Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kenyans need Edification - fast!

Uhuru has filed a vote of no confidence in the government. Which is within his rights, - if he had a good reason to do this. To file a vote of no confidence against the government because he lost his chairmanship to a party whose constitution he defiled is preposterous. And for Kenyans to be backing him over this in their usual idle song and dance is just as historically, nonsensical.

I'd like Uhuru to answer these questions for me.
1. Does the Kanu constitution require that you get approval from its members before as a chairman you can merge it or coalesce with another party?
2. If the answer to this question is yes, are you suggesting you are above the law and the Constitution should be changed whenever you defile it?
3. What did you expect the judge to do? Reject the new party leaders after they provide their Constitution proving you have defaulted from it?

It would make you more desirable a man and a leader to accept you messed up and move on. Learn from your mistakes. It's called edification. Quit wasting time and money both of which Kenyans don't have. And the chorus that is your so called ODM party members backed by a bunch of fickle minded Kenyans does not make you right. It makes you a bunch of idiots singing the same idiotic chorus.

Is this how you would lead as a president? Result to abuse of office whenever you were challenged and especially by your own mistake? I said abuse of office. Seeing that this motion of no confidence does little more than nurse your ego, don't you think the Parliament and its members are on too high a price for Kenyans to pay so that you keep your ego intact? You as a party chairman especially, had to be the one to uphold that party's constitution. Shame on you for your acts!

Will Clay please shut up about Kenya!!! If he has to discuss corruption, I insist he discuss it within the confines of his home country, namely the UK (Updated. Engulfed in my rants I had typed in USA. Thanks Anon.). There is so much for him to discuss there. I'm aware Kibaki has snubbed the ways of the American/UK donors. Really, so called donors. He didn't like their sanctions. And for that I am very proud of him. Forget your money that comes with too high a price. And shut up about Kenya. Once and for all!!! Are you the economic hit man, or the man who comes after the economic Hit man has failed to cause chaos in the country? I have read the "confessions of an Economic Hit man" and I don't like the role you play in Kenya. Shut up! And if I hear Kenyans backing this idiot nosey man up I'll seriously have to go and throw up. I'm aware I just made an appointment with the bathroom. Kenyans, grow up. Fickle mindedness has to come to an end. Today will do. Yesterday would have been much better preferred.

1. Kenya cannot afford elections randomly every few years. Let the terms run unless there are obvious reasons to interrupt governments.

2. Self-serving manipulating so called leaders do not qualify as obvious reasons to the above.

3. Anyone who is not Kenyan needs to shut up about Kenya. They need to remove the logs in their home country's eyes before removing splinters in ours.

4. When a rally is banned in a country where authorization to have a rally is required, going out to the rally and getting teargas is self inflicted suffering.

5. Learning to obey the law and get results within it would be a great uplift from the fickle mindedness of Kenyans in general.

6. Part of being a good leader is being a good follower. Of peer leaders and laws alike.

7. I could keep going. So chew on the above for now.

Time has run out. Kenyans must get smart. This simple manipulation of minds has seriously become nauseating to watch and listen to. To end, I quote proverbs 1:22

"How long do you simple ones (in the mind) want to remain simple?"


Anonymous said...

i think clay is from the UK

Anonymous said...

vote on uhuru issue

3N said...

agreed Clay needed to shut up his big mouth at least 4 years ago.
who signed him to 'Kenyan corruption commentator'? Get a job and a life and leave Kenya out of it.
Now to Uhuru's case. If there is anyone who has ever killed his own presidential potential, it is Uhuru.
If he was clever stayed in Kanu run as the 3rd major candidate (Kibaki & ODM presidential idiot), he wouldn't win in 2007 but would be a heavy favorite for 2012. But tamaa and Raila's advise have ruined any chances.

Steve said...

Have to agree with 3N: it seems to me that the 2007 Kenyan presidential elections are a foregone conclusion.

Uhuru would be a wise presidential hopeful if he chooses to work on forging alliances and building whatever support he can for 2012. Kenya politics is built on fickleness and shifting alliances at the faintest hint of personal benefit but any support he can buy now for then might pay off.

But he of course will not.

Not sure about non-Kenyans not talking about Kenya: I see in your previous post (dunia wiki hii, you talk about Saddam/Iraq. Dare I consider the thought that there may be some Iraqi blogger somewhere who is posting about non-Iraqis being quiet about Iraq?