Thursday, June 30, 2005

Poetic Justice

It's been a long 2 weeks at work. People have been frantic. What, with layoffs and all. So anyway, we are the IS department and are supposed to not have been affected by these layoffs. We are a mortgage company and layoffs for Loan officers (LOs) and other support staff are not that unusual in the slower market periods. Well, so anyway, they announce that we've been affected. Only 1 developer, and we are to expect no more... the usual corporate bullsit. You wanna believe it, go ahead. I say, believe nothing.

SO the guy who gets laid off is this very very nice guy of asian descent. Earlier, it had become pretty obvious that his side gig, real estate, was making him much richer than even some of our executives when he bought a pretty large house equipped with new tech such as the one that self vacuums the entire 3000+ sq ft of his house. I wondered if jealousy was involved in how they picked this guy to be the one that got the axe. Especially that we had an open developer spot less than 7 days after they let him go. Mmmmmhhhhh, I wonder. Racism... it's pretty obvious and existent in our environment, so not a long shot.

Well, the drama continued to unfold with one of our 'supervisors' so to speak, coming back to work for us. The guy had left us in a huff some 4 months earlier because he was receiving no support from the executives to improve, guide or manage his people. Now he is coming back. Here is the deal, he takes over from the manager to whom the asian guy above, reported to. So this manager now has what we call an unstable job in a very unstable environment. He is worried. I kinda feel bad for him. He got played, by the same people he worked together with to play others. That my friends I call poetic justice.

Through all this I have learnt to despise a lot of people I thought were my friends. "Trust no one" takes on new meaning. These people stab their so called friends in the back just to make themselves look good for 5 seconds. I hate that. And I wish they knew it doesnt help their course. I hate this freakish environment. Makes me wonder how the people who survived in sprint made it through all that hell. You want to see people's true sides, tell them that the ship has to leave some people in mid ocean or everyone else sinks. Disappointing. I'll continue with this as the drama unfolds.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Has anyone seen the documentary yet? Anyway, this is all very sad. Somehow it reminds me of some of the children in majengo. Though no documentary has been done about them, they are pretty much living like this too. It does make one sit down and be grateful for a lot of things one has taken for granted in life...

Friday, June 24, 2005

Careful what you write...10 years and it could still bite you in the ar..

So Tyco's Kozlowski's wrote a letter in 1995 to help convict a Mr. Shah. Seeing excerpts of this letter, I have to wonder if there was racial motivation here. It's brutal. It's asking for no mercy. Then guess what? He commits the same crimes. You know maybe just 10 times worse.. Or 30 times worse. Who cares how much. Just worse.

So you know what? The prosecutors came across this 10 year old letter. And they are going to use it during his sentencing hearing. Can you say poetic justice? And Mr. Shah, in jail making space and room for the man that wrote this letter of condemnation. These are the stories that make life worth living. So this story is dedicated to anyone that has ever been a victim to a hypocrite.

Eventually, I say may this man be sentenced to many many years in jail. More so, may his wealth and assets be reclaimed by the government, liquidated and used to pay off stockholders especially the retirees. Shame on him and his wife for their $2,0000,000 birthday party weekends. Let's see if their invited friends whom they gave an all expenses paid party stick by their sides...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

This Guka is a hero, for shizzo

All I'm saying is, I would have passed out at the suggestion that there was a leopard in the vicinity. Which makes me wonder how a 73 year old man is still this healthy, given that we mostly need multiple bypass surgery by the time we are 50. I have to admire this man. Not to mention he was out tending to his crops. And 30 min of physical exercise for me a day is too much to ask for?

ON another note, Harare? Does anyone know why they are doing these to the locals? Apparently its all politically motivated to enable them have better "control". So they can influence the votes, push the opposing people out and away... That's another blog. Later.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Vioja Mahakamani

Can you say 25 years to life? This is how I would end up with that verdict against myself. Plus those four brothers too. Forget 'em all.

I know we are to respect our cultures and our religions but this is completely stretching it. Like to another level. Like wayyyyy unacceptable. Like 25 years to life! I hope she knows how to use her legs and just run. Run to nowhere in particular but at least away from where she is.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The budget is out

Personally I'm impressed. I'm actually even better impressed that they are relying on KRA versus money from aid more heavily. I know most observers point this out as a worrying point. I say good move. Now to sensitize the local man to understand why they must pay their taxes.

All in all, that budget was thought through. Looked like someone went in and gave a good look at how to increase spending power amongst all people. Economists know how much this is necessary before an economy can begin to boom. So with free education catered for (I'm a sucker for this thing - I'm about to name one of my kids Kibaki for it)and the basic necessities, staple food, sanitary towels, yes those and cooking gas saw tax being eliminated. I've been saying how the government needs to spend money to boost the economy for a long time now and I'm just pleased. They seem to be going somewhere finally.

