Monday, January 30, 2006

Kenyans are truly Empty Debes

What was it our instructors were always yelling at us in class for noisemaking? It has never rang as true as it does today, to me that is. Why in the world do Kenyans love to complain and bicker and complain and bicker and complain and bicker, and when they've had enough, they complain some more?

Effective Complaining
Does anyone have a clue what this is? Let me attempt to explain. It means that there are battles worth fighting and many/most not worth fighting. It is necessary to complain when one can show a current condition, an ideal or improved one, and very importantly, a road map to move from the former to the latter. Say for example, one thinks it would be awesome to settle all Kenyans in the middle of the Indian ocean, with the intention not being to drown them all. It would be imperative that this same hypothetical individual give us tips on how to accomplish this. Most importantly, it would save all involved time and resources if he investigated feasibility and benefits of the move. Then, when this hypothetical individual proposed the move, it would be an informed debate, if necessary and quick decision making, thus. In contrast to waking up one morning and calling a 'Kamukunji' to complain about the absence of Kenya as a country in the middle of the ocean. This example may sound ridiculous per se, but is it? Have you been reading the papers? Have you spent any decent amount of time wondering if there is a single thing the average Kenyan is not complaining about?

Your business, your concern, to some degree
Roles are very important. In a government, officials need to know and understand their roles. So that they may execute effectively and hopefully, efficiently as well. In the same manner, it is necessary to understand that the local mwananchi has a role to play. Outside of which, there is such a thing as overstepping boundaries. Say for example, why do the MPs and the ministers think they can tell the president what to do? It is their business and their mandate to respect the office of tha president. Which means they consult with him and not dictate to him. Which means they suggest things and not demand things. Protocol is a conduit for good governance within any institution. Without which, the wheels start falling off. And they have been falling off. And all the protocol breakers are blaming the manufacturers now. You all better wake up and smell the coffee. The issues within government involve you, teh local mwanachi too. But only to some extent. And by the way, learn your rights to asking questions in Parliament when it's in session. GIve up trying to find out what minister is sleeping with whom. This is only gossip and does not affect the price of bread. I'll tell you what issues may concern you. Age limits on employment. Their effect on your society you wonder? Well, they translate to a 40 year old person who loses a job not being able to find one without fighting through age bias. And these people have children in high schools at these ages. Think about this domino effect. This is your business to a much higher degree than government vehicles.

Exactly what is your point?
If you have joint the chant on extravagance on government vehicles what exactly do you suggest they use? Do you realize it would be cheaper for them to use bicycles, as compared to the suggested second hand vehicles? Do you realize it may even be cheaper to use wheelbarrows? Are these suggestions logical? What gives you the impression that if you drive a second hand Toyota a judge should come in in one as well? Let me tell you what? Like it or not, it is a position of superiority and as such, must be handled as one. Otherwise, how do you expect Pattni to respect judges as they come in in reconditioned ford escorts? Money isn't the only factor in decision making? Why is it you think people have no shame in offering your countrymates dog food? This is he result of wanting to give the appearance of abject poverty. Fait accompli. Of course they could reduce costs. But within reason. Just try to make sense as you make suggestions. And just BTW, these vehicles belong to GK, not to NARC, despite being ordered by NARC. Just as do the roads that have been repaired or constructed.

Anglo Leasing
They haven't been fired because there has not been a trial. The simple laws dictate that all are innocent until proven guilty. And Githongo took off without handing in an official report until recently. And until there is such a dossier as to where the availability of a trial/tribunal can exist, shut up about firing people. If you were in their shoes you would have the same constitutional rights. Absent of which, we owe them a paid leave as we investigate and still pay other people to do their jobs. You voted, rioted or complained about the constitution vote several months ago, right? Are you the same person that was complaining about overspending a few lines before? Seriously, edify yourselves. Afford every situation due consideration and quit the stupid goat mentality. Find out who signed for what and what information they had as they signed. Bear in mind some of these signatures are from previous governments. Bear in mind there are layers of people involved in contracts. And bear in mind that you too practice corruption every time you bribe a cop. You are the same people astounded that the ministers building huge homes within short periods of time, thus accusing them of looting. Simple math dictates that an average Minister living well can save up to half a million a month. Which means he can bring up a home real quickly, and a great one at that. Think!!! Yours may be a condition of jealousy. Your brain can do more than offer density. Use it.

Your contribution

Who doesn't agree that there are things going wrong everywhere. This is your contribution to it though. 7 years ago, you were complaining about your local MP and his lack of productivity. Come last elections you voted him back in because he was your tribesmate or because he handed you some 5K. Of which you have nothing to show. The same man is still doing nothing in his position. And he will never do anything. Because he doesn't have to. You have proven to him that he does not have to be accountable. You have told him to continue to do what he does, nothing. You made your bed, lay in it! Next elections try not voting him back in. Tell him he didn't impress you. See if that has an effect on your new MP. See if he may want to fight for the right to be voted in. See if you can make a difference. It's not always somebody else's fault. And by the way, stop listening to and cheering bickering leaders. It encourages them. Ask them to offer solutions instead. It makes you a bickerer and we would have to expect only the same of you should you ever become a leader.

That Kibaki's wife may be mentally impaired is none of your business. Not to the level you want to make it anyway. That the government owns benzes and Pajeros is not evil and conniving. Not beyond the shadow of a doubt at the very least. That the media now has the ability to speak out loud demands integrity, research and balance. Imperatively and urgently. That the necessity for cups to stop being half empty and start being half full exists. Urgently. That there's too much noise coming from Kenyans all the time is a fact. Definitely. Logic dictates that I conclude there are too many empty debes in Kenya!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The millennium Village in Kenya Via Pictures

BBC has a great set of pictures and captions through which one can follow the progress of the pilot of the millennium project. Seems like a success to me so far.
ON a sadder note, the drought in Kenya! How amazing. I know it's only about 10% of the population, so I wonder if it means Nairobi is still going about its business, uninterrupted. And as I read the papers the other day, Raila was accusing the governemnt officials of not having been present, so as to be aware of a looming disaster. Is he not one of the officials?

Which brings me to the usual expected observation that it appears there will be an exponential number of presidential candidates for the 2007 elections. If only kenyans would decide what they wanted, for themselves and from their leaders. Then proceed to identify what is their duty and what is that of their leaders. Then man up, and start to take responsibility for the roles they play in continuing the rot and decay that exists in may parts and elements of the country. Because otherwise, there will be 100 elections come and gone, tons of bickering Kenyans past and present, and absolutely no essential changes made, all as a future forecast!

The new Honda Fit

Just wanted to share a post on the latest honda to find its way to the American market. While I'm not crazy about cars, ok, not too crazy, this little thing is amazing. It is versatile, small but very usable and I like it! Looks may be deceiving on this car. And it has a very good price tag too.

I wonder what this means for the struggling GM and Ford markets...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Some IQ facts

Here are some, what I think are outdated IQ facts. Somehow helpful. If you've ever taken the IQ test on the internet then you can gage yourself here. Of course we know Nobel peace prize winners aren't Einstein type people anymore but its still helps one range themselves within the average theme.

Why this as a first post for the year? Mhhhh. I've been thinking about things and I've concluded that higher IQ members of society owe the other members understanding. The people that are out lashing at the general public, calling them idiots and stupid, may not be wrong. But, they may be gifted differently and therefore need to extend others some consideration. This thought I'll hold until I confirm what I suspect to be true. That investing in knowledge, via reading and intelligent conversations and discussions can up one's IQ. Then I'll be under the motto, "show no mercy"