conclude she was robbed of this nomination despite having lost fair and square from simple math; very basic addition and in her case occasional subtractions? And then these women will go out and declare they are being discriminated against. abused, undervalued, pushed out...? This is the problem I have with these kinds of women. if we as women are going to fight to be accepted and appreciated as worth our dime, we must become worth our dime. Which means we need to learn how to understand our processes, our situations and avoid sounding dumb to the masses, because within these masses lie the males that will need to make promotion decisions that involve us.

Fist bump terror:
Seriously? Fox news suggests Obama's fist bump to Michelle could be portrayed as a terrorist handshake/gesture? What are they smoking up in that place? Even if its absolute desperation, some limits? Some sort of pretense towards sensibility? Duh?! Well folks, y'all beware now. There are a whole lot of terrorists around you given this criteria...

Could they be done with elections already?

I'm guessing God is raging mad at somebody or some people or all of us! Floodings like crazy in the Midwest, heatwave in the east coast, snow in June and this in the heels of record high tornadoes already (season is far from over), record high deaths from tornadoes and not far from the shocks of Asia's catastrophes. Some scary stuff!

Gas Prices:
Had better stop playing. Like very seriously. And for the republican senators to block the vote to tax the excess profits and revoke their 17B in tax breaks this year... I'm just expressing my absolute disappointment at anyone who votes republican especially this year.

Spoke to some who's who's on economic stuff and situations in this very USA. Turns out we're no longer really discussing a recession, that's a given. There's a new D word out there. Depression! That's right folks. Like in the 1920s. yeah, all signs are leading into that. If they are right, its about to be the biggest fall of a great nation in modern history.

Oh, the conspiracy theories: The bear sterns bailout, is supposedly a republican ploy to hold the markets steady through elections. And then it will collapse and send the markets reeling so badly (this is a scary scenario)... Plus there's the one on the Bush stimulus packages. As people enjoy this free money, they should be aware that it's real purpose was to bail out credit markets such as banks et al, who have had the worst 1st quarter performances in years, some in history. Pretty much, it was given to you so that you'd pay your credit card bills which many people had stopped paying because they injected that portion of their earnings into increased costs to their meals and gas. The agenda was to save the bank not you. I wondered about this. Is the way to get back at the government to instead use this money to take a vacation and leave your credit card unpaid? And would this be responsible and prudent behaviour? I mean, despite their ulterior motives, isn't this still a necessary and helpful bailout?

Should seriously consider a meeting where they allow all oil trade to be conducted in currency other than the dollar so that crude oil prices can go back to about $70 a barrel. This whole sit back and get rich attitude they've adopted while the rest of us give up basics such as the 3rd meal of the day... How did we human beings get here? That we can allow a small committee of rich but otherwise regular human beings to control so many of us significantly with just one law passed on all their contracts?

Otherwise, Go KG! Show Kobe how it's done!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Was made today (err yesterday, this was started and abandoned due to some minor emergency)

Obama wins the nomination.

Clinton does not concede. (Update) NYT reports Clinton to concede and endorse Obama on Friday. She was literally forced here by her own superdelegates who made no attempt to hide their displeasure at her speech last nite.

Bad Manners:

That would summarize my opinion on her speech last night. Just plain simply bad manners. You know better than that, Hillary Rodham Clinton.


That better be in their wildest dreams. Can someone, anyone tell me how you announce to the world that John McSame, err McLame, err sorry McCain is more experienced, is better vetted etc, etc, and then come on and ride on my coattails as VP and expect that the GOP will not announce how my own running mate thinks McCain is better suited for the position than I? If she had wanted that position, she shouldn't have burnt the bridge and the surrounding trees making sure there would never be another bridge built on that issue. Frankly, she needs to get over herself and her "should be respected" supporters. Kwani, the rest of us don't deserve respect?

William Clinton:

Suffering my own personal loss on him, I'm disappointed and saddened. I think this campaign showed me his true colors and I can honestly report that he had me going. I thouhgt he was a much better person than that. However, thank goodness for his infidelities and his dubious sources of $$. We have good reason to just say NO! to her when she comes a knocking for the VP spot, thanks to her decision to stay with this one very Bill Clinton, she is quite frankly, not a viable candidate.

Eeks me out. Maybe he will finally Shut the hell up!!!!

Barack Obama:

Congratulations! Again and again. Go make us proud!

On June 3rd 2008, the democratic party, by nominating black Barack Hussein Obama as their nominee, has made history. MLK must be smiling in his grave. I wonder if even he dared to have this dream.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

If Terminology could save Africa

It never ceases to amaze me how many words we have found to describe and categorize hate. If we just left the word as it is, hate, we might potentially force ourselves to take a good look at ourselves and perhaps, just perhaps; as the human race, make better decisions. And more than as the human race, as Africans be able to do the same.

What is going on in Africa, I ask? How did we get here? What really is going on? Forget all the explanations everyone is so quick to offer. What really is going on?

Xenophobia, racism, tribalism, bias (religios or otherwise) and all other words that we often use to describe situations. Say we expelled these from the english dictionary for a while. Say we couldn't use these words. If suddenly they had no meaning and were replaced by their more generic term. The term under which umbrella they all fall. Then the news headlines this year might read as follows.

"Kenya in turmoil as Hatred flares"

"No solution to Hatred in Sudan yet"

"South Africa burns as Hatred flares"

Passages within the stories covered by these headlines might include these words:
"Lessons not learnt from Rwanda when Hatred between its two tribes ended up in genocide" Or to be more effective, let's replace the word genocide with "the loss of numerous innocent lives"

It baffles me, completely, how people get here; how they get like this. How you get to believe so much that a group of people, whom you don't know by name save for maybe 0.02% of these group members, people one will never meet, and people who will most likely never cross your path. How you get to believe that eliminating them, 'these people' will make your life better. How you can be convinced that that would be the solution to your problems. How you can get here and cannot understand that you are your own worst enemy, I don't get it.

This is the sheer inability to look into the mirror and see one's own reflection.

It is completely unlikely that eliminating a certain kind of people, especially through death is the solution anyone has been looking for all their lives to get them to that happy place. That 'other people' have been the hindrance to your progress, especially when freedoms of access to the same things by and large have been established, save for social classes being the main division. To choose to kill, instead of to understand the path, the route needed to bridge one from poverty to wealth and then proceed to fight for the implementation and access of the tools needed to move from poverty to wealth;to draw an innocent person's blood and attempt to justify it under this guise; to be this selfish, this stupid, this worthless, is the epitome of human failure.

Poverty hurts more when one starts to believe they are entitled to other people's stuff. Poverty is difficult but it is no excuse for commiting crimes. Suffering is to be abhored, but cannot be escaped by inflicting the same upon others. And poverty requires patience and understanding to overcome. Some so much, that as parents, sometimes what the options are is to establish that the necessary changes have been put into place, are being put into place progressively, so that the next generation has hope. Poverty and suffering cannot be resolved by throwing entire communities and nations into a state of despair. Instead, hope must prevail. And this cannot be achieved through bloody means.

There isn't a single lesson Africa hasn't learned yet. Maybe, just maybe, if we start using core terms, such as hatred, and people and murder in place of the more decorated and somewhat redemptive terms such as xenophobia, and foreign persons and cleansings; maybe then we can really start to hear things. And maybe then we can take stork of what exactly it is that we are partcipating in.

All of it is murder. By coveting thy neighbor's wealth, btw. You get so mad that they are wealthy that you believe they must be stealing from you and even without any evidence of such crimes against yourself, you take a weapon and strike them their death blow. Murder. period.

No sugar coating. Just plain generic terms and meanings.

After all if it requires that much explanation, someone is probably trying to hide something. Perhaps guilt.

Get it together, Africa. Get it together. Your people need you.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Opportunistic feminist - Rant!

Every now and then someone says something to me that sends my head spinning. I know I've mentioned how badly Hillary Rodham Clinton (from here on referred to as HRC)has been getting on my nerves. But for someone, anyone, to call me an opportunistic feminist?! Bamboozled, yeah, that's me. Wth? I ask.

Let's get a few things right. I am not a feminist. never was. In fact even when I was much younger, I was opposed to the Beijing conference, simply because I believe that at some level, no one can give you freedom, you just rise up and take it, claim it or utilize its availability. I'm not one of those women feeling trapped or victimized or disadvantaged by my gender. Sincerely, I've never felt it. I'm one of those women, who recognize I might meet a few men who doubt my capabilities, but I'm confident enough to know that I'm as great as any other human being at what I fix my mind on, male or female, is not a detail that occurs to me. So just what the hell is an opportunistic feminist?

