Friday, April 27, 2007

This and That

As I get older, I'm perfecting the art of holding grudges. Take for example this stupid site. Some 3 days ago, I started to write a long well thought out post. And I wrote most of it. Then I must have done something unintentionally, because teh next thing I knew, I had a new BLANK, page asking me to create a new post. And I tried for less than 90 seconds to retrieve my other could've been post, to no avail. then I got pissed and shut down blogger and moved on to other things. And I'm back on blogger and I'm still bitter about that loss. It was a good post. With all my thoughts streamlined and making a lot of necessary noise. But I lost it. And I'm just not there today. Can't recreate it, not today anyway.

Moving on. I eat only organic food these days. Not strictly, because if I msut go out to a dinner whether business or not, I kinda fold and eat what's presented to me despite worrying incessently as I eat. Whenever I mention this, people ask if I'm trying to lose weight. I'm not sure why people put the two things together. The simple answer is no, I am not. First and foremost, I am not overweight at all and I am in fact very comfortable with my weight. So why eat organic food given the fact that it costs about double the price of eating regular food?

Well, my reasons are health. Very simply put, I'm done eating anything with hormones in it and I also avoid all pesticide treated foods. The truth be told, I marched into organic food cursing at whomever invented artificial estrogen and decided to fatten all animals with it for commercial food sale. Without going into detail, I was a victim of illnesses, female conditions, all estrogen induced. And I hit lows that no one should have to. And then I discovered it was all estrogen induced and I almost beat the hell out of everyone who already knew this and wasn't telling me about it. But then I figured the doctors were peddlers and they had peddled birth control pills as solutions; that didn't actually work mind you, for the last time. So I went to the organic food store, bought plenty of carrots, bought a great juicing machine and juiced the estrogen out of my body. That and spinach and apples and celery and the wonder food broccoli (sidenote: tell anyone you know with any of these issues that brocolli seems to absorb estrogen out of bodies, actually cures estrogen induced breast cancer). And ate no more estrogen induced foods. And then I saw results. Huge results. I am very well now. No thanks to no doctors and after avoiding a second surgery after it was already scheduled. That's why organic food folks. That's why. Not weight loss.

It's the weekend and I am going to write my final papers. Then create a power point for the presentationn that goes with the paper. It's not as bad as it sounds though. Actually this is all due in 2 weeks timne but because I will be out of twon next weekend and don't want this paper hanging over my head, it will be done this weekend... I hope, if I can kill my persistent procrastination bug. Wish me luck! And have a beautiful weekend.

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