Hope that the newly united parliament remains that way and finally focuses on building the nation. Its sad that they have what it takes but are burdened by selfish motives to sheer blindness and utter folly! So that's my 2 cents. I think I have about a dollar worth more to say, but all of it in small dozes.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Seriously these religions we pick...

Lately, thanks to George Bush and preaching Christianity, then, in my opinion not practicing it, I've been declaring my Christianity somewhat worriedly. Its horrible to have to explain people's actions. I disagree with 95% of what this government has put out to the general public. I can't help but feel it has been one of those "help my cronies earn billions" kind of regime. Somewhere along the way I feel sorry for George W. I sincerely think he is incapable of all these huge schemes. I think he is puppeted out. But, what I don't know for sure is that he is unhappy with what they are doing. I think they are happy to secure millions for themselves and their legit selves. Doesn't matter who suffers. Not the would be pensioners having to look for jobs now as their pensions are allocated to the government who pay pennies for the would have been dollars of it. They don't matter. Not the environment, God's world doesn't matter here. Not the troops, not them. They come from Loser families that don't have millions- how could they matter?!

Anyway, posts like this make me understand that religion is a mere concept. And I have to let my Christianity be about my relationship with God, my Faith and my beliefs. Forget religion. Forget Fathers and churches. Just the bible. The world that lives. Those kinder things. I refuse to compromise my intelligence so as not to antagonize my fellow Christians. I think they are cultivating us a very bad reputation. And I'm getting angrier about misrepresentations of God as a shallow thinker who will not let anyone be. Point being they ought to know we are Christians by our love. I didn't hear this being completes as our love for money, or our love for white people or our love for Americans. No just our love.

I'm tired of explaining that Christianity is not about any of these things. I'm tired of explaining that a good Christian ought to really be sympathetic and very careful with the lives that God has created. And if God the Omni-everything can give people free wills who are we to pass judgment on those that will not to believe in his word. Christianity is a choice, even from the bible. And the Holier than thou attitudes... please! Haven't we all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. This thing of being elitist cannot be Christian. I disagree with it. Its the makings of an elitist club, like those golf clubs where your salary has to be a certain figure, below which, you are not worthy. I'm extremely tired of having to listen to people tell me I'm too intelligent to be a Christian. This fatigue goes both ways. If you think I'm intelligent, then trust me to know enough to choose this path. And those fools that are earning Christianity a 'shallow' or 'simple' demeanor.

My rants and raves are about this. If you're going to be a Christian be one. If you are not, don't. Whichever way, don't patronize others. And don't serve as an elitist. Coz the world over hates those. It's the fastest way to shut out people from anything you might have to say, good or bad. And that my dear Christians means, you want to be a stumbling block? Well, then be an elitist. Be holier than all. Be better and more righteous. Stop being human and susceptible to temptations. And continue denying people the freedom to choose. Choose including their religions. And will all Christians please realize that the bible addresses fundamentals. Disciplines of life that haven't changed in 2000 years. Not social affairs that change with every generation.

Same crime different continent

I have been wondering about certain developments in North America. Amongst the things that have changed is the class action law suits. This is no longer 'available' as an option to anyone anymore.

In the interim, the pensions... The pensions... I have always thought the general American is flaky and ready to blow anyone up for the smallest reasons. I'm beginning to doubt that now. I still do not yell at people practising road rage though. What? Did you not hear that the laws against people owning sophisticated guns such as Uzis wasnt renewed when it came up last year? But, I digress. The pensions... yes, those. Have you heard what the airlines are proposing to do with people's pensions? In the name of they cannot afford to pay them, they are handing them over to government agencies who are paying off only about 1/3 of the pensions to their holders? And oh, yeah, they are unable to file a class action law suit, unless with the federal courts. Oh yeah, who historically rarely find in favor of the plaintiff.

At the end of the day, when they release reports on corrupt countries, what do they look at? How do they draw their conclusions? Because I am not convinced the findings are accurate. Take the entire big picture, and tell me that Kenya is a lot more corrupt than North America. I don't believe it. They are just a lot more obvious because they are much poorer. They steal from development projects versus retirement funds. I don't know which here is the lesser evil but I'm thinking stealing from a person, in the later part of their lives, what they have spent their entire lives working for... not a good thing. So Enron went down, and no one brought to book yet. What about TYCO? With company million dollar birthday bashes for wives of prominent members of staff? And all these people still walking around free. Meanwhile... yeah, meanwhile, Martha Stewart is serving time. ok, house arrest now, but still serving time. And she affected how many people... yeah, ZERO! no one but herself. She protected her money. And this is a much bigger crime than stealing people's lifetime savings.

