Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Seriously these religions we pick...

Lately, thanks to George Bush and preaching Christianity, then, in my opinion not practicing it, I've been declaring my Christianity somewhat worriedly. Its horrible to have to explain people's actions. I disagree with 95% of what this government has put out to the general public. I can't help but feel it has been one of those "help my cronies earn billions" kind of regime. Somewhere along the way I feel sorry for George W. I sincerely think he is incapable of all these huge schemes. I think he is puppeted out. But, what I don't know for sure is that he is unhappy with what they are doing. I think they are happy to secure millions for themselves and their legit selves. Doesn't matter who suffers. Not the would be pensioners having to look for jobs now as their pensions are allocated to the government who pay pennies for the would have been dollars of it. They don't matter. Not the environment, God's world doesn't matter here. Not the troops, not them. They come from Loser families that don't have millions- how could they matter?!

Anyway, posts like this make me understand that religion is a mere concept. And I have to let my Christianity be about my relationship with God, my Faith and my beliefs. Forget religion. Forget Fathers and churches. Just the bible. The world that lives. Those kinder things. I refuse to compromise my intelligence so as not to antagonize my fellow Christians. I think they are cultivating us a very bad reputation. And I'm getting angrier about misrepresentations of God as a shallow thinker who will not let anyone be. Point being they ought to know we are Christians by our love. I didn't hear this being completes as our love for money, or our love for white people or our love for Americans. No just our love.

I'm tired of explaining that Christianity is not about any of these things. I'm tired of explaining that a good Christian ought to really be sympathetic and very careful with the lives that God has created. And if God the Omni-everything can give people free wills who are we to pass judgment on those that will not to believe in his word. Christianity is a choice, even from the bible. And the Holier than thou attitudes... please! Haven't we all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. This thing of being elitist cannot be Christian. I disagree with it. Its the makings of an elitist club, like those golf clubs where your salary has to be a certain figure, below which, you are not worthy. I'm extremely tired of having to listen to people tell me I'm too intelligent to be a Christian. This fatigue goes both ways. If you think I'm intelligent, then trust me to know enough to choose this path. And those fools that are earning Christianity a 'shallow' or 'simple' demeanor.

My rants and raves are about this. If you're going to be a Christian be one. If you are not, don't. Whichever way, don't patronize others. And don't serve as an elitist. Coz the world over hates those. It's the fastest way to shut out people from anything you might have to say, good or bad. And that my dear Christians means, you want to be a stumbling block? Well, then be an elitist. Be holier than all. Be better and more righteous. Stop being human and susceptible to temptations. And continue denying people the freedom to choose. Choose including their religions. And will all Christians please realize that the bible addresses fundamentals. Disciplines of life that haven't changed in 2000 years. Not social affairs that change with every generation.

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