Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ending 2006

As the year ends, You'd think I'd be reflecting, perhaps making resolutions in an effort to better or improve myself. Nope. Maybe due to arrogance, ah who am I kidding, largely due to arrogance but really simply because I don't believe that too much matters to most people anymore. Instead I'm involving myself in other people's lives. Fiction especially. I have caught up with movies I haven't had time to see plus managed to catch some blockbusters within their first few days of release. And I'm completely and perfectly happy. So there 2006, if I have had the last laugh, then I guess I win.

As for Pursuit of Happyness, the misspell is relevant to the story, kinda. And Jaden Christopher Syre Smith received no favors to earn his role in the movie. That kid is one of the best child actors ever seen on any screen. Sweet genes! Plus he is so cute. And for a story based on real events, it gets you. Especially because almost everyone can relate, no matter how vaguely, to this man's trials.

Blood diamond. First and foremost, is this racism or am I super sensitive? So may recognized and small people shows keep up talking Leonardo diCaprio and ignoring Djimonou Hounsou despite his stellar performance? And some of them even show clips of an interview with him and neglect to even mention his name. I feel so insulted every time this happens. The movie critics were very fair to him however. So for that, thank you. This movie is worth your time for shizzo. I also verified the general events from a friend of mine who is from Sierra Leone. I do this always, movies tend to distort truth too much for it to be considered based on facts. But this one is pretty accurate. The blood diamonds continue to seep in through Liberia. This is one trade that was established by Charles Taylor. A diamond that passes through Liberia is probably dirty. So if you spend too much on diamonds or have bought into the hype, you may wanna rethink this. For starters diamonds are not rare. Never were. If you ever wanted to argue with that, just recall that the lead in your pencil and a diamond are one chemical compound link apart but are actually similar in composition. Next, if to preserve a facade, there has been so much blood shed, why support the idiosyncrasy? Food for thought.

Caught up with plenty of other older movies. Dream girls' will have to wait for the dvd release. Anyone who casts Beyonce in an acting role after having seen her previous movies does not deserve my money at the AMC or Cinemark counters. I know the reviews are raving, but hello, I'm not one of blind faith to those. There's Apocalypto, that's for tonight. I might see "We're Marshall", maybe not. Don Cheadle's and Adam Sandler's coming soon, forgot the name of that, watch out for that. The previews indicate a really good movie in the making.

Well, that's it. Have a happy 2007. Happy. Pursuit of it or whatever. That should always be the ultimate goal.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kenyans need Edification - fast!

Uhuru has filed a vote of no confidence in the government. Which is within his rights, - if he had a good reason to do this. To file a vote of no confidence against the government because he lost his chairmanship to a party whose constitution he defiled is preposterous. And for Kenyans to be backing him over this in their usual idle song and dance is just as historically, nonsensical.

I'd like Uhuru to answer these questions for me.
1. Does the Kanu constitution require that you get approval from its members before as a chairman you can merge it or coalesce with another party?
2. If the answer to this question is yes, are you suggesting you are above the law and the Constitution should be changed whenever you defile it?
3. What did you expect the judge to do? Reject the new party leaders after they provide their Constitution proving you have defaulted from it?

It would make you more desirable a man and a leader to accept you messed up and move on. Learn from your mistakes. It's called edification. Quit wasting time and money both of which Kenyans don't have. And the chorus that is your so called ODM party members backed by a bunch of fickle minded Kenyans does not make you right. It makes you a bunch of idiots singing the same idiotic chorus.

Is this how you would lead as a president? Result to abuse of office whenever you were challenged and especially by your own mistake? I said abuse of office. Seeing that this motion of no confidence does little more than nurse your ego, don't you think the Parliament and its members are on too high a price for Kenyans to pay so that you keep your ego intact? You as a party chairman especially, had to be the one to uphold that party's constitution. Shame on you for your acts!

Will Clay please shut up about Kenya!!! If he has to discuss corruption, I insist he discuss it within the confines of his home country, namely the UK (Updated. Engulfed in my rants I had typed in USA. Thanks Anon.). There is so much for him to discuss there. I'm aware Kibaki has snubbed the ways of the American/UK donors. Really, so called donors. He didn't like their sanctions. And for that I am very proud of him. Forget your money that comes with too high a price. And shut up about Kenya. Once and for all!!! Are you the economic hit man, or the man who comes after the economic Hit man has failed to cause chaos in the country? I have read the "confessions of an Economic Hit man" and I don't like the role you play in Kenya. Shut up! And if I hear Kenyans backing this idiot nosey man up I'll seriously have to go and throw up. I'm aware I just made an appointment with the bathroom. Kenyans, grow up. Fickle mindedness has to come to an end. Today will do. Yesterday would have been much better preferred.