Well, apparently since I am one of those people, not women, people, who are very vocal, forthright and perhaps blunt, many think I am a feminist just because I am a woman wearing a man's personality (who gave out gender to personalities, if I may ask?)I'm aware my very unemotional analysis of things and events makes me unlike many or most women. That's all fine. I'm just inclined to reality, truth and facts more than feelings. And what does this mean? That I should shut up and take a submissive role unless I'm going to be a feminist? What the hell are women still fighting for? Women have led countries, companies and institutions. It's too late to play victims. We might have a steeper climb sometimes but by goodness, its all over. We can do whatever we want. we've been free and liberated since I've been born and I'm not going to sit here and pretend to have an issue I'm not suffering from. I'm female and very empowered, very capable and with access to everything and anything I set my mind to. Now, this does not negate the fact that I recognize attitudes within the society that disenfranchise and disadvantage women. Especially with unequal pay for equal work. However,women need to rise to the occasion and acknowledge that we need to sharpen our negotiation skills and research our worth before accepting proposed salaries. There are plenty of women out here making more than men just by perfecting these two things. The trick, is to leave the emotions out of it, and approach all this with facts and evidence.

let me put it this way folks, being female is not a disability!

That's why I don't get all the seats in parliament that need to be set aside for women? Kwani? What about all the women who've gotten there without freebies? They had what, 3 hands 4 legs? No no. they had what it takes to get in and become what they wanted. we want to get ahead women, we need to shed these outer coats of expected female ideals and instead cultivate the values we need to get to where we want.

That's why I cringe when HRC starts cooing at females with the notion that this is their time. Its been their time! Recall Margaret Thatcher? She is female despite not being American. This link should offer everyone a link as to just how old elected female leadership is and has been in this world. It's not a fight. It's been won. The war is over. Now we can just be. Hence, Thatcher is not alone. Less democratic nations have elected women as leaders and its old news. Lets move on.

What I don't need is being questioned about how women just sit and allow emotions to rule over common sense. such as when HRC starts to describe McCain as capable but Obama... err...; "well, ask him," despite being a democrat. Sure it could be tactical, so she can run in 2012 (because anyone who understands math knows this race has been over!) Still, she raises the question as to whether she ( representing women, dunno who said so) has the capability to separate her emotions from her realities. These are the situations I don't need to be put into by women who have appointed themselves as fighters for some cause that somehow liberates women further.

My preference would be that all women represent themselves and their affiliations, and not us, the gender. I for one do not need representation on that level. I feel that we're just fine. We just need to get in and get dirty so that we can achieve results.

Opportunistic feminist?! definitely not me. And women, get out and take your freedoms! Don't waste any more energy on fighting wars that have already been won. - please. My 2 cents to you my gender mates.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Democratic Primaries, Rev. Wright, Media failures

It's 11:30 EST. North Carolina is a definite win for Barack Obama with 14 point lead. And the wonderful part of this night is that Indiana cannot yet be called, despite 88% of the votes having been counted. if that's not nail biting for those of us who want to win both states, I don't know what is. However, it's already been a good night.

Fox News is bragging about the Rush Limbaugh effect. He has been sending republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton. they've been calling his station all day long bragging about how well they obeyed his instructions. Seeing that Indiana at best will have Hillary win with no more than a 4% margin, then we can argue fairly that she didn't win this either. But no need to raise it within Barack's camp. It doesn't matter anymore. Same argument fits perfectly into her Texas victory as well. Barack is strong! November is his to lose!

Rev. Wright... My opinion. A great man who has been diminished by the inability of this American media to discuss the realities facing America. I for one, never with a black pastor heard the God damned America sermon often immediately after 9/11. It simply fits into Christian teachings. that's why hagee says the same things about Louisiana. I don't understand why the Christian leadership did not defend wright on this. On his comment about the white man bringing Aids to kill the black man, well, a little crazy since you can't prove it. However, given the men of Tuskegee, and the fact that the white man intentionally infected them with syphilis. To understand that Wright was serving the military then, is to understand why he believes what he does. pretty much, this is an issue where the white man provided a pot and all Wright had to do was stir it. If the media was fair, they would acknowledge it instead of painting Wright as a crazy, no brains man. A definite non fact. Wright is not your average brain, he is a very intelligent man.

Which brings me to the point of the failed media discussions during this very interesting primary process. The failures to lift America from its ignorance has been so overwhelming. to listen to analysts on TV, debate the name Hussein, without injecting, once, on any channel that outside of America, best example being Sierra leone, many people have Muslim like names with no attachment to religion. Some edification. Despite the fact that the More important conversation is that being a muslim in itself is only pariah worthy in a few places and that many other places live in harmony with multiple religions because it is a non issue in most of the world. Amongst other missed opportunities, so many in fact I think I will cover that in a post all of its own somewhere down the road.

I've been waiting for the camel's back to break on this primary. It's definitely over for Clinton now. despite her mixed signal speech. Looking now I see Indiana at 51-49 Clinton lead with 9% to go. I will dare to declare victory for Obama because I know what precincts are yet to report. I'll declare my prediction right or wrong in an update later. Interestingly, Obama conceded this state to Clinton in his speech earlier, I guess we will be retracting that, an ideal scenario for many like myself who are just done with this primary process.

Next? Clinton would stay until after her victories in West Virginia and Kentucky. However, her campaign is so broke, this may not be a prudent decision. they have no chance of winning. it would just be nice for her to go out in victory. She may have to give that up though. Rumor has it she has lent her campaign funds again. No need to keep draining the bank. Including rumors of her conceding defeat if Obama can pay off her debt?! And that's from reliable sources!

well, it's been a good night. I have a whole lot of thanksgiving prayers to say. Update on this post as soon as Indiana is called.

Go Obama!

1:10EST - MSNBC and CNN just called Indiana for Hillary Clinton. Looks like a 2 point lead less than 25K votes. I along with many of Obama supporters have been up, ingesting calories ( I made a bowl of pasta and sauce at midnight!) waiting for this state to be called. disappointing not to have finally clinched it (which reminds me to point out my call for victory at 91% reporting was wrong) but still a much better outcome than was expected. There's a probable possibility this win is a little shaky, something to do with absentee votes. But it's called, so for now we accept Clinton's victory.

Superdelegates better help us end this tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Surprised? Watch the heavens.

Kenya is headed back towards the abyss. I for one, I am not surprised. Peace as fragile as based on two grown men with their own selfish ambitions, surrounded by other influences and bogged by promises they made to others over a future that belongs only to God, is not peace. It wasn't there and anyone who believed in it is much more of an optimist than I ever could be. Anyone who dares to stare facts in truth, ugly as they can be may want to read on.

Kenya has no choice but to go to full blown anarchy. Only after that kind of genocidal situation, ugly as it is will anything in Kenya change. The damage has been done. Those who started antikikuyuism sentiments many years ago were like George Bush as he attempted to convince congress of saddam's weapons of mass destruction. Those who reignited the madness recently were like Bush when he decided to invade Iraq. You can get the ball rolling, maybe even declare success. And then the real situation will arise.

Not even the alternative of military controlled government exists as a solution. The time for simple solutions, simpler choices is behind Kenya. No human being, unless guided firmly by the spirit of God will be able to navigate Kenya out of this mess blood free.

War is ugly and unpredictable and no one can control the events that will occur. Those who meant for there to be war against the kikuyus can begin to celebrate. It's inevitable, it will happen. But for every man dead, there exists a pool of innocent blood left behind.

For those who believe that human sacrifice is okay for the greater good whatever they deem greater good to be, they are wrong according to God. Especially when chasing earthly goods and prosperity. There is only one acceptable human sacrifice. And that is the part of Jesus that was human. Period.

At the point when that blood flows, and continues to flow, remember that you are sacrificing humans for the returns you hope for. God does not accept human sacrifice. Man is an unclean animal. So whom then are you serving, knowingly or not? And how much of that can you control? Recall, not believing does not negate existence.

Only those who kill in self defense will be spared.

The vengeance of God over Kenya is nigh but is waiting for the final blows to be dealt. Wait patiently for there will be those who will be blessed and those whose God's vengeance will settle upon. When it's all done, no one will wonder what side anyone of these members belonged to.

I don't preach peace upon Kenya anymore. I pray for the spirit of God to befall Kenya. Those who believe pray to God in all earnesty and don't bother to dictate outcomes. Pray for his peace, his outcome for only that can be correct.

It would be make sense to wonder why a regular believer, not pious, ordained or overly religious would write these things. Why would I take the Jeremiah Wright approach?

The beauty of God, however, is in how much he can't wait for the opportunity to forgive.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Crowds at Calvary

Barack Obama gave the speech of a lifetime on race. He had to. He was left with no choice but to address America after remarks by his friend and pastor left America feeling inflamed. I wasn't one of those inflamed. I have attended church regularly in the US since Sept 11, 2001 and never been to a black preacher's church. However, those sentiments of Reverend Wright are not unique to Wright. They are basically conventional wisdom amongst many many pastors of all races and creeds. My overall assessment is that Barack Obama was handed this opportunity by his naysayers, by an idle media as elections go through what should have been a downtime period and by a fickle society, this proven by the poll results that came out yesterday.

