Friday, July 14, 2006

The book or its cover?

So according to the picture of the book cover, Raila is to be compared to a lion? Really? Is that a synonym for the ruler of the jungle or the loudest roar? Yes, this is about the autobiography, that unveils Raila, or so the standard claimed. But not wanting to give my opinion to this randomly, I ask. Does anyone feel absolutely safe considering a man who was involved in coup attempts for a president? Is it scary, that people who resort to such measures should become presidents? Does it make one wonder what they might do to hang on to power once they have it? Or does it portray a brave person? And if so, is that what Kenya needs, a brave man, or an intelligent well rounded leader? Is it stupid, especially in Africa, to lead countries down the coup path? Do coups not just make room for dictators or civil wars? Look into history as you ponder these things through.

Where's Kalonzo's? I gather he has one coming out in readiness for the general elections next year. And I predict a wasted 2007. Elections are in December. Nothing will be accomplished for 12 months as people use up time on election campaigns. And use this as an excuse to shirk other responsibilities. A wasted 12 months! It's in the horizon. They can do both, you know. If you still have to work throughout the year, and its your tax money being used to pay his salary, shouldn't you demand that your MP work, with results to show, as well?

Israel, Lebanon, Hezbollah OR Iran, US
I'm going to ask a question here. Who believes Israel's leaders and the white house are in cahoots here. And they are now in the process of creating an illusion (a cover so to speak) of missiles from Iran, according to this article. I absolutely don't believe in this nonsense. I'll tell you what. The white house is smart enough to know the world is not going to support them on an Iranian invasion, neither can they afford it. And Americans won't have it either. So they analyze who might want to attack Iran. They find the Israelites, no not religious jargon. They devise a war. And they start leading us to think Iran is involved. Anyone tired of the bloodshed yet? And I have one question to ask, what is this about power struggles? Hasn't History proven time and time again that superpowers come and go? There was a time or period of military might. Those days are gone.

Economic power is here to rule the day. Give up! So you beat Iran to a pulp. Then what? China next? I mean, they will be super powers. They and Mumbai, India. Which by the way brings me to the annoying "formerly known as Bombay" tags that were inserted every 4 lines as they discussed the bombings by the leading news sources. Once, is enough! Another sad day but could have been much worse. But I digress. Back to Iran, Israel, US. It's only a matter of time before we have a new world power. I mean, you want a good sign? Guess where Americans are going for their surgeries now? You guessed it. Mumbai, India. Recall when everyone went to the states and England for medical treatment? So, the Hezbollah attacks. Is there a book beneath the cover here? Or is what we see what we get?

Closet scandals
You know what else you should wonder about? The Armenians. So the cover, its a Kenyan fiasco. The book though might reveal international interests. So you all know Interpol knew about the stolen passports and identities. But these people still got into planes (there's a black list on passengers these days folks!), and landed in airports other than the Jomo or any other in Kenya. Is it possible, they scandal blew up in Nairobi, but these people are actually connected in International circles? So that we are asking questions in Nairobi might be bothering people elsewhere. And that we probably won't get anywhere with all this is a possibility? What about the fact that, if that's the case, Kenya is wasting both time and resources, both of which it could have used to develop itself? Does Kenya have more important issues to deal with? Ask, ponder, think, wonder. The book, or the cover? And if a book, is it worth delving into?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Broken Promises...

So I promised a second post that never materialized. It's not that I'm trying to borrow a leaf from our leaders, or get into the African people mentality, no. I've been under the weather. It is possible to catch strep throat within days of being done taking antibiotics for the same thing, I have learnt. Granted, I'm compromised as far as my immune system goes, thanks to being anaemic. Somewhere in here though lies a long, long rant in relation to my doctors. But I'll save it for when I have enough energy. I saw the bill they sent to my insurance company though. Only 5 hours in the ER and I racked up some $1500 plus... Glad it's not being billed to me!

But I'm back, mostly. Making no promises until viruses and their evils are well behind me. The second post mentioned before is not the kind of post one writes with a half capability to think clearly. It will come. But when I can trust that a few months down the road, I won't read it and cringe too badly from its overly mediocre status.

I read a post from bankelele titled Economics not Politics which just seems to agree with a lot of my own personal sentiments. The comments on that are interesting as I noted a complaining coldtusker react in a way I generalize as a Kenyan mentality. I'm sure there will be plenty more of those.

World cup has been a good friend. The quarter finals and the one semi final that had Italy winning went my way. I kinda wanted Portugal at the finals. I guess I can't have everything. Very comforting as I ailed on my couch. I am personally tired of the disrespect that is accorded the teams that are not England, Germany or Brazil in the world cup. These other teams work hard and nobody wants to give them the time of day? So proud that the expected giants are all missing from the finals. It's time we all learnt to have some faith in the other people. Go Italy! All roads leading to SA 2010?

I met up with a childhood best friend after 17 years. Very surreal moment. I (am convinced to)attend one kenyan party and some (drunk, I'm sure) person sees it fit to leave a huge atrocity on my car. A whole section of paint gone from my door, I imagine as this person made their way into their car. I'm no longer upset about it. Have to fix it because I can't bear to look at it everytime I have to get into my car. It would have been nice to catch the person who did that and leave them with an earful though. What is it about telling someone, who deserves it, off, that leaves one feeling so refreshed?

I'm off to read the papers. Haven't too much in a while. Can't wait to see what news awaits me from the motherland....