Friday, November 21, 2008

2008 - Early review (sigh!)

What???? President elect Barack what? You heard it. Yes, that blood part Kenyan is now soon to be prezzo. This deserves first mention in my 2008 review.

I must have spent at least 50% of my waking hours watching, blogging, arguing or attending election related events and news in 2008. The first victory over Clinton left me feeling tired but fired up! Novemeber 4th was D day and looking back, the most amazing moments were when it started to seem obvious Barack was going to win. I wasn't afraid to hope. I was just afraid to die from the sheer joy of realizing that dream. Reaction to the news which I conclusively decided before anyone called the election officially? Screaming until I was hoarse. Amazingly, my neighbors didn't show. It occurs to me that if I was being killed...

So that's done. Barack now better get to work. All this time we've spent getting him elected better pay off. I wasn't making friends. I was electing a person I had some kind of hopeful faith in. My job will be to appropraite kudos and shame tags as necessary. Bila time for love fests. To start with, kudos all the way. That organization in putting together a cabinet is giving me great hope. Good call on the skipping the economic summit. Don't get into any sticky situations. And oh, see you at inauguration!

The economy?! Isnt it a damn mess? I pulled money out of 401 K, paid my penalties invested in a 9 month IRA and i'm coming out way ahead of everyone who didn't. That's just sad! sadder? is that while aware of this fact, I've had to go back to investing in 401K just to offset my taxes. can you say entrapment? I'm hoping that I'm buying real cheap so it should pay off when i'm 97. Which I'd believe if I believed in that kind of bounce back for the US economy. It will bounce back, just not the same way. They've jeopardized too many people and people will always seek alternatives after this.

The big 3? Big 3 losers you mean? Why do GM, Ford and Chrysler want to pretend their woes are based on the current crisis? Lies! Bad business decisions and horrid employee union obligations. Everyone has known this since 1822 practically and it makes no sense to inject an additional 25B. Bankruptcy would get them out of their damned union obligations and give them a chance at a comeback; assuming they build a car from scratch. Ditch all that junk technology they once paid top coin to people to ensure parts broke within specified number of miles. Its called stupidity catching up with you somewhere ahead. Integrity goes a long way you have learnt. Now, get to building something that indicates you've been listening. Via the chapter 11 route, no doubt.

If the Dow see-saws any more, I'm going to need some dramamine