As we approach Easter, I address people, reactions, call for blood, and the roles we play in everyday life. Jesus was crucified on a cross because the crowds were baying for his blood. A crowd so incensed by the reigning religious elite. An elite group that was incensed at the audacity of Jesus. How dare Jesus claim to be the messiah and attack them for the way they run the church? Recall Jerusalem was crowded as the annual festival where they all brought sacrifices, the best of their lambs, was taking place. Keeping this short, Jesus did two things that influenced his ultimate crucifixion. He went to the temple in Jerusalem, drove the religious elite out for turning the temple into a den of thieves and raised a dead Lazarus, his best friend, four days into decay. There was euphoria, spreading like wildfire over the miracle of raising Lazarus, couple this with the scene Jesus created at the temple, add the huge crowds as all of Israel was demanded to be in Jerusalem then and there, you now know why the religious elite was incensed.

What I don't understand is how they turned a crowd that had been chanting "Hosanna" as Jesus walked on by on a donkey, to one that yelled back "Barabbas", over Jesus given a choice of whom to set free. The irony is that the elite who Jesus kicked out of the temple were stealing from the very crowds that finally crucified Jesus. That what he yelled at them for was the fact that they were deeming people's perfectly acceptable lambs as imperfect, taking those, selling them lambs and then selling the lambs they took from these other families to the families that came behind them. They had turned a most intimate process of worship into a business with no care for even the really poor who would spend everything they had to purchase a lamb worthy of sacrifice.

It's the way people are influenced, have been through history into ignoring the facts that they were so aware of from having visually and mentally experienced them, and become puppets of people with their own personal agendas. It's crazy how people who know what both white and black people say behind closed doors would pretend to be so shocked about Rev, Wright's utterances. A man who stands in a pulpit in a black church said there were injustices to the black from the whites, OMG!!! shocker! I know I'm oversimplifying the issue, my point being it's sensational but not situational. That it has become this situational, is not surprising to me, just further testimony into the insanely huge amount of weakness that is human beings in as parts of a crowd. That fact that makes the few people who can see the truth as crowds start baying for blood, often innocent and with knowledge of that fact having been tucked away into the corners people's minds, perhaps so that they are all saying the same thing; that difference, so rare and yet so necessary. That common sense so lacking across medias all over the world, that weakness that has caused the death of so many, that constant revolving door that is so wondrous for its abundance despite its constant abundance of poor results.

The crowds at Calvary. A situation we find ourselves in everyday. Whenever we are in a position to decide something about anything, and are part of a huge crowd, physically present or otherwise; it's that opportunity we have to shout "Jesus" instead of "Barabbas"; based on what we know not what we are being told we know, that truly determines what kinds of people we really are.

Recall however, that in Jesus' situation, this outcome was predetermined. But also remember that the greatest good came from people's inability to just do right, to stand for truth. In that sense, truth always wins. and imagine the guilt and shame of those who had yelled Barabbas as the news of Jesus and his resurrection spread. And the torture many might have endured in the hands of a common criminal such as Barabbas, simply because they chose to set him free.

So as Barack does the right thing by refusing to denounce his reverend over petty politics, I gratefully watch him make what I believe to be the right call on this issue. If it costs him the election, so be it. We are after all our brother's keepers. And for a country that boasts free speech, utterances and opinions like Rev. Wright's, though controversial, are shared by so many from all races, that it would be ludicrous to agree that he was that crazy. I understand the need to denounce the speeches especially where they sound racist. But I as a normal thinking person, looking at Barack as a mixed American, raised by white relatives and struggling to find an identity within his prescribed race could never ask that he denounce the man who led him to understand what or who he really was. And I couldn't either shrink my mind to accepting he is racist against whites, despite they being his closest relatives, including a mother he loved dearly.

So as a member of the Crowd at Calvary, I'm accepting my inability to change the outcome, but I am going against the voices I hear. simply because I think they are wrong, biased and misleading, all for selfish reasons.

Y'all have a Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Random Speak

Since I know you've all been up all weekend wondering what I did with my Thursday evening, lemme tell y'all what I did with it. I took myself and my curiosity to the Fort Worth Convention center and listened to (the) Barack Obama live! I decided to become part of history and I am glad I did. Forget that it took 40 minutes to find a parking spot despite arriving 15 min before the center opened which was 2 hours before the man himself was scheduled to address the crowds. It was all worth it. So many people from all walks of life. I mean Indians (whom I had to acknowledge are underrepresented given their huge numbers as I saw them), blacks (so many! I hope they will remain this interested in their lives after this), Hispanics (plenty of them in the fort worth neighborhood) and whites. Many people seemed to have arrived directly from work. Others had closed businesses early and others simply took the day off to get there early enough to get good seats.

Kudos to the staff at the convention center. The queues, many as they were and longer than they were many moved really quickly. Security was tight just like at the airport and people were many. As soon as I got in, I knew I would have to use my imagination to get close enough to witness this as I wanted to. And details spared, I did. Wrong side though, he came and left from the opposite side. But I saw him clearly and close enough as he spoke.

He wore the demeanor of a winner, the attitude of a simple man, and the intelligence of a leader. It was like an epiphany. I understood why he was where he is at with his life. The speech was in many ways repetitive for anyone who has been listening to his every word via as well as CNN and anywhere else they'll air it. The same theme, the same statements, even the same punchlines here and there. But it would get very simply personalized for the immediate crowd. And I understood why the message was the same everywhere.Simply because the message is one and the same throughout. And most of those at the rally are not like me, haven't been looking for Obama news everywhere. They are hearing a lot of these things for the first time. hence the need for rallies. Frankly, people like me are just taking up space since we know we are supporters.

Entertaining moment when he breaks with the "has someone fainted... EMT... water..." line that CNN had been making fun of his super stardom with clips of such moments during his rallies. It's simple why they faint. They stand for 2 hours while waiting for him to arrive, not including the time during which he is talking and their queue times. It is wise to choose to sit at these moments. Even more interesting, as he points in that one direction, lady behind me and about 3 people to my right, despite being sitted needs an EMT as she is about to pass out. That is about the sheer excitement going on. People were all abuzz, excited, just completely ready to vote for him. I talked to a few people, all different age groups.

This older white man said to me that its been too long since Barack came along. Everything is wrong at Washington and Barack just has to be the next president. OK. Black middle age lady. She told me that this moment was the reason she worked 2-3 jobs to take her kids through college. She told them they could be anything and this man (Barack) was evidence to her she had been right about that all along. That I thought was very interesting and personal. basically, barack chose right with the message of change. He represents it and all his supporters are craving change one way or the other. Hence his success. That was helpful to me. I've been a little fuddled about how he was successfully able to kick Mrs. Clinton out of her assumed nominee role. I get it now.

There's still a whole lot to do in TX to get him the victory here. And as I left, I talked to volunteers and understood what they had planned for this weekend. They have been busy and were actually recruiting volunteers for between then and Tuesday right there as people left. I hope they will reap handsomely come Tuesday.

Odinga and Kibaki, about time they grew up. Now can someone please define the roles of all these new positions and explain to me how Kenya is going to finance these salaries which will be hefty and can we be told what these salaries will be. Anyone who reads this blog knows I think that Kenya needs no addition to it tax payer burden within the governing circle. What it needs is better job descriptions and effective management. But for the sake of peace, this might be a small price to pay. I just wanna know how small. However, what I really want to say about that is I'm glad we're past that and can these two parties save us any further drama and start rebuilding the devastation they have caused in terms of jobs and country pride.

Next on my agenda? Tuesday. Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont. Rhode Island and Ohio right now per the polls, not pleasing me. They better intend to surprise the hell out of me come Tuesday. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In my own words...

... from mine own heart - about Kenya.

The talks failing is as important to me as about nothing. I'm more concerned with the choices the individual Kenyans are going to make. Each single Kenyan. Each individual. And why do I care about this? For the only part of me that is human and that has relatives in that country. beyond which, I've moved on. Kenya doesn't want my type, I've accepted that rejection. Given a choice, I've left. But not everyone who wants to respond to the rejection this way has this option. Some are still there. And they are in danger. They will be victims of further violence, should the actual Kenyans choose to engage in the acts we all saw them engage in recently.

