Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In my own words...

... from mine own heart - about Kenya.

The talks failing is as important to me as about nothing. I'm more concerned with the choices the individual Kenyans are going to make. Each single Kenyan. Each individual. And why do I care about this? For the only part of me that is human and that has relatives in that country. beyond which, I've moved on. Kenya doesn't want my type, I've accepted that rejection. Given a choice, I've left. But not everyone who wants to respond to the rejection this way has this option. Some are still there. And they are in danger. They will be victims of further violence, should the actual Kenyans choose to engage in the acts we all saw them engage in recently.

Yes, I speak as a kikuyu. But as far as these recent events go, we've all had to face who we are in terms of tribe. With the entire distance of oceans between me and my home country, I have suffered rejection like I could never explain to anyone. What's happening to my emotions is exactly how I respond to rejection. I move, I leave, I let go. I don't force love/like on me. I'm sure there are going to be very many different reactions to Kenya from kikuyus but I bet you that each individual reaction is going to be related to how that person responds to rejection in their general everyday life. Life is hard enough without having to live in a country that detests or resents your very DNA.

I am shocked at what birth rights do to you. I am amazed at just how wounded being rejected by your own country can feel. Even for people like me who aren't in it as we get rejected by it. And I shudder to think about what people with actual property losses and family members killed are feeling. It's hard to get to the angry part. Just trying to get through the shock and the hurt is effort enough. And seeking safe havens, in our minds and in physical premises. That's absolutely consuming. It's the feeling of absolute rejection. I guess it can only be compared to being rejected by your own parents, has to do with rights accorded to you by birth.

I know how often I wondered how tutsis ever were supposed to get over what hutus had done to them in Rwanda. But I didn't know what it felt like. And I said they just had to move on, what choice did they have? And as much as I wasn't wrong, I just had no idea what magnitude of overcoming human emotion I was asking of them with the move on, comment. How is it you go on around people who CAN kill you for being what you were born into? Who resent you for faults of people who were born from the same tribe, true or perceived, and some way before you were ever born? And not give any thought that you see their resentment as misguided anger at other things and self trade to abuse by politicians? How do you trade with these people? Worship? eat, drink? Do you ever feel safe again? I'm not going to push it to trust, no. What do you do? Put a smile on your face and fake it? Do you ever travel outside of your safe havens again? Do you flee never to return? Because it's much easier to be an outcast in a foreign nation than in your own.

I feel almost guilty to be away from Kenya as it rejects my type. For as much as I haven't been maimed or killed, I haven't been spared for anything I did right or different. The only reason I haven't been killed is because I wasn't unfortunate enough to have my life circumstances lead me into the arms of an angry mob that was hacking my kind to death. So what those people have gone through, I have to. I am as safe as my distance from these so called angry mobs.

That's why my only concern is as to what the choices the individual Kenyan is going to make are.

Because if Koffi Anan, Kibaki and Odinga never agree, but no one ever takes a machete to another human being, I will be ok.

But if they agree and make friends and wine and dance together, and yet 10 idiots take machetes, petrol bombs and whatever and attack another innocent family, then nothing will have been achieved.

And for those who want to argue with me about how kikuyus have stolen every one's money that's why they need to go, die or whatever other term is inserted here; could they refrain from doing this while they or their non kikuyu parents own BMWs, several residential properties and other significant investments. Because if they want to make their point that kikuyus are obstructing wealth for other tribes, they need then to show me evidence that they once converted to kikuyus, got wealthy, then reconverted out. Otherwise, their points are moot. And if everyone who was being told they are poor for not being kikuyu could engage in this thought process, they might ask how comes their inciters were rich whilst not kikuyu. And perhaps that might entice them to seek the many micro finance loans available and loans for women and youth as choices against machetes in search of a better future.

As Kenyans get incited back to the streets, recall that the MPs are receiving a huge paycheck at the end of the month. Are you? Or did you potentially just burn your previous workplace? Look how the choices you make are affecting you. And consider that many inciting this violence are inciting it through media as they go on about their lives in other countries. Or in their all important jobs while you, the poor, I need every dime I can lay my hands on, person is converted to a robot and used as a means to an end by the wealthy with bigger agendas.

