Friday, June 24, 2005

Careful what you write...10 years and it could still bite you in the ar..

So Tyco's Kozlowski's wrote a letter in 1995 to help convict a Mr. Shah. Seeing excerpts of this letter, I have to wonder if there was racial motivation here. It's brutal. It's asking for no mercy. Then guess what? He commits the same crimes. You know maybe just 10 times worse.. Or 30 times worse. Who cares how much. Just worse.

So you know what? The prosecutors came across this 10 year old letter. And they are going to use it during his sentencing hearing. Can you say poetic justice? And Mr. Shah, in jail making space and room for the man that wrote this letter of condemnation. These are the stories that make life worth living. So this story is dedicated to anyone that has ever been a victim to a hypocrite.

Eventually, I say may this man be sentenced to many many years in jail. More so, may his wealth and assets be reclaimed by the government, liquidated and used to pay off stockholders especially the retirees. Shame on him and his wife for their $2,0000,000 birthday party weekends. Let's see if their invited friends whom they gave an all expenses paid party stick by their sides...

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akiey said...

Seems like karma is catching up with the kniving Kozlowski & I for one felt like kicking him in the b*lls when he tried to claim innocence for plunder & misappropriation of funds.
They should also have him clean the Tyco workers' break room & rest rooms for free thrice a week for the rest of his miserable life.
Shame on him.