Yes, I speak as a kikuyu. But as far as these recent events go, we've all had to face who we are in terms of tribe. With the entire distance of oceans between me and my home country, I have suffered rejection like I could never explain to anyone. What's happening to my emotions is exactly how I respond to rejection. I move, I leave, I let go. I don't force love/like on me. I'm sure there are going to be very many different reactions to Kenya from kikuyus but I bet you that each individual reaction is going to be related to how that person responds to rejection in their general everyday life. Life is hard enough without having to live in a country that detests or resents your very DNA.

I am shocked at what birth rights do to you. I am amazed at just how wounded being rejected by your own country can feel. Even for people like me who aren't in it as we get rejected by it. And I shudder to think about what people with actual property losses and family members killed are feeling. It's hard to get to the angry part. Just trying to get through the shock and the hurt is effort enough. And seeking safe havens, in our minds and in physical premises. That's absolutely consuming. It's the feeling of absolute rejection. I guess it can only be compared to being rejected by your own parents, has to do with rights accorded to you by birth.

I know how often I wondered how tutsis ever were supposed to get over what hutus had done to them in Rwanda. But I didn't know what it felt like. And I said they just had to move on, what choice did they have? And as much as I wasn't wrong, I just had no idea what magnitude of overcoming human emotion I was asking of them with the move on, comment. How is it you go on around people who CAN kill you for being what you were born into? Who resent you for faults of people who were born from the same tribe, true or perceived, and some way before you were ever born? And not give any thought that you see their resentment as misguided anger at other things and self trade to abuse by politicians? How do you trade with these people? Worship? eat, drink? Do you ever feel safe again? I'm not going to push it to trust, no. What do you do? Put a smile on your face and fake it? Do you ever travel outside of your safe havens again? Do you flee never to return? Because it's much easier to be an outcast in a foreign nation than in your own.

I feel almost guilty to be away from Kenya as it rejects my type. For as much as I haven't been maimed or killed, I haven't been spared for anything I did right or different. The only reason I haven't been killed is because I wasn't unfortunate enough to have my life circumstances lead me into the arms of an angry mob that was hacking my kind to death. So what those people have gone through, I have to. I am as safe as my distance from these so called angry mobs.

That's why my only concern is as to what the choices the individual Kenyan is going to make are.

Because if Koffi Anan, Kibaki and Odinga never agree, but no one ever takes a machete to another human being, I will be ok.

But if they agree and make friends and wine and dance together, and yet 10 idiots take machetes, petrol bombs and whatever and attack another innocent family, then nothing will have been achieved.

And for those who want to argue with me about how kikuyus have stolen every one's money that's why they need to go, die or whatever other term is inserted here; could they refrain from doing this while they or their non kikuyu parents own BMWs, several residential properties and other significant investments. Because if they want to make their point that kikuyus are obstructing wealth for other tribes, they need then to show me evidence that they once converted to kikuyus, got wealthy, then reconverted out. Otherwise, their points are moot. And if everyone who was being told they are poor for not being kikuyu could engage in this thought process, they might ask how comes their inciters were rich whilst not kikuyu. And perhaps that might entice them to seek the many micro finance loans available and loans for women and youth as choices against machetes in search of a better future.

As Kenyans get incited back to the streets, recall that the MPs are receiving a huge paycheck at the end of the month. Are you? Or did you potentially just burn your previous workplace? Look how the choices you make are affecting you. And consider that many inciting this violence are inciting it through media as they go on about their lives in other countries. Or in their all important jobs while you, the poor, I need every dime I can lay my hands on, person is converted to a robot and used as a means to an end by the wealthy with bigger agendas.

That's the overall simplicity of this extremely difficult situation, the way I see it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Before the Wisconsin - Hawaii primaries

Let me first get this off my chest.

The first blunder from Obama's campaign comes and it is sooo annoying for being so avoidable and so dumb. I'm talking about this plagiarism accusation where Barack is using governor Patricks speech. And while it technically can't be described as plagiarism because he had permission to use it, it is very very bad for the senator.

Change? So how comes you can borrow what's old and call it new? There's one argument. Next, Obama's main strength, undeniable and formidable is his oratory skills. He has a good head on his shoulders, why not use his own words. Granted, the governor's speech fits perfectly into Obama's agenda. And this governor was elected on this speech, has had problems since he got in and may be the actual reason Massachusettes was hesitant to vote for change with gusto. Back to my major irritation point, a simple, "And as governor Patrick said, and I agree..." to have started these borrowed words would have been more honest, and prudent and pre- empted all these attacks. Because I am just mad that Barack's campaign would provide fodder for his attack to Clinton's campaign at this crucial time.

What do I think his camp should do? Admit that retrospectively they can see how this may have caused issues, however deny plagiarism as the word to describe it, and volunteer and promise to cite all borrowed speeches in the future. I simply ask that they take responsibility. At this moment, his denial sounds like the Clinton's camp. He needs to be different. It is the only strength he is riding on. Sheesh, I'm peeved!

Clinton? OK, here I am. My position for Obama not ever having been a vote against Clinton. Just a preference. But the clinton camp is working hard to make Clinton detestable. I find myself really having to convince myself that she is still a good candidate. Simple stupid things like insisting "we won Michigan" And "those delegates should count" is so annoying. It is the exact representation of what we hate about politics and politicians. What? in Michigan, Obama's name wasn't even in the ballot. And FL? Well, the person with any real losses for not campaigning especially at that point in the campaign was Obama. Why? Unknown underdog. Clinton? First lady for eight years, with a White House scandal to boot, recognition. Simply put, Should their positions be reversed, she wouldn't be citing the same views as fair. Which is always the simplest way to assess fairness. So her camp needs to shut the hell up about these two states, unless they are discussing a fairer option. Otherwise, I can't keep working at not dumping them as annoying idiots!

BTW, If the DNC should decide to count the delegates from either one of these two states (Fl And MI) as they stand right now, I suggest Barack break free from the DNC and run as an independent. I p[ersonally would be happy to be free from them after that kinda showing. It would feel free and as a bonus break them. We would ascertain Hillary didn't get into teh white house that way. So they play dirty, we hit them where it hurts. She wins fair and sqaure, we support her fully.

Superdelegates? I see their importance. I appreciate that they can divide the party but their role has never been any better highlighted as it is now. A C (contingent)plan is always necessary and if these two potential DNC nominees arrive at the convention neck and neck, a plan to elect is definitely necessary. What the superdelegates need to do is shy away from pleasing the established DNC machine (Clinton has known she would be running in 2007 for many years now) and make wise decisions that keep the party united and pay a whole lot of attention and respect to the overall majority votes as well as honestly assess the potential better nominee from all angles. All said and done, I'm not quite sure what I would do was I a super delegate at this point.

Bill Clinton needs to take a chill pill! C'mon buddy, you're my hero. I know you're tired and frustarted but that yelling on the campaign trail is a definite no, no. chill pill, Bill, chill pill!

Wisconsin polls are looking interestingly close. Should make for an interesting Tuesday evening tomorrow. Can't wait for the 2 weeks campaign for Ohio and Texas. Neither of these campaigns can afford mistakes now. Potomac primaries were an absolute victory for Obama. Let's see if he can repeat that. His half sister campaigning in Hawaii. Let's hope she gets him the results he needs. 20 delegates up for grabs there and either camp needs whatever delegate they can find.

Kenya? So many rumors about a power sharing deal. Annan hints at an all party power sharing strategy being worked on today... Who cares? let's assess the reality. Nothing has changed. Tribalism still dominates. A can of worms has been opened that has changed the entire face of Kenya and these elections have proven that there is no need for them in Kenya. Anyone who wants to be president has got to at least cultivate a need to respect the laws of the land. So once we can't resolve election disputes in court, we really need to just stop having elections, period. Because once we prove that a dispute can lead to this, whatever it is we have now, what's to stop the next election from forcing the same negotiation? Precedence and past. And it's repurcussions and impact on the future. That's what good leaders think about when they make decisions. It's Februaray, but I can answer this question now. "What's my greatest disappointment for 2008?" Kenya.

McCain? Talk about selling a soul. And at 71? What is it about power that makes men completely sacrifice who they are? How don't they see the absolute obvious irony of that? How could he contradict himself like that? And over all the things that made me think of him as worth 2 cents. I gotta say, that independent vote I had awarded him, probably not gonna happen with the same margin any longer.

That's it. Will be back with a super ananlysis after tomorrow's primaries and before the Texas Ohio primaries.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

USA election 2008 candidates are...

...still unknown in both parties. And this after the main primaries (super duper Tuesday per Obama).

At 1:17 am ET (Wednesday)

Barack wins 13 states, Clinton 8 and New Mexico ( delayed results due to bad weather and having run out of ballots earlier) not yet called.

MSNBC dares to guesstimate (through careful calculation) the number of democratic delegates. Projects 841 for Obama and 837 for Clinton.

Jeez! They didn't see that one coming. I'd pay money to hear the private conversations in the Clinton camps.

