Monday, November 19, 2007

Moving on to Dec 27th...

Interesting weekend Kenyans had, I'm sure. Of course, as with all issues important, Kenyans had to take it to chaos. That part was not shocking at all. It just goes to emphasize something I say often. You can change every single leader in that country, but if the common mwananchi does not begin to look into the mirror when demanding change, it will be one of those where "the more things change, the more they stay the same." But, since the aspirants have been often known to encourage violence, let them reap what they sow. Look at your work people, and then tell us what you think of it. In a matter of speaking, grade yourselves.

Primarily, I just wanted to commend a milestone in Kenya's political history. That was the first time people from different parties actually had a chance to determine who goes to the poll against their opposing parties candidates. I'm not quite sure how clear what the process represents entirely was to most Kenyans. I'm seriously never too sure of what it is Kenyans know for sure. As a total group, the majority is so used to being die hard followers of certain people of groups of people that they don't pay any attention to what is going on, they just do as they are told. if you can't tell by the tone of that sentence, I abhor that attitude. So I'm going to hope that it was clear to most that this was not election day and that they were picking their representatives at the polls come election day. Which makes me wonder if they understood the need to strategize. Yeap, like it or hate it, politics is a game of strategy. Ask Odinga. Look who he brought into his campaign team, pro bono?! I'm so alarmed. Dude meets Raila, dude decides to campaign for him, pro bono, dude barely knows Raila, And have you seen the resume on dude????! So I ask, pro bono, really? Really? Really? I have so many questions! If you think you sense paranoia here, you're right on the mark. Raila I hope you haven't made any promises to any governments. Because if you have, I say this to you courtesy of Amistad "Gives us free!" But since I also know how perfectly well you know how to change the game on folk, if you have and the plan is to get in and then dump them and all promises you made to them since they can't do anything about it; then Good going. They deserve it for thinking they can just purchase influence all over Africa for pro bono campaign strategies and other cheaper measures. Usituuze, blood and sweat, tafadhali. 1962 and prior is way behind us. Let's leave it there.

Interesting how people lost the nominations. Over the use of the CDF kitty. I was so proud of Kenyans there. Hongera! And of course the losers defected as usual. Does anyone stand on principal in Kenya? Anyway, after watching several Bull's eye clips on YouTube, I will no longer be shocked by Kenyan politics. I had no idea just how much of a joke they were until I saw those clips. Is Kalembe Ndile a serious dude? And what's with all this dancing at political rallies? Anyway, I sure hope someone is working on live Internet TV coverage for December 27th and throughout vote counting. Many of us would appreciate that.

Also interesting how chaos marred every single party nomination. I want to know what die hard ODM supporters who insist ODM is without drama and political manipulation have to say to all the allegations. From what I've read, it seems that they had the highest number of incidences and the most amazing and shocking manipulation accusations. Maoni ODM die hards? BTW, for me this does not mean that Raila is automatically corrupt, but since if this was happening in PNU this would be blamed directly on Kibaki (forget due process), comment on that as well, Tell me what reflection on Raila this ought to be for me and others directly. Why won't I comment? Bias. No way he would get a fair trial from me. Honestly, that's more of an outsider's opinion than is the truth. As I mentioned, I know this is not a direct reflection on Odinga. Plus, I understand the politics and the influence and the fact that they are a vehicle of sorts and some parts have to be in the vehicle before it will move forward. Politics is what it is. And conduits to success have to be factored in.

Quick recovery to all those who ended up in hospital amongst them KJ and others alike. Get well and hit the campaign trails nominated contenders. December 27th will determine the next 5 years for Kenya so tell us how you intend to influence that and please confine yourselves to reality not empty promises.

Kenyans, choose peace. ON December 27th especially. Demand all processes you feel would be fair between now and then. Party officials, educate your supporters and encourage dialogue and peaceful demonstrations over drawing blood. It's so barbaric and it is 2007 after all. Let's stop living up to African stereotype that offers us no accolades.

Reading this, it is pretty apparent that chaos have erupted in various regions of the country. I've noted the utter dismay people seem to have given the comments. Is this because the worst of the confusion has been noted with ODM who had insisted that they were "the change Kenya was looking for" in no uncertain terms? Is this the tone of disappointment? Maybe finally, kenyans will start to address reality, issues and immerse themselves in truth. We are all victims of our circumstances and let's not forget how young as both a nation and especially a democratic one we are. Cut ourselves and our politicians some slack, demand more, become better followers and adjust ourselves to BE the change instead of loud under-informed noisemakers!
Baited breath for the future...