Monday, January 09, 2006

Some IQ facts

Here are some, what I think are outdated IQ facts. Somehow helpful. If you've ever taken the IQ test on the internet then you can gage yourself here. Of course we know Nobel peace prize winners aren't Einstein type people anymore but its still helps one range themselves within the average theme.

Why this as a first post for the year? Mhhhh. I've been thinking about things and I've concluded that higher IQ members of society owe the other members understanding. The people that are out lashing at the general public, calling them idiots and stupid, may not be wrong. But, they may be gifted differently and therefore need to extend others some consideration. This thought I'll hold until I confirm what I suspect to be true. That investing in knowledge, via reading and intelligent conversations and discussions can up one's IQ. Then I'll be under the motto, "show no mercy"

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