Frankly, even Obama isn't quite sure he isn't dreaming.

But that's the beauty of the audacity of hope, I guess.


Romney mouthed and mouthed about the 'real conservative' only to be so badly thrown off course by the 'unreal' ones; McCain and worse, Huckabee whom the media had convinced us to totally dismiss. Well... not so fast, says he. And the results indicate that I need to stop and listen.

California is right now a rather disappointing loss for Obama. Not in losing there (as this was expected) but in the current percentages. However, only 17% is in as I type this and LA is not yet in so these stats could improve. Recall some stations had called Missouri for Clinton and had to retract as Obama just won that state by about 1% margin? if that ain't close, dunno what is.

The way I see it?

The republicans should do themeselves a favor and let McCain run as the GOP candidate. Obviously, Bush has turned Republicans off absolute conservative. Those left are the so called bible thumpers who pretty much think elections are solely about abortion and gay marriage, period. That's mostly senior citizens and Utah residents. OK. That was unnecessary.

McCain's running mate? Last year, long before I subscribed to Obama's campaign and got to know him; when I had (rushedly) assigned him the position of running mate to Clinton, I assigned Rudy Giuliani running mate to McCain. I still think this remains the best bet for the GOP.

Why? The independent vote. McCain votes with his brain, and votes against his party afflictions when common sense calls for it. Rudy dares to vote pro choice amongst other non conservative views as well. Both these candidates will face absolute disdain and contempt from within their party. However, they will be the best bet for republicans in an environment that really doesn't want a conservative leader any longer. Rght now, independents are all leaning towards Obama. This is likely to continue to be the case but any attempt to sway some of them into republican territory can only best be achieved with Rudy and John (yeah, first names. After all these late nights we've gotta be buddies by now).

I'm torn between enjoying the fierce battle between Obama and Clinton for another several months and just picking a candidate and concentrating efforts on beating the republicans. Who as we can all imagine are about to get as dirty as is possible. I'll bet you they are the ones looking for Obama's relatives in Kenya. And trust me, the skirmishes in Kenya, Odinga's claims to his kinship... all these are highly likely to surface should Obama become the leading man. Why? Because Republicans play dirty and Obama is the greatest threat they've had since Saddam. So, expect this and more(I wish I could bet $$ on this. I might be able to retire early).

Point being we need to get to hear the Republicans and their dirty politics early so that we can work with time on our side to both clear the air and to let time do what it does best, which is irritate those who have to keep listening to negativity via their expensive plasma hi def screens (Peeps don't spend that kind of money on gadgets to listen to crap through them). Plus we need to get into the Bush files and kill the republicans based on the past 7 years (very easy task). Basically, let's get to work which is let's get to winning in November 2008.

The speeches? Clinton's was jolly and celebratory and actually kinda giood. Grade it B+. Obama's was repetitive and definitely courted the remaining primary states. But not the same Obama who sweeps us off our feet when he speaks. So I'll give him a B (how else is he going to pull up his socks?) From GOP, Huckabees was as expected, excited and very hopeful and common sensical. That man is worth at least 2 cents, mormon or not. Don't recall hearing speeches from the other significant 2 (Paul is still in the race).

It felt really good to ignore Kenya and it's painful news at least for a day.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Am I Patriot?

For as long as patriotism is being what Kenyans are making news over these days, then I am proud to say that I for sure, I'm not a patriot.

If I had to choose where to be, I'd choose to be where I felt safe, was able to go about my own business, develop myself and make and work towards my own personal growth. I would never declare some space, that in actuality belongs to God, seemingly because I was born in it. No. If my neighbors proved to be capable of murder, based on our birth distributed differences, then I would not want to be anywhere near them. I would opt to leave. I have no desire to change people or no great hope in that people change that much either. Borders are man made. And were it not for modern day border policies, human nature would have had many people move around a whole lot more, as was common before formal rule took over the world.

I have potential to be a patriot. If I could choose citizenship. Citizenship based on character and nobility, not birth places, color, accents or tribes.

I could very easily belong to a citizens group of intelligent thinkers, fair and balanced persons, people who understand self responsibility and overall responsibility to the world around you. I could be a citizen of people who are more interested in humanity, the things that havent changed since before Christ, the real things of the human nature. And in this realm of citizenship, I could be a patriot.

But patriotism, lover of a country filled with kinsmen that march around with machetes against their own kind over subtle differences? No, not for me. Actually I want to be far removed. From all types of people that have the potential to sink this low. I want no association.

Not only within citizenship, but even within species.

It bothers me that myself, and these machete wielding persons are of the same biological species. I'm willing to argue a sub species. And not along the lines people usually divide others; race, citizenship et al; no. A sub species, based purely on thought and thought processes.

Anyone who can find a way to justify an ethnic/racial cleansing at any time I don't want to be connected to. It's bad enough that we both are living beings. Even from a plant, bacteria, fungi; I would be offended by this behaviour. But to bring it so close to home, my so called country of citizenship, in addition to species? It's all too much for me. I want out.

I'm being told, it's about education level... well, maybe. But to what extent? I never once had an instructor tell me not to ever consider murdering my neighbors over my own opinions. And read around, there are really educated folk supporting and or calling for bloodshed. No, it's not about education. It has to be a sub species.

How else does it make sense to the rest of us?

Make no mistake, there are hierachy levels within this sub species. And no doubt, those with machetes, or inciting them or supporting them are definitely a grade - or more lower.

It baffles me in an overwhelming way that anyone would want to be president over a nation that raises these kinds of voices. Save for the innocent, guilted by association, these kinds of people?

I wish I had an island that I could relocate all "unwanted " and willing persons to. Where they could live as they pleased, within the rules of civility, but with pure knowledge that they can be free from savage attacks over associations provided by birth. I wonder how many, in the name of loyalties to places of birth would refuse to leave...Them, they are patriots of their birth places.

I am not willing to die, get maimed or lose a relative over a region in one of the world's continents. I am also not willing to suffer the same losses over what people deem as unfair chances or opportunities metted my way. If it bothers them that much, then I am willing to leave, so they may have my opportunities. I'll go elsewhere and make other opportunities. And I am definitely not willing to be neighbors with people capable of inflicting that kind of suffering on mankind. I want nothing to do with these people. We must have no associations.

Had I been born in another country, save for my accent, would I not essentially still be the same person, with the same thoughts and feelings? Would I still not desire the same things from life? Would I not value morality and other humanitarian values over material wealth? Would being born anywhere else have made me different? or as an adult, aren't I simply a product of waht I've chosen to make of myself? How I have chosen to use my mind, extent I have succumbed to undue influences and my propensity to be a sheep within the goat mentality that herds groups of people together; strengthening them in their loud voices but not in their correctness? At the end of teh day, wouldn't I still have to choose exactly what kind of person I was going to be?

I think I would. As far as behaviour and moral responsibility, I think we all choose who we become. And I think these two things largely define us as who we are in all the ways that matter.

Not having millions of dollars or lack thereof.

So my patriotism is to citizenship that is of a higher order other than borders and birth places. It's based instead on the choices we can make for ourselves as individuals. Because I for one, strongly believe that anyone who takes credit for or kills over aspects of humanity that no one chooses but is born into, is worth little to nothing; to him/herself and all those around.

Monday, January 28, 2008

In a nutshell...

What's going on in Kenya is crazy, to say the least. As the human Rights Commission comes out and declares they have evidence of the violence being preplanned and financed by some known opposition members, few if any are surprised. The one thing that is clear to anyone thinking clearly is that Kenya will never be the same again, not for another entire generation and perhaps two.

2007 is not 1963
Hear me clearly Kenyans. It is ridiculous and rudimentary to attempt to resolve disputes from some then prominent members of our country that emerged in 1963, or 10 years after that in this way. I am told Kalenjins are fighting for land that was given to kikuyus in the rift valley, yet the rift valley belongs to them. A few considerations I'd like endorsed to this argument.

Let it be noted that I write this article with great awareness that kikuyus came across formal land documents and other formal documents much sooner. However, I've said it before, that kikuyus were direct beneficiaries of the colonialist. As much as they had been the greatest oppressed by the same. That history has kikuyus as the overwhelming majority of the mau mau warriors, is a direct result of these facts. They affect everything else and thus cannot be ignored.

1.Assuming that it is true kikuyus were given land in rift valley, a few factors need to be considered. First and foremost, those who now own land in rift valley have mostly bought it from other owners. They cannot be expected to relinquish their hard earned investments and think that everything is fair and just. Secondly, the land if assigned was assigned as unclaimed land. I don't recall anyone complaining that people were kicked out. Given the population then, this makes sense. And what does it mean that the Rift Valley belongs to the Kalenjins? Rift valley was divided based on the fact that Kalenjins lived there? what about the other tribes?

