Thursday, June 23, 2005

This Guka is a hero, for shizzo

All I'm saying is, I would have passed out at the suggestion that there was a leopard in the vicinity. Which makes me wonder how a 73 year old man is still this healthy, given that we mostly need multiple bypass surgery by the time we are 50. I have to admire this man. Not to mention he was out tending to his crops. And 30 min of physical exercise for me a day is too much to ask for?

ON another note, Harare? Does anyone know why they are doing these to the locals? Apparently its all politically motivated to enable them have better "control". So they can influence the votes, push the opposing people out and away... That's another blog. Later.


Tomilay said...

I dont know if I am able to yank a leopard's tongue out even if it let me. More than ever this confirms what I always knew. Dont mess with an old man's grip.

akiey said...

They interviewed a local activist in Zim on Tv & he said Bob Mugabe is doing that to disenfranchise the city dwellers who voted against him & in the process distabilize them into relying on gov't handouts. international community is hoodwinked into thinkning Mugabe cares for their plight while in reality he's crippling them into total obedience. Afrika my Afrika, I weep for you:((

Mimmz said...

Akiey, you are right on the mark there. But don't they say "weep not?"