1. Kenya cannot afford elections randomly every few years. Let the terms run unless there are obvious reasons to interrupt governments.

2. Self-serving manipulating so called leaders do not qualify as obvious reasons to the above.

3. Anyone who is not Kenyan needs to shut up about Kenya. They need to remove the logs in their home country's eyes before removing splinters in ours.

4. When a rally is banned in a country where authorization to have a rally is required, going out to the rally and getting teargas is self inflicted suffering.

5. Learning to obey the law and get results within it would be a great uplift from the fickle mindedness of Kenyans in general.

6. Part of being a good leader is being a good follower. Of peer leaders and laws alike.

7. I could keep going. So chew on the above for now.

Time has run out. Kenyans must get smart. This simple manipulation of minds has seriously become nauseating to watch and listen to. To end, I quote proverbs 1:22

"How long do you simple ones (in the mind) want to remain simple?"

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dunia wiki hii

Maliki and Bush at a press conference. In my opinion, the responses from a seemingly pissed off Maliki resounded that if there was an incompetent leader on the podium, it wasn't him. I'm sure the leaked memo from White House indicating they thought him to be incompetent played a major role in his responses that indicated he wasn't going to be tolerant of interference. Co-operation from outsiders he encouraged and condoned, interference, not so much. And how about Bush just obviously having lost control. It's almost sad how much that man has had to deal with in terms of challenges and tribulations. Masaibu ya ndugu W. Bush.

Biwott/Kanu Vs Uhuru. To comment on this, I have to ask what does the law mean to Kenyans in general? Because if the KANU constitution denies Uhuru the right to merge his party with ODM without official approval from his party members, then he deserves to lose his seat as the Kanu chairperson. It would be a breach and it's his fault for not having observed the constitution that binds him. And when judge upholds this constitution, how then is it perceived to be a conspiracy? And if the government is using his error to kill ODM per his claims , then he only has himself to blame. It would make him a better potential leader to learn his mistake instead of whining like a child.

My concern lies in the utter chaos that leaders portray and expose Kenyans to. The same Kenyans who understand law very little. People who no matter what's right or wrong, always side with their emotions and not with truth. Because unless the KANU constitution does not require Uhuru to have obtained an official party approval to make this political party merger so to speak, Uhuru has been fairly overthrown. Ignorance on his part isn't an excuse. I feel quite sure that there is a Sidney Sheldon that actually brings forth the importance of understanding the rules and regulations that a person is governed by within any membership. The law must be respected at all times. It must be withheld and current and prospective leaders should be the ones setting examples when it comes to this issues. And politically, who cares if Uhuru is party chairman upon "defecting" or "merging" with ODM. Shouldn't they be riding on the power of their own achievements and capabilities and not party stickers or symbols?

Don't get me wrong, Biwott isn't my choice cup of tea, but when a leader like Uhuru fails to dot his i's and cross his t's, these are the expected results. Whether he is leading an opposition party or a country. The point is to educate people so that they respect, learn and understand the law. No one can make a good leader without understanding his/her limitations and the available loopholes so as to achieve their goals without causing unmitigated chaos. More than a conspiracy, I hope Kenyans learn to see this as an understanding of law and its practices within politics and learn how to observe and use the law within their lives as well. Enough about Kenya and its challenged thinking/reasoning capabilities.

I just watched a documentary on the History channel that indicates Saddam won the after all. They didn't say this specifically but the military retrieved a video tape of Saddam learning about and ordering mass production of home made weapons. Additionally, Saddam refused to destroy the bridges which eased the advancement to Baghdad. More importantly, Saddam never prepared to fight back after the US threatened him with war. Au contraire, he hid his war aircraft by burying it. His focus was the uprising after the war. The shiites being controlled. The sunnis having a way to get to the Shiites. That having being said, Saddam in jail or not, dead or alive has won this war. Whats happening in Baghdad now seems a result of his arming locals with various kinds of home made weapons. And Bush not looking victorious in Baghdad as a result seems to have been part of the plan as well. You know what they say about he who laughs last...

And George Stephanopolous showed some data indicating that Barrack was a 3rd best choice for president in current non scientific polls with New York's Rudy G. leading this, McCain second and H. Clinton coming in 9th. Those statistics blew my mind away. Might America be ready for a black president? Has Obama accomplished this fete? Only time will tell.

Until next week...