2.Issues of inequality from prior regimes are common in every community. The one point that's evident in this issue is that it has never been possible to resolve it within different generations. It is why the blacks of the US never got 40 acres and a mule. Because to do that, one would have to take land away from others who own it to compensate those who think they deserve it. Two wrongs never a right made.

3. Justice, really? Say this land had been given to more than just kikuyus as a tribe, who is to say that your grandfather or other relative, you the regular mwananchi, was going to be allocated land? To get my point, how many kikuyus had land allocated to them? So you tell us this is a tribal thing. We tell you grow up! This is an elitist thing. People looking after each other as they know each other. Standard in every community, modern or otherwise. Comparison? Ask George Bush's cronies about the past 7 years. But more to my exact discussions. When the violence is aimed and targeted at regular kikuyus, who were not related or friends of Kenyatta, who have had to earn every penny of their livelihoods, never were allocated land, how then do you justify this to them?

4. My opinion? People are being used to fight personal wars. It is possible that Jaramogi should have been allocated land as part of the inner circle but had a fallout with the powers that were. Hence the feeling that he was robbed which he successfully passed on to his relatives. True. He might have been "robbed" by his cronies, as quite frankly was every other regular Kenyan, kikuyu or not. So when you're all out with machetes drawing innocent blood, remember this has nothing to do with you. You have been used to settle an old score. And not even as a brave heroic person would. As cowards and idiots. If this war is about being robbed off land by Kenyatta, take it to the Kenyattas. You'd still be wrong then (people cannot be held accountable for their father's mistakes), but at least you'd be closer to making sense.

Missing Link:
I've had my ear on the ground and I must say after I've heard everything from insiders of both parties, campaigners and affected persons and other people involved from various circles, I fully think that I have the whole story. As we all know by now, this bloodshed was coming regardless of who won elections so hopefully we've all stopped hiding behind the facade of this being election violence.

Intriguingly, the one thing that does not make sense is this. What is it that makes people who were ODM supporters unable to condemn these killings out loud and clear as the norm? why the double standards? Through inductive reasoning as I've listened to many speak, Ive come to believe that there were huge promises made to a section of the non kikuyu educated younger elite. what fuddles me completely is having picked on how ludicrous some of these promises might have been, how were these people brainwashed to believing them possible? I'm talking about promises of ridiculous positions in internationally owned companies amongst other "slips of the tongues' that have given some of this stuff away. The missing link is what exactly was promised and how was it going to be achieved? Because to any smart mind, even a dictator couldn't achieve most of these promises for anybody. How then, were these people I would consider somewhat smarter deceived to this extent?

or is it possible that educated persons could actually think of ethnic cleansings as acceptable in this day and age?

Lazy not oppressed:
Many will be offended by the following, but it's my honest opinion. Assuming people weren't being paid ksh 200 a day to pick up machetes and go kill others, and they were out because they really believed they have been robbed off land and whatever else, I'd still hold the sentiment that these are lazy persons. Considering point no. 3 above, where I have stated that if unfair land allocation was done by Kenyatta, it is likelier that your clan would still have gotten nothing (it aint about tribes, just friends). So instead of watching your neighbors wealth, start thinking about how to make your own. Stop trying to get rich the easy way. Start working at getting rich. Which means this:

Sequester yourself as an individual in your mind. Analyze your current position. then your intended position and situation. Then identify the obstacles between your and your goals. And then devise plans to tackle obstacles (training, loans,...) and then embark on this journey. Let your only comparison be to yourself, where you're coming from and where you're headed to.

Remember that there always will be those richer than you, as well as those poorer than yourself. So stop comparing yourself to others and live your life.

Taking what people have worked hard for on any given day is theft. Killing them for it, well...

Cultivate a desire to work hard for your wealth, your promotion. The very same reasons we fight corruption. Leave the free things. They're never that free in the long run.

I strongly believe adopting this attitude would make one less susceptible to the opinions and propaganda dished out in daily life and more importantly, would engage one's mind into the needs of humanity, not adjectives that describe human beings (such as tribal inflections). Hence would make a better human being altogether.

I'm aware how much better likable this post would be if it was calling for the coming together of people et al. Well, truth be told, we are past that point, the real issues have to be addressed. There is hate in Kenya. And its origins have to be identified if these issues are ever going to be resolved.

There's also a need for people to stop trying to be right (especially about events of the 1960s, where there is no way to evidence truth), and start working on being effective. It's the difference between successful regimes, countries and individuals and those not.

And then there is the simple point of probability. You know, the if there are 30 green balls, 10 red and 5 blue in a jar, which are you likeliest to pick reasoning. Applying this to work places in Kenya might explain why they seem to be more kikuyus in work places. Especially when you not only consider population, you also consider proximity to the city hence their numbers in the city as compared to others.

I'm struggling with the total loss of all reasoning I'm observing by many educated people. It's either that or the fact that I've been mingling with some folk filled with real hatred for my tribe, completely unaware of it, and I am now in many ways traumatized by human behaviour,; one of these two scares me the most about Kenya right now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Justice? Whose Justice?

I read the papers finally, after a long hiatus. The same is going on. Nothing has changed. Kenya is still in a delicate state of affairs.

I haven't been reading papers. I have been listening to people's opinions. I have heard from many people. And I must tell you this, if anyone believes this is over with yet, or heading that way, they are very wrong.

I read today that Odinga says that "nothing will deter Kenyans from their quest for justice. I unfortunately think he is right. He may think this is a good thing for him. There I disagree.

Let me state that a lot of what I'm about to write will be deemed as offensive to some, but if you are one of those that feel that way, spend an extra few minutes and allow the truth to sink in. That country is in a real ugly state, the only confusion about that being provided by the facade that has been created through a cloud of shaky order.. Allow yourself to know what others are feeling, thinking and experiencing. Don't be caught by surprise.

I say don't be caught by surprise because many Kenyan kikuyus, now refugees, are expressing great shock at being attacked by their neighbours. They knew there existed resentment against kikuyus but they just didn't think that anyone seriously was that mad at them since after all they had no personal disagreements. These very set of Kenyans, amongst them lie people with long lists. Lists with names of their neighbours. People they saw hack others, throw families into pit latrines and others bury other families alive. Some of these very same people are telling stories of survival that would have any Hollywood director running to get the rights to cover their stories. Those lists are not for decoration. They are for marked men.

These very people were crying for peace, and now they want anything but. They don't want a status quo. They want justice. They want to be avenged. They want their hard earned property back and they also want vengeance for the lives of their family members lost.

Since many of these are kikuyus, some whom escaped home invasions and road blocks narrowly, you might be tempted to think that they are looking to Kibakis government for assistance with this. You would be wrong. Carrying forward that incomplete understanding of the role of a president, they are very peeved that Kibaki has "allowed them to be killed this way." He is no longer considered useful to these aggrieved persons. They intend to help themselves. How is not clear. But be rest assured, they are not sitting back and doing nothing forever. They are weighing their options as we speak.

Let's talk about the so called church. They all should be ashamed as they have taken sides along tribal lines. You'd think they'd be the first call to truth and reconciliation, but they are definitely not going to be it. If these thoughts of vengeance are not intercepted a whole new hoard of innocent blood will be shed. However, these people do need justice. Our judicial systems should be working overtime since many "murderers" can be identified by their own neighbors. the government (whichever one) must lawfully give the people vengeance. Not just ask them to "return home." This interception might be the only way to a blood free permanent end.

I've heard from ODM supporters that elections were rigged and that justifies the madness going on. No, kit doesn't. It cannot justify the death of so many children in the hands of machetes. Elections are allowed to have disputes. That's why the constitution has a process for this exact scenario. If your leader has told you to go about resolving it any other way, you've been wrong to believe him and much worse, you've got blood on your hands for having failed your own human abilities to think for yourself.

Raila is calling for no end with this quest for justice. I hope he is wrong. Because whose justice do we seek? The one who lost a way of living, a home and worse a relative, while being told it was because he came from a certain tribe, or the one who is still running amok on the streets, because he feels he has been cheated via elections?

All actions have consequence. And it is highly possible that we are well past the "peaceful" solution. My opinion is that heads have been buried in the sand about the reality of hatred so much that even the few times I address it via this blog I get attacked for suggesting it exists. well it does. And if you ever had a doubt, visit, as far back as many years as you can and then tell me that this is not our reality.

To Raila: Should I read anything into this statement? "We should have seven of the 10parliamentary seats in Kisii, but Kibaki men stole the votes and we only got four. The Kisii are our people. We must not touch them," as quoted by the standard. Does this mean there are those whom you should touch? And exactly how do you touch them?

And as you chant, no schooling, etc, rest assured that "the universe will still be unfolding as it should' And you are the ones who will wake up 5 years of war later, uneducated and poorer, therefore having lost hope.

