Monday, April 16, 2007

Will the Standard cease being ridiculous?!

I just had to say this, the Standard Newspaper is ridiculous. And so is Raila! What is this reaction to the fact that they were interrogated for printing such significant information? And how does this amount to a "dark day" for the press? If the Standard is going to expect to print anything and everything without question, they need to stop printing. And that their directors were detained for questioning... how is this a big deal? Do they suggest that the interrogating CIDs should have instead followed them around as they pursued their daily activities and interrogated them this way? It doesn't matter if it took 6 hours or 10 hours. You print that kind of an article, you better be ready to answer questions related to it. If they aren't aware of this or aren't expecting it, they're in the wrong profession.

And Raila and peers! Talk about demonstrating unprofessional behaviour! What are these people doing demanding release of people who are being interrogated, after a public call to explain their sources; and who are expressing that they have not been tortured? How does a presidential hopeful stand outside the gates and obviously show defiance to state laws and regulations? I bet everyone my every penny earned that were he president or wre allegations made implicating him in anay way, then he'd need these laws to verify information printed. And he would be bickjering loudly about this. A good and just decision/reaction is one you'd have no matter what side of the argument you were in. So why the stupidity of acting like a saviour? Or is it because Kenyans in their fickle mindedness buy this crap. How are you going to run for president in a country whose laws, media or otherwise, you cannot respect?! Somebody give all these people an education in management and leadership!

If the standard wants to write inflammatory material, they better be prepared to defend it. Its the media laws. Don't all act surprised especially within the media circles. Quit the damn sensationalism! Dark day, arrested, detained?! Crap false reporting. Regular procedures, questioned and interrogated, true and expected. It's my personal opinion that this current government is very tolerant of stupid media reporting. In a society full of impressionable people, the Standard needs to start attaching itself to truth or title itself a tabloid. These paper continuously jeopardizes peace in Kenya.

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Anonymous said...

michuki, sorry i mean the government should be more concerned with mungiki than which artuir is getting married to mary wamboi. they did all that to find out sources. if you ask me i'd say "shook ones"