That's the overall simplicity of this extremely difficult situation, the way I see it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Before the Wisconsin - Hawaii primaries

Let me first get this off my chest.

The first blunder from Obama's campaign comes and it is sooo annoying for being so avoidable and so dumb. I'm talking about this plagiarism accusation where Barack is using governor Patricks speech. And while it technically can't be described as plagiarism because he had permission to use it, it is very very bad for the senator.

Change? So how comes you can borrow what's old and call it new? There's one argument. Next, Obama's main strength, undeniable and formidable is his oratory skills. He has a good head on his shoulders, why not use his own words. Granted, the governor's speech fits perfectly into Obama's agenda. And this governor was elected on this speech, has had problems since he got in and may be the actual reason Massachusettes was hesitant to vote for change with gusto. Back to my major irritation point, a simple, "And as governor Patrick said, and I agree..." to have started these borrowed words would have been more honest, and prudent and pre- empted all these attacks. Because I am just mad that Barack's campaign would provide fodder for his attack to Clinton's campaign at this crucial time.

What do I think his camp should do? Admit that retrospectively they can see how this may have caused issues, however deny plagiarism as the word to describe it, and volunteer and promise to cite all borrowed speeches in the future. I simply ask that they take responsibility. At this moment, his denial sounds like the Clinton's camp. He needs to be different. It is the only strength he is riding on. Sheesh, I'm peeved!

Clinton? OK, here I am. My position for Obama not ever having been a vote against Clinton. Just a preference. But the clinton camp is working hard to make Clinton detestable. I find myself really having to convince myself that she is still a good candidate. Simple stupid things like insisting "we won Michigan" And "those delegates should count" is so annoying. It is the exact representation of what we hate about politics and politicians. What? in Michigan, Obama's name wasn't even in the ballot. And FL? Well, the person with any real losses for not campaigning especially at that point in the campaign was Obama. Why? Unknown underdog. Clinton? First lady for eight years, with a White House scandal to boot, recognition. Simply put, Should their positions be reversed, she wouldn't be citing the same views as fair. Which is always the simplest way to assess fairness. So her camp needs to shut the hell up about these two states, unless they are discussing a fairer option. Otherwise, I can't keep working at not dumping them as annoying idiots!

BTW, If the DNC should decide to count the delegates from either one of these two states (Fl And MI) as they stand right now, I suggest Barack break free from the DNC and run as an independent. I p[ersonally would be happy to be free from them after that kinda showing. It would feel free and as a bonus break them. We would ascertain Hillary didn't get into teh white house that way. So they play dirty, we hit them where it hurts. She wins fair and sqaure, we support her fully.

Superdelegates? I see their importance. I appreciate that they can divide the party but their role has never been any better highlighted as it is now. A C (contingent)plan is always necessary and if these two potential DNC nominees arrive at the convention neck and neck, a plan to elect is definitely necessary. What the superdelegates need to do is shy away from pleasing the established DNC machine (Clinton has known she would be running in 2007 for many years now) and make wise decisions that keep the party united and pay a whole lot of attention and respect to the overall majority votes as well as honestly assess the potential better nominee from all angles. All said and done, I'm not quite sure what I would do was I a super delegate at this point.

Bill Clinton needs to take a chill pill! C'mon buddy, you're my hero. I know you're tired and frustarted but that yelling on the campaign trail is a definite no, no. chill pill, Bill, chill pill!

Wisconsin polls are looking interestingly close. Should make for an interesting Tuesday evening tomorrow. Can't wait for the 2 weeks campaign for Ohio and Texas. Neither of these campaigns can afford mistakes now. Potomac primaries were an absolute victory for Obama. Let's see if he can repeat that. His half sister campaigning in Hawaii. Let's hope she gets him the results he needs. 20 delegates up for grabs there and either camp needs whatever delegate they can find.

Kenya? So many rumors about a power sharing deal. Annan hints at an all party power sharing strategy being worked on today... Who cares? let's assess the reality. Nothing has changed. Tribalism still dominates. A can of worms has been opened that has changed the entire face of Kenya and these elections have proven that there is no need for them in Kenya. Anyone who wants to be president has got to at least cultivate a need to respect the laws of the land. So once we can't resolve election disputes in court, we really need to just stop having elections, period. Because once we prove that a dispute can lead to this, whatever it is we have now, what's to stop the next election from forcing the same negotiation? Precedence and past. And it's repurcussions and impact on the future. That's what good leaders think about when they make decisions. It's Februaray, but I can answer this question now. "What's my greatest disappointment for 2008?" Kenya.