The way I see it, two things could end the madness in Kenya. It has nothing to do with who is the current president. That's all over with. The war is now personal to many. We could sit back and let Kenya bleed. Then it would be all over with, when the war ends. The anger, the hurt, the fallacies, the stereotypes, the hatred; all replaced by truth earned through painful losses. Or we can get a dictator who has the heart to lead Kenya to greatness. This one leader will need to be all about Kenya, not a tribe, prioritize resettling all displaced Kenyans back home, exactly where they were before and creating a safe environment for them. I am calling for government interference to the level of soldiers placed at CBDs and neighborhoods deemed to be in danger of attacks. The worst thing that could happen is a dictator with tribal affinities. Basically, the solution is to take a step back away from democracy (which I will argue loudly and clearly that Kenya is not ready for as proven by recent events) or expect fully to go to war. And then pick up and start rebuilding Kenya from scratch a few years from now.

There are no simple choices anymore. The choices that have been made by a few and by many in the past few weeks have eliminated the simplicity of daily life. Human weakness now rules Kenya. Let's all sit back and see what its fruits will be.

May the government of Kenya bear in mind how many people stand to be affected by total chaos in Kenya, both Kenyans and not. May the inciters of Kenya pray to their choice of God for the wisdom to make the right calls to their fickle followers. May the church redeem itself and face themselves to God for direction. And may most importantly, each and every Kenyan develop themselves to a worthwhile citizen of the world, a person worth sharing humanity with.

PS: This has been written with a great deliberate effort to avoid rumor mongering as has become accepted as truth within various communities. However, some things are worth being investigated because some many similar comments from perpetrators of mayhem seem to have been repeated to would have been victims over and over again. So if you wish to comment, don't quote rumors as fact here, I've heard them all... just can't verify them, hence choosing to ignore them.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

There's only one thing right - Peace.

We must find our way back to daily activities and economic viability. Kenya must go on.

It's not that Raila won, or Kibaki won. Who really cares about this? Who can prove any of the vote counting wrong doings being discussed and alleged everywhere, and prove that they would have given Raila a win; as of yet? A lot has to go into the validating of allegations from both ends. Keeping in mind that these rigging reports are heavy from both sides of PNU and ODM. Quite frankly, given the bloody situation on the ground, how is it that people still really care for yesterday's results? Can we start where we are now? Which is in a besieged country, and start working towards peace? Can't we decide that both are wrong, or both are right, just so that we can find some common ground where we can start dialogue? The one focus we all must have is ahead! We must look forward. We can't go back. And where we are at is at a crossroads between peace and war. We must choose the right path.

I read my pre election posts, and those of many other bloggers. The one thing that was common was that there were many calls for peace during the election period and the election process. Which made me wonder why we are all so shocked, moved and actually very very alarmed at the current situation. If we were potentially expecting it, it indicates that history has taugt us that we get here sometimes. What is so different this time?

I think the freedom of expression of ideas is key here. Bloggers for sure have had a lot to say and many people have had a lot to read and argue or agree with. As much, despite the much publicized and condemned media blackout, the newspapers have carried content that they never before would have been able to without risking themselves a visit to the nyayo cells, or whatever the detention centers used to be called. Freedom of speech may actually be allowing us to see exactly who we are. It may be that we as a nation really are uncontrolled. And perhaps it is how those who argue for dictators arrive at their conclusions.

I am not in any way saying that we need a dictator. I am addressing the fact that too much freedom with no direction on how to handle it could easily be a factor in what has easily become the scariest violence Kenya has ever seen since independence. Everyone has a voice now. And if we can't all learn how to co-exist within the frameworks of self expression, what is happening now could easily become our common experience.

We must now more than ever educate people on analytical controlled approach to living, thinking and speaking. Freedom of speech is a huger responsibility than it is a freedom. Words can hurt and words can change a nation. Just ask Rwanda.

People keep saying to me that we are falling apart as a nation. Perhaps this is a wrong assessment. I dare to say that we are actually coming together as a nation. These may just be birth pains.

Kenya has always been, with the exception of major cities and towns a country of tribal people living together. What happened in one smaller city was rarely likely to influence other cities. Recall the Molo clashes? The carnage was much much higher than experienced now. And we didn't flinch half as much as we are right now. What we might be experiencing is the coming together of Kenya.

We are being reborn. Being forced out of our tribal shells. Being forced to come together as a common people. We are being forced to trust people we have never in our cultures been taught to trust. We are being forced to abandon stereotypes and embrace change. We are being forced to stop being our tribes and start being Kenyans. It is a sign of our future. We must however stop now and address that we are here, take a deep breath and proceed with caution. Change is always scary, painful and met with resistance.

The kicking out of various tribes from various towns is a good form of resisting change. Insisting on wanting to remain as tribal towns and cities. But this won't do for development. We might have become the first African country to become developed enough to face this situation. Let us embark on writing a good history for other African countries to follow.

Why would I think these things? Because Kenya is different. Because even CNN describes Kenya differently now. So does BBC. Has anyone heard what they speak of Kenya now as they describe the chaos? No one is citing accuracy in their reports. Just that their description of that country is a far cry from what it used to be.

So is the honest expression of the newspapers and the average Kenyans.

We are at a turning point. It would also explain the cut right down the middle in presidential hopeful support.

If we are going to have effective dialogue, let's know what it is we are going to address in the dialogues. These dialogues must be done for this current situation and that of the future.

We must become a nation with many tribes, not many tribes forming a nation as we have previously been.

Kenyans must feel safe in Kenya. Not in various provinces depending on their ethnic backgrounds.

This dialogue is going to be very important for the future of Kenya.

And it needs to be done soon.

It must address change. How to prepare citizens for change, how the government must invest in helping people understand these changes and take advantage of them and how we all must be taught to love our cultures, embrace our differences but to first and foremost understand that we are human beings first, then Kenyans and that our tribal differences come after that. And that our common ground (humanity and citizenship) must be the basis for all our policies and laws; as well as outlook and attitudes going forward so that we can continue this surge ahead we have been on.

All is not lost in Kenya. Far from it.

People are more aware now. Better informed. They just need to be educated on what to do with that knowledge. How to handle it.

We must be done with these skirmishes. And get to convincing investors that they can trust us again as an economy.

The dialogue cannot happen soon enough.

Stop arguing about who is right or wrong. Start fighting for dialogue. And one that addresses our actual reality. One that after which, a platform for Kenya will have been built, that will allow us all to feel safe and welcome at home.

Kenyan refugees in Uganda? Could I read anything more heartbreaking? Kenyan refugees? Kenya hosts refugees. Not the other way round. Anyone need any other wake up call?

It way past that time. Dialogue. And address the real key issues. I'm personally done with the macho games. I want a bigger man now. Anyone who chooses Kenya first will do. Because if neither Raila nor Kibaki can see the need to save our country, how has either one earned the right to lead it? Dialogue. Face each other like men. Argue, disagree, scream, talk, think. Just come out of there with a solution that screams of peace for all and a prosperous future for Kenya.

It's a simple request to any presidential hopeful. What else did you think your work entailed?

There is only one outcome right from the elections, and that is PEACE. At all costs. Egos included.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Quelling the Madness - Our absolute Roles

This site has been cited by many as good pictorial evidence of what is going on in some parts of Kenya. I looked at them and many are very disturbing. The sad part is the obviousness of the social class of most of the victims. It's a theme I've been carrying in this blog ever since threats of violence started to seep in. It's the poor who fight the hardest for these things they think they believe in. And I say 'think they believe' because many a time they can't tell you much beyond what's been propagandad to them by their closest political aspirant. A whole lot of times they are mired in half knowledge. And while right now they hurt very badly because they feel robbed after a flawed election, or threatened because their hopeful won; they have lost all reasoning and are fighting fully for a situation that to speak honestly, will probably never impact their lives as much as their injuries and life losses are about to at this moment.

The Army needs to come out with a mission to save Kenya from anarchy. I understand there are concerns about a divided army. I don't think this would come up unless their orders were anything but to enforce a curfew and apprehend anyone walking around armed with machetes or any such thing. I strongly believe that just their presence should knock some sense into many deliriously angry people out in the streets causing chaos. Kenya's army can very easily handle this situation.

Meanwhile, Raila and Kibaki and their teams need to start talking to Kenyans after having had a collective discussion.

As for the media blackout, I support it and I may be the only one. The one thing that country doesn't need right now is the media advertizing where crowds of violence are gathered so that other small crowds know where to merge and escalate issues. If you have relatives in any potential danger, this may make sense to you.

