Friday, April 27, 2007


So I walked into my apartment and the first thing that caught my eye was a note from the apartment office. So, I opened the note, a little concerned, this was the emergency notice posts and wondered what might be in it. Well, the message was simple and not alarming. The contracted company that was going to re tile my bathroom floor came with the wrong sized tiles so the job has been rescheduled for Monday followed by an apology for the inconvenience. Not a big deal. I can handle that. Anyway, I decided to check into the bathroom to see what they had done if anything at all. Lo and behold!

The toilet bowl was uprooted and was now resting peacefully, boldly, annoyingly and disgustingly in the bathtub! Why? I don't know because looking at the floor, nothing had been done at all. Nada! OK. breathe, I tell myself. Breathe I keep saying. Fortunately, I breathe and I feel that hot anger simmering down. It's after 5:00 pm and I have to call the emergency number.

The lady who answered was very nice. Very Nice. She said she will send the maintenance guy right over. I waited for 20 minutes or so and a knock on my door. Seeing that this person had access to the security door, I knew it had to be maintenance. I open the door with every intention of being nice and trying to get answers as to why this was. Alas! it wasn't to be that way. Dude was livid. he starts "Next time ma am, give them a contact number that works!" Is he F*****g sh*****g me? I'm like excuse me? I'm like call that number! And he calls whatever number he has which of course is a wrong number and I can't help but lecture him about his customer service.

"How dare you approach a person who walked home into this kind of situation with that tone of voice", I demand to know.

And then after a giving him a tongue lashing until I recognized the look on his face having changed to one of sheer regret, I tell him to go away and come back after 20 minutes when I've calmed down. he apologizes and says he'll be longer he needs to fix A/C for someone. I'm like cool. And he is gone.

Then I sat and tried to get over it and when that didn't work very well, I pulled my laptop, on a Friday evening, and decided to vent it all out here. Talk about ruining a Friday evening! I'm all vented. Thanks for being an understanding audience.

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