Friday, April 27, 2007


So I walked into my apartment and the first thing that caught my eye was a note from the apartment office. So, I opened the note, a little concerned, this was the emergency notice posts and wondered what might be in it. Well, the message was simple and not alarming. The contracted company that was going to re tile my bathroom floor came with the wrong sized tiles so the job has been rescheduled for Monday followed by an apology for the inconvenience. Not a big deal. I can handle that. Anyway, I decided to check into the bathroom to see what they had done if anything at all. Lo and behold!

The toilet bowl was uprooted and was now resting peacefully, boldly, annoyingly and disgustingly in the bathtub! Why? I don't know because looking at the floor, nothing had been done at all. Nada! OK. breathe, I tell myself. Breathe I keep saying. Fortunately, I breathe and I feel that hot anger simmering down. It's after 5:00 pm and I have to call the emergency number.

The lady who answered was very nice. Very Nice. She said she will send the maintenance guy right over. I waited for 20 minutes or so and a knock on my door. Seeing that this person had access to the security door, I knew it had to be maintenance. I open the door with every intention of being nice and trying to get answers as to why this was. Alas! it wasn't to be that way. Dude was livid. he starts "Next time ma am, give them a contact number that works!" Is he F*****g sh*****g me? I'm like excuse me? I'm like call that number! And he calls whatever number he has which of course is a wrong number and I can't help but lecture him about his customer service.

"How dare you approach a person who walked home into this kind of situation with that tone of voice", I demand to know.

And then after a giving him a tongue lashing until I recognized the look on his face having changed to one of sheer regret, I tell him to go away and come back after 20 minutes when I've calmed down. he apologizes and says he'll be longer he needs to fix A/C for someone. I'm like cool. And he is gone.

Then I sat and tried to get over it and when that didn't work very well, I pulled my laptop, on a Friday evening, and decided to vent it all out here. Talk about ruining a Friday evening! I'm all vented. Thanks for being an understanding audience.

This and That

As I get older, I'm perfecting the art of holding grudges. Take for example this stupid site. Some 3 days ago, I started to write a long well thought out post. And I wrote most of it. Then I must have done something unintentionally, because teh next thing I knew, I had a new BLANK, page asking me to create a new post. And I tried for less than 90 seconds to retrieve my other could've been post, to no avail. then I got pissed and shut down blogger and moved on to other things. And I'm back on blogger and I'm still bitter about that loss. It was a good post. With all my thoughts streamlined and making a lot of necessary noise. But I lost it. And I'm just not there today. Can't recreate it, not today anyway.

Moving on. I eat only organic food these days. Not strictly, because if I msut go out to a dinner whether business or not, I kinda fold and eat what's presented to me despite worrying incessently as I eat. Whenever I mention this, people ask if I'm trying to lose weight. I'm not sure why people put the two things together. The simple answer is no, I am not. First and foremost, I am not overweight at all and I am in fact very comfortable with my weight. So why eat organic food given the fact that it costs about double the price of eating regular food?

Well, my reasons are health. Very simply put, I'm done eating anything with hormones in it and I also avoid all pesticide treated foods. The truth be told, I marched into organic food cursing at whomever invented artificial estrogen and decided to fatten all animals with it for commercial food sale. Without going into detail, I was a victim of illnesses, female conditions, all estrogen induced. And I hit lows that no one should have to. And then I discovered it was all estrogen induced and I almost beat the hell out of everyone who already knew this and wasn't telling me about it. But then I figured the doctors were peddlers and they had peddled birth control pills as solutions; that didn't actually work mind you, for the last time. So I went to the organic food store, bought plenty of carrots, bought a great juicing machine and juiced the estrogen out of my body. That and spinach and apples and celery and the wonder food broccoli (sidenote: tell anyone you know with any of these issues that brocolli seems to absorb estrogen out of bodies, actually cures estrogen induced breast cancer). And ate no more estrogen induced foods. And then I saw results. Huge results. I am very well now. No thanks to no doctors and after avoiding a second surgery after it was already scheduled. That's why organic food folks. That's why. Not weight loss.

It's the weekend and I am going to write my final papers. Then create a power point for the presentationn that goes with the paper. It's not as bad as it sounds though. Actually this is all due in 2 weeks timne but because I will be out of twon next weekend and don't want this paper hanging over my head, it will be done this weekend... I hope, if I can kill my persistent procrastination bug. Wish me luck! And have a beautiful weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Will the Standard cease being ridiculous?!

I just had to say this, the Standard Newspaper is ridiculous. And so is Raila! What is this reaction to the fact that they were interrogated for printing such significant information? And how does this amount to a "dark day" for the press? If the Standard is going to expect to print anything and everything without question, they need to stop printing. And that their directors were detained for questioning... how is this a big deal? Do they suggest that the interrogating CIDs should have instead followed them around as they pursued their daily activities and interrogated them this way? It doesn't matter if it took 6 hours or 10 hours. You print that kind of an article, you better be ready to answer questions related to it. If they aren't aware of this or aren't expecting it, they're in the wrong profession.