McCain? Talk about selling a soul. And at 71? What is it about power that makes men completely sacrifice who they are? How don't they see the absolute obvious irony of that? How could he contradict himself like that? And over all the things that made me think of him as worth 2 cents. I gotta say, that independent vote I had awarded him, probably not gonna happen with the same margin any longer.

That's it. Will be back with a super ananlysis after tomorrow's primaries and before the Texas Ohio primaries.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

USA election 2008 candidates are...

...still unknown in both parties. And this after the main primaries (super duper Tuesday per Obama).

At 1:17 am ET (Wednesday)

Barack wins 13 states, Clinton 8 and New Mexico ( delayed results due to bad weather and having run out of ballots earlier) not yet called.

MSNBC dares to guesstimate (through careful calculation) the number of democratic delegates. Projects 841 for Obama and 837 for Clinton.

Jeez! They didn't see that one coming. I'd pay money to hear the private conversations in the Clinton camps.

Frankly, even Obama isn't quite sure he isn't dreaming.

But that's the beauty of the audacity of hope, I guess.


Romney mouthed and mouthed about the 'real conservative' only to be so badly thrown off course by the 'unreal' ones; McCain and worse, Huckabee whom the media had convinced us to totally dismiss. Well... not so fast, says he. And the results indicate that I need to stop and listen.

California is right now a rather disappointing loss for Obama. Not in losing there (as this was expected) but in the current percentages. However, only 17% is in as I type this and LA is not yet in so these stats could improve. Recall some stations had called Missouri for Clinton and had to retract as Obama just won that state by about 1% margin? if that ain't close, dunno what is.

The way I see it?

The republicans should do themeselves a favor and let McCain run as the GOP candidate. Obviously, Bush has turned Republicans off absolute conservative. Those left are the so called bible thumpers who pretty much think elections are solely about abortion and gay marriage, period. That's mostly senior citizens and Utah residents. OK. That was unnecessary.

McCain's running mate? Last year, long before I subscribed to Obama's campaign and got to know him; when I had (rushedly) assigned him the position of running mate to Clinton, I assigned Rudy Giuliani running mate to McCain. I still think this remains the best bet for the GOP.

Why? The independent vote. McCain votes with his brain, and votes against his party afflictions when common sense calls for it. Rudy dares to vote pro choice amongst other non conservative views as well. Both these candidates will face absolute disdain and contempt from within their party. However, they will be the best bet for republicans in an environment that really doesn't want a conservative leader any longer. Rght now, independents are all leaning towards Obama. This is likely to continue to be the case but any attempt to sway some of them into republican territory can only best be achieved with Rudy and John (yeah, first names. After all these late nights we've gotta be buddies by now).

I'm torn between enjoying the fierce battle between Obama and Clinton for another several months and just picking a candidate and concentrating efforts on beating the republicans. Who as we can all imagine are about to get as dirty as is possible. I'll bet you they are the ones looking for Obama's relatives in Kenya. And trust me, the skirmishes in Kenya, Odinga's claims to his kinship... all these are highly likely to surface should Obama become the leading man. Why? Because Republicans play dirty and Obama is the greatest threat they've had since Saddam. So, expect this and more(I wish I could bet $$ on this. I might be able to retire early).

Point being we need to get to hear the Republicans and their dirty politics early so that we can work with time on our side to both clear the air and to let time do what it does best, which is irritate those who have to keep listening to negativity via their expensive plasma hi def screens (Peeps don't spend that kind of money on gadgets to listen to crap through them). Plus we need to get into the Bush files and kill the republicans based on the past 7 years (very easy task). Basically, let's get to work which is let's get to winning in November 2008.

The speeches? Clinton's was jolly and celebratory and actually kinda giood. Grade it B+. Obama's was repetitive and definitely courted the remaining primary states. But not the same Obama who sweeps us off our feet when he speaks. So I'll give him a B (how else is he going to pull up his socks?) From GOP, Huckabees was as expected, excited and very hopeful and common sensical. That man is worth at least 2 cents, mormon or not. Don't recall hearing speeches from the other significant 2 (Paul is still in the race).

