Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More this than that

Kora Awards:
Per BBC news, these did not rock as expected. The South Africans did not turn up to see Shaggy? Ohh well.

It has been 29 degrees and under for 3 days running now. I'm talking Fahrenheit. What I find mind boggling is that the meteorologists were very pleased as they announced Monday's highs of 29F as the highest we were going to see all week. Now how do you manage to smile through this? I mean that is unless you are next announcing that we are expected to hibernate until we hear of improvements in the temperature. No such announcement followed. Which explains why we have run out of Kleenex at work. Which did not affect me, BTW, I am very diligent at stocking up at the local desk. It's December, sniffles is what we do! But now I have peeps at the desk needing Kleenex handouts. I bet you didn't know what a precious commodity Kleenex can be.

Boring TV:
So it's cold, read freezing, insanely, inhabitable cold. Which means I'm running straight home. No shopping. Not even for food. If there is no food, hot water it will be for dinner. Really what works is bread and tea. Some people prefer to call it tea and bread. Ketepa is a miracle worker. No stops until I'm in the warmth of my apartment. But, I digress. The TV has to entertain me thus, right? Well, it doesn't. TV is insanely boring. And don't ask me to read and concentrate after freezing through my walk into the house and listening to the smiling meteorologist predict temperatures in the teens again. Just make TV more entertaining.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Good View on Iraq

This from the infamous writer, Fareed Zakaria. Excellent views, on the Iraq exit strategy, that are very well thought out. This is the kind of journalism I wish we saw with every journalist.