And Raila and peers! Talk about demonstrating unprofessional behaviour! What are these people doing demanding release of people who are being interrogated, after a public call to explain their sources; and who are expressing that they have not been tortured? How does a presidential hopeful stand outside the gates and obviously show defiance to state laws and regulations? I bet everyone my every penny earned that were he president or wre allegations made implicating him in anay way, then he'd need these laws to verify information printed. And he would be bickjering loudly about this. A good and just decision/reaction is one you'd have no matter what side of the argument you were in. So why the stupidity of acting like a saviour? Or is it because Kenyans in their fickle mindedness buy this crap. How are you going to run for president in a country whose laws, media or otherwise, you cannot respect?! Somebody give all these people an education in management and leadership!

If the standard wants to write inflammatory material, they better be prepared to defend it. Its the media laws. Don't all act surprised especially within the media circles. Quit the damn sensationalism! Dark day, arrested, detained?! Crap false reporting. Regular procedures, questioned and interrogated, true and expected. It's my personal opinion that this current government is very tolerant of stupid media reporting. In a society full of impressionable people, the Standard needs to start attaching itself to truth or title itself a tabloid. These paper continuously jeopardizes peace in Kenya.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Busy or Disinterested; Which came first?

I've been busy. Very busy. I think that's how it all started. But then it slowly became disinterested. Perhaps because I was too busy to have time to worry about everything else.

At work, which I rarely comment about, I have come to really understand the benefits of being a professional. One of those people in that block, no doubt, no questions asked. We're going through a lot of changes. Through all of them, we've had the constant opportunity to have a CEO or president come in and talk to us within 24 hours of that announcement being made. I should actually say, come in and answer our questions. And they've been good questions. We're all well read, understand the business very well and understand the implications of each move they make. It's made these transitions just that much less scary and troublesome. And I noticed that we were the only team being awarded the gift of the question and answer sessions. Probably because it's the only place it makes sense to have them. Not sure. But it has been very appreciated!

Maybe I was never that disinterested after all.
In my hiatus, I noted that Raila Odinga purchased a Hummer at a stated ksh 45,000,000. I argued with this amount, insisted it should be one zero less and so on and kept being told the amount was correct. Kenyans seemed impressed. I was very distressed. A hummer at $590,000? Seriously? Please visit kbb and note that a hummer is NOT a luxury car. Also please note that it barely has any safety enhancements and all it really does is guzzle gas. Then note the hummer is probably not going to manoeuvre in rough terrain. Most importantly, please note that the hummer costs a measly $50,000 in the US. Substantial amount but paying over 10 times that for it is just not prudent, even after considering tariffs and levies. I hope that that quoted amount was wrong! I'm told this is the listed price for hummers in Kenya? Please gather together around the reported Hummer dealership and stand with signs indicating that you will not let them take you for rides that way!

The Artur brothers again? Writing books, spotted by Raila ( does he have a tracking unit on these dudes or does he know them from somewhere?) Don't care! Enough about these people. There are real issues in Kenya. Let's please concentrate on those.

Thomas Friedman has mentioned Kenyan twice in the last 45 days. Positively both times. That's the guy behind the book "The World is Flat". He sees hope for Kenya. He understands trade and politics very well. I hope he can enlighten the ever skeptical Kenyans! here is one of them.

Imus got fired finally. The white people citing Sharpton and Jackson on being discriminatory are livid about this turn of events. They somewhat have a point but surely, if you're Imus,then your job is supported by advertising, in a superficial society, where appearances matter more than truth. And even though like Imus, your show is based mainly on the addition of the so called "locker room jokes" you have to know your limits. Especially because in a situation like this, what are your alternatives? Should the company heads have done nothing? Acted like all was well? In a job like his, either you're in or you're out. The punishment option list isn't much longer. Therefore, he should have carried the burden of his job with that knowledge clearly and drawn a boundary line to the callousness of his jokes. And he might have mitigated his fate by offering some kind of innovative punishment such as offering to sponsor some of those "nappy headed ho's" events for say like 5 years or so.

Elections in Kenya are 8 months away. Anyone want to offer insight into whether Kenyans are likelier to make more informed voting choices this time versus mob mentality ones? And on that note, I need to point out that the Sierra Leone civil war started with border induced skirmishes as are happening in the Mt. Elgon area. I say the Kenyan government needs to go in there with a whole military presence like it was at war and instill order the hard way. No time for jokes! These preposterous behaviour of surrounding police stations et al has to be nipped in its bud!

Maybe I was never that disinterested after all.