So yes, those Kenyan hooligans in parliament are terrible people. But they have counterparts in other various parts of the world. Some worse than others. About those flaky Americans... these people will shoot you for road rage, but will not go on sprees after people who steal their life savings? Or maybe things work differently here, better driving is preferred to affordable retirement. Who knows?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm a Spinster - and here's the deal

I've been thinking about personalizing my tags. To read 'Spinsta". I'm not weird or excited about this kind of stuff. I'm just tired of explaining stuff. And I think these tags may actually serve a purpose. What am I going on about, you wonder.

Another year older!!! Over the Hill!!! Black balloons. Much cheer. Alcohol - oh lots of noise, shouting. Such cheer. Just because you turned a year older. How wonderful! Birthdays are increasingly becoming tedious. First and foremost, because birthday partying is too hard to do as I get older. That added with the fact that I'm hating more and more the question "so how old are you now". Well, dude, here's the answer. I'm too old to be your girlfriend!!!!! The only thing I don't qualify to do is to vie for presidency yet. That's how old I am. See, before I had no problems with turning older. Until that one day... I was struggling with staying in a bent position for as long as I needed. Then wondered about it out loud. And my dearest cousin pointed out I wasn't eighteen anymore! Alas!

Eighteen??? Eighteen. Jeez, that was ten years ago. But ten years ago is soo in the recent past. Does this mean, give it about the same amount of time, I will be forty?? Well, close to anyway. Ahhhh! Noooooo (tremble) noooo. What??? Look, the other day I was the youth. All the upcoming musicians were my agemates. Now, I can't help thinking that this is one industry that is full of kids!!! Oh my gosh!!!! And all my friends are discussing marriage or are married. Ok. Everyone take a chill pill. Everything is moving way too quickly. Hold on... hold on. Let's try this again.

Ok, seeing that we are not communicating, listen to this. I'm not ready to grow up, let alone grow old!!!!! I want my youth. I don't mean the looks, but I want those too. I want my youth. The confidence and the time to do everything. I don't want to be rushing to beat deadlines imposed by society anymore. I want to just be. I don't want a husband or kids right now, and I want my Indian friends to cease directing me to to look for a husband?! Apparently these days at 28 and not married indicates something wrong with me? May I declare that I still make men turn! I am not married because I have said no. Damn I hate this age. I hate having to explain why I'm not married. So here goes. Because I don't want to be. I am a selfish modern day female and hate the idea of being tied down to a husband and kids. As I said, I want my youth. I like to be able to miss Florida and just purchase a ticket and leave without having people to worry about. I love that. And being 28 does not make me ready to give it up. No way!

So, as I walk around, shopping for clothes, I take into consideration my age.That's fine. I sincerely don't care to dress like I was sixteen. I just like a good pair of jeans or pants and a sexy flattering top. My dilemma comes in with the minis and the shorts. When do they get too short? And the summer makes me crave short things. But I've learnt to trust my judgement. If I think it will last longer in the closet and maybe make it out once or twice in two years, I skip it. And that's fair. That I can do. Meanwhile, at the stores, I have to deal with young little girls, counting how many clothes I'm taking to the changing rooms and rechecking them. Maybe because I'm black? Maybe because they are young. Just wanna say to them "honey at my age, eighty dollars just aint worth the trouble being caught shoplifting would be for me". Now those kind of changes I like! I also like to leave work and wonder whether to hit the malls, go to the bar or go run a bath. Everything centered around me. That's wonderful. I like that. Now maybe we all understand why there isn't enough room for a husband in my life. Selfish. Yes keyword here, selfish. But, at least I admit it and no one has to suffer. I don't have to give it up before I'm ready and no man has to be put through dealing with a moody unhappy spouse.

Therefore, yes, I am 28 now. And yes, 30 is round the corner. And yes, I have graduated college. But NO!!!! I am not ready for marriage. And no, don't hook me up. And yes, men still ask me out. But no, I don't wanna date. Why you ask? Because at my age, they are serious and want a wife and I don't want to be a wife. And because I enjoy learning myself. My tastes, my preferences. I'm still discovering me. May I please have a little more time to do this? And if I learn that I prefer me alone, unattached, may I request the blessings from the society to go against the norm? Just be me. Say no to marriage...please?

OK, Someone explain this to me

While reading this, I couldn't help but wonder about migration. Not immigration as it is known in the modern day, with passports and vicious, mean border patrol dudes. No. The origins of mankind, where they settled, all that. Coz for real, this woman, though coming from Senegal and headed to Melbourne.... ummmm lets just say, if her name is Akinyi, or Anyango... Not surprising at all. I think whatever tribe she hails from, we will not be astonished to note that they are 'cousins' to the regular dhaluo species. Yes, you know that same one, that has relatives in the West African region and the very same one that likes to ask "but do they say" after they just bought a 'masssssedes benzz'. Omena and its species mates will lead people to do strange things.

Click on the title to read what gimmicks this lady was up to. And then someone please take a minute off of your busy schedules to explain it to me. Just try anyway...