It felt really good to ignore Kenya and it's painful news at least for a day.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Am I Patriot?

For as long as patriotism is being what Kenyans are making news over these days, then I am proud to say that I for sure, I'm not a patriot.

If I had to choose where to be, I'd choose to be where I felt safe, was able to go about my own business, develop myself and make and work towards my own personal growth. I would never declare some space, that in actuality belongs to God, seemingly because I was born in it. No. If my neighbors proved to be capable of murder, based on our birth distributed differences, then I would not want to be anywhere near them. I would opt to leave. I have no desire to change people or no great hope in that people change that much either. Borders are man made. And were it not for modern day border policies, human nature would have had many people move around a whole lot more, as was common before formal rule took over the world.

I have potential to be a patriot. If I could choose citizenship. Citizenship based on character and nobility, not birth places, color, accents or tribes.

I could very easily belong to a citizens group of intelligent thinkers, fair and balanced persons, people who understand self responsibility and overall responsibility to the world around you. I could be a citizen of people who are more interested in humanity, the things that havent changed since before Christ, the real things of the human nature. And in this realm of citizenship, I could be a patriot.

But patriotism, lover of a country filled with kinsmen that march around with machetes against their own kind over subtle differences? No, not for me. Actually I want to be far removed. From all types of people that have the potential to sink this low. I want no association.

Not only within citizenship, but even within species.

It bothers me that myself, and these machete wielding persons are of the same biological species. I'm willing to argue a sub species. And not along the lines people usually divide others; race, citizenship et al; no. A sub species, based purely on thought and thought processes.

Anyone who can find a way to justify an ethnic/racial cleansing at any time I don't want to be connected to. It's bad enough that we both are living beings. Even from a plant, bacteria, fungi; I would be offended by this behaviour. But to bring it so close to home, my so called country of citizenship, in addition to species? It's all too much for me. I want out.

I'm being told, it's about education level... well, maybe. But to what extent? I never once had an instructor tell me not to ever consider murdering my neighbors over my own opinions. And read around, there are really educated folk supporting and or calling for bloodshed. No, it's not about education. It has to be a sub species.

How else does it make sense to the rest of us?

Make no mistake, there are hierachy levels within this sub species. And no doubt, those with machetes, or inciting them or supporting them are definitely a grade - or more lower.

It baffles me in an overwhelming way that anyone would want to be president over a nation that raises these kinds of voices. Save for the innocent, guilted by association, these kinds of people?

I wish I had an island that I could relocate all "unwanted " and willing persons to. Where they could live as they pleased, within the rules of civility, but with pure knowledge that they can be free from savage attacks over associations provided by birth. I wonder how many, in the name of loyalties to places of birth would refuse to leave...Them, they are patriots of their birth places.

I am not willing to die, get maimed or lose a relative over a region in one of the world's continents. I am also not willing to suffer the same losses over what people deem as unfair chances or opportunities metted my way. If it bothers them that much, then I am willing to leave, so they may have my opportunities. I'll go elsewhere and make other opportunities. And I am definitely not willing to be neighbors with people capable of inflicting that kind of suffering on mankind. I want nothing to do with these people. We must have no associations.

Had I been born in another country, save for my accent, would I not essentially still be the same person, with the same thoughts and feelings? Would I still not desire the same things from life? Would I not value morality and other humanitarian values over material wealth? Would being born anywhere else have made me different? or as an adult, aren't I simply a product of waht I've chosen to make of myself? How I have chosen to use my mind, extent I have succumbed to undue influences and my propensity to be a sheep within the goat mentality that herds groups of people together; strengthening them in their loud voices but not in their correctness? At the end of teh day, wouldn't I still have to choose exactly what kind of person I was going to be?

I think I would. As far as behaviour and moral responsibility, I think we all choose who we become. And I think these two things largely define us as who we are in all the ways that matter.

Not having millions of dollars or lack thereof.

So my patriotism is to citizenship that is of a higher order other than borders and birth places. It's based instead on the choices we can make for ourselves as individuals. Because I for one, strongly believe that anyone who takes credit for or kills over aspects of humanity that no one chooses but is born into, is worth little to nothing; to him/herself and all those around.