In the future, Kenya must educate the masses. About peace. And about how to evaluate issues and options and how to fight effectively without being the ultimate loser (mind wars vs bloody ones). Africa tells the same story over and over again. In the mid 1990s, the wealthy Rwandese were in Kenya and other viable African countries, their children in school with some of us. Many of the wealthy got away even in that situation. We claim we are fighting for the poor, but what happens is we cleanse ourselves of them and pick up with the same issues where we left off.

From the pictures in the aforementioned blog, it is saddening to see young people in the mercy of armed police. But once you know that it is likely they were apprehended while throwing stones or raging some other kind of violence, one wonders how exactly to feel next. of course there are innocent victims, perhaps guilty by association. I can't stress enough the need to be as far away from rioting gangs as possible.

Self responsibility and consequence for action must be taught to Kenyans across the board. Watching the people in the slums destroy their meagre life possesions is so disheartening and so frustrating. If anyone needs to guard the little they have, they do. Why are they doing this to themselves? What don't they understand? They are also primarily the ones waging violence as reported that violence is in Kibera slums, mathare slums and Mukurwa slums. If anyone really needs to get back to work the most, it is still probably these people who benefit from overtime pay in several factory jobs.

Schools should open soon. Let's hope that all will be well and that they will.

I'd like to reiterate that Kibaki and Raila need to start quelling this situation. including deploying the military.

As well, I'd like to emphasize that the local citizen has a role to play in bringing back peace. By choosing to stay at home and with no weapons matching out. Those at home in potentially dangerous areas, please be as safe as possible. It is my hope and prayer that help in the way of cops and military personnel is on their way.

Burnt Forest rumors? Absolutely scary. Let's hope someone is handling that.

We the bloggers? Many who have become the source of information need to become very responsible with our posts. It would be foolish to think that an already incited population is not picking on what we're saying and that we're not helping to fuel emotions. Hopefully, we can all (perhaps with the exception of one Gerald Baraza) promote peace and helpfully suggest how that may be achieved.

My prayers go out to all of Kenya. And to all the Eldoret church arson victims. And to all the other victims of these spate of violence.

My prayer is that everyone has been able to glimpse exactly what it means to be at war. And that those who were in the heat of the moment calling for or wishing for some kind of war have had some time to reconsider. We can't choose the victims of war. Soon, it will reach our doorsteps. Some places have already started running out of food amongst other necessities such as fuel.

Calling for help from the US and the EU is always disconcerting to me. I always believe that the solution lies with the perpetrators and those closest to them, in this case, all of Kenya. And subjecting me to listen to the US 'scold' or "advise" us about flawed elections after Florida 2004 is too much for me. I have never been one to believe in the supreme ability of the West to handle African problems however, so this is a biased view. Besides, this problem is not above Kenya. I have extreme confidence that the situation as it currently stands though scary, volatile and escalated is still very within manageable proportions. All we need to do as Kenyans is unite in wanting and demanding for peace. Our voices must be more influential than western voices if anything is ever going to change.

Going out with a portion of Eric Wainaina's song...(As best as I could remember the lyrics, no internet source for them after a brief search)

"Our task is incomplete
If our souls and lives don't mix
If there's one in the multitude
Who does not share our attitude

To love, to dream, to Pray for Kenya only
let my flag remind me
of my sacred duty
And white for peace in Kenya
My pride, my strength, my joy
Always peace in Kenya
In pride and strength and joy."

May God bless Kenya.


What to do next? How do we resolve the situation? How do we make things better? How do we maintain peace in Kenya? What is a seriously viable and acceptable to most solution? I'm a firm believer in fixing the future simply because fixing the past is not possible; a phenomenon I often wish my fellow countrymen would catch up to. So here is what I have processed alone and also through talking with various people.

I personally thought Kibaki should resign. I assumed it would bring peace. I was rest assured that it wouldn't. In addition to being all about egos (between men and politicians, could it get worse?)and therefore not likely to happen, I was assured that many kikuyus are now afraid to be governed by anyone other than a kikuyu. Many will flinch at the tribal references. I'm keeping it real. I don't think hiding in shadows is going to do anyone any good any longer. Kikuyus are afraid because many have been directly threatened about "taking our land back" as well as their lives being threatened. I have heard that Western parts that voted for PNU have received threats as well. So have Eastern parts. Some with their lives and properties, some with the future of their constituencies in other tribal hands. I have also been informed that Mungiki is spoiling for a fight. I thought they were all in jail, well not all, but mostly incapacitated. A whole lot of this is hearsay, perhaps not even likely, but definitely makes the Kibaki resignation issue not the simple solution I had thought it to be. A significant percentage of the population does not see it that way.

So I thought, what about going back to the polling stations? Everyone is calling for a recount. Of what votes, I ask? The same ones nobody trusts? The same ones that were stolen from different polling stations? If it's going to be meaningful, it needs to start at the polls. Not that voter turnout could be anticipated in the same numbers. I expect many would stay home for safety reasons. In future, whether as a repeat to the polls of 2007 or in the next 5 years, a few simple solutions could easily be met.


Ballot boxes need counters added on them. And the total number of votes in each ballot box recorded in relation to its serial number before it is sealed. That's really simple technology.

Simple solution is to in addition to having observers from every party in the counting stations, attach cameras and have a second authorized set of observers from all parties observing via camera from a different location. All cameras on the ballot boxes and the tallying process. And the events being recorded. Admittedly this won't cover stupidity which was rumored in some polling stations where rival observers start to feud and the ballot boxes or votes get impacted by being strewn across rooms or whatever. Still stiff penalties for such actions could be enforced and with video evidence available, for both the vote tallies and dodgy behaviour, I don't see how anyone could lose.

3.Computerized system:
Drawbacks: Expensive and from the rumors that have been circulating, technology personnel is not trusted. They were rumored to be inflating numbers. I can't comment on that without knowing what level of security they have. However, levels of security is a solution to tech staff being part of a counting problem. However, should be looked into maybe for elections 5 or 10 years from now, assuming we still have a country in which to vote.

Training and Role Specifications:
Processes for all observers must be outlined clearly. As well as dispute processes. Also communication processes between observers and their candidates need to be established. (aside: Like the F16A forms ODM claims are different from numbers announced, why didn't anyone take pictures of this even with cell phones to forward to their teams?)

It is preposterous that ballot boxes were stolen. This is probably the easiest fix yet. All persons walking in and out of counting stations, besides needing to show 3 types of identification, including a key card pass identifying them as authorized to be in the specific counting station; should be searched both as they come in and leave the stations. I think the ultimate correct way to do this is actually to make better premises for counting where they are "arrested" in until the counting process is complete. Of course the counters from one station should have no access to other counting stations.

Especially from the politicians and as well the voters need to be noble. Also controlled, analytical and mature. Emotions should be controlled.

Back to how do we fix the current situation. Raila could concede defeat. I most definitely don't expect this to happen for the same male politician ego reasons I mentioned above with Kibaki. As well as I don't think that that is his style. I don't personally in any way think this would help the situation on the ground. And about a significant progressive next 5 years, I imagine that our politicians are dumb enough to stalemate parliament for the next 5 years at the expense of development to prove their points. Hence my call for elections. Again, not a recount. After the massive rigging issues being claimed, I don't see how a recount would help.

Now if someone would just figure out how to get Kibaki and Raila to dialogue about elections being held all over, allowing the previous government to keep running affairs for the next 90 to 180 days as they prepare for better manned and executed counting of votes (This process to be arranged and agreed upon by combined members of all significant parties), because let's be honest, voting day went very well. And since everyone has seen what the results of rigging (alleged)are, perhaps we can dare hope that things should go smoothly thereafter.

This just in. Kivuitu announced results under pressure. After reading the entire article, it doesn't seem that Kivuitu is claiming to have announced rigged numbers, just to have announced results before investigations into issues could be done. Well, ECK doesn't have that mandate to investigate so I don't see that he could have done much. I Imagine his job in the past few days has been one of the toughest in Kenya's history.

In the end, what matters is peace. There will be no need to be in Kenya if it is all in ruins after war. As seen already, carnage is being reported everywhere. As usual, it's not the elite upper class or middle class that usually pays the price, unless of course they are caught in the wrong places such as those who died in the Eldoret church arson. What is it that people choose to die for? Which one of these people roaming streets with machetes is likely to meet Kibaki or Raila on a personal level ever?

I'd like to add also what my friend from Somalia said to me when she called to inquire about Kenya after catching some news on CNN. That if Kenya degenerates into war, there goes hope for Somalia and Sudan as well.

It's a huge burden on those who can manage the situation in Kenya. However, anyone who thinks that war is the answer can right now face the fallacies of that view, or wait to learn a painful lesson somewhere down the road.

I do hope there will be another election soon.

On election day the following prayer from our national anthem graced my post. It will today as well.

O God of all Creation
Bless this our land and nation
May we dwell in unity, peace and liberty.

And all peaceloving Kenyans said, Amen!