Friday, December 01, 2006

Dunia wiki hii

Maliki and Bush at a press conference. In my opinion, the responses from a seemingly pissed off Maliki resounded that if there was an incompetent leader on the podium, it wasn't him. I'm sure the leaked memo from White House indicating they thought him to be incompetent played a major role in his responses that indicated he wasn't going to be tolerant of interference. Co-operation from outsiders he encouraged and condoned, interference, not so much. And how about Bush just obviously having lost control. It's almost sad how much that man has had to deal with in terms of challenges and tribulations. Masaibu ya ndugu W. Bush.

Biwott/Kanu Vs Uhuru. To comment on this, I have to ask what does the law mean to Kenyans in general? Because if the KANU constitution denies Uhuru the right to merge his party with ODM without official approval from his party members, then he deserves to lose his seat as the Kanu chairperson. It would be a breach and it's his fault for not having observed the constitution that binds him. And when judge upholds this constitution, how then is it perceived to be a conspiracy? And if the government is using his error to kill ODM per his claims , then he only has himself to blame. It would make him a better potential leader to learn his mistake instead of whining like a child.

My concern lies in the utter chaos that leaders portray and expose Kenyans to. The same Kenyans who understand law very little. People who no matter what's right or wrong, always side with their emotions and not with truth. Because unless the KANU constitution does not require Uhuru to have obtained an official party approval to make this political party merger so to speak, Uhuru has been fairly overthrown. Ignorance on his part isn't an excuse. I feel quite sure that there is a Sidney Sheldon that actually brings forth the importance of understanding the rules and regulations that a person is governed by within any membership. The law must be respected at all times. It must be withheld and current and prospective leaders should be the ones setting examples when it comes to this issues. And politically, who cares if Uhuru is party chairman upon "defecting" or "merging" with ODM. Shouldn't they be riding on the power of their own achievements and capabilities and not party stickers or symbols?

Don't get me wrong, Biwott isn't my choice cup of tea, but when a leader like Uhuru fails to dot his i's and cross his t's, these are the expected results. Whether he is leading an opposition party or a country. The point is to educate people so that they respect, learn and understand the law. No one can make a good leader without understanding his/her limitations and the available loopholes so as to achieve their goals without causing unmitigated chaos. More than a conspiracy, I hope Kenyans learn to see this as an understanding of law and its practices within politics and learn how to observe and use the law within their lives as well. Enough about Kenya and its challenged thinking/reasoning capabilities.

I just watched a documentary on the History channel that indicates Saddam won the after all. They didn't say this specifically but the military retrieved a video tape of Saddam learning about and ordering mass production of home made weapons. Additionally, Saddam refused to destroy the bridges which eased the advancement to Baghdad. More importantly, Saddam never prepared to fight back after the US threatened him with war. Au contraire, he hid his war aircraft by burying it. His focus was the uprising after the war. The shiites being controlled. The sunnis having a way to get to the Shiites. That having being said, Saddam in jail or not, dead or alive has won this war. Whats happening in Baghdad now seems a result of his arming locals with various kinds of home made weapons. And Bush not looking victorious in Baghdad as a result seems to have been part of the plan as well. You know what they say about he who laughs last...

And George Stephanopolous showed some data indicating that Barrack was a 3rd best choice for president in current non scientific polls with New York's Rudy G. leading this, McCain second and H. Clinton coming in 9th. Those statistics blew my mind away. Might America be ready for a black president? Has Obama accomplished this fete? Only time will tell.

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