Thursday, April 12, 2007

Busy or Disinterested; Which came first?

I've been busy. Very busy. I think that's how it all started. But then it slowly became disinterested. Perhaps because I was too busy to have time to worry about everything else.

At work, which I rarely comment about, I have come to really understand the benefits of being a professional. One of those people in that block, no doubt, no questions asked. We're going through a lot of changes. Through all of them, we've had the constant opportunity to have a CEO or president come in and talk to us within 24 hours of that announcement being made. I should actually say, come in and answer our questions. And they've been good questions. We're all well read, understand the business very well and understand the implications of each move they make. It's made these transitions just that much less scary and troublesome. And I noticed that we were the only team being awarded the gift of the question and answer sessions. Probably because it's the only place it makes sense to have them. Not sure. But it has been very appreciated!

Maybe I was never that disinterested after all.
In my hiatus, I noted that Raila Odinga purchased a Hummer at a stated ksh 45,000,000. I argued with this amount, insisted it should be one zero less and so on and kept being told the amount was correct. Kenyans seemed impressed. I was very distressed. A hummer at $590,000? Seriously? Please visit kbb and note that a hummer is NOT a luxury car. Also please note that it barely has any safety enhancements and all it really does is guzzle gas. Then note the hummer is probably not going to manoeuvre in rough terrain. Most importantly, please note that the hummer costs a measly $50,000 in the US. Substantial amount but paying over 10 times that for it is just not prudent, even after considering tariffs and levies. I hope that that quoted amount was wrong! I'm told this is the listed price for hummers in Kenya? Please gather together around the reported Hummer dealership and stand with signs indicating that you will not let them take you for rides that way!

The Artur brothers again? Writing books, spotted by Raila ( does he have a tracking unit on these dudes or does he know them from somewhere?) Don't care! Enough about these people. There are real issues in Kenya. Let's please concentrate on those.

Thomas Friedman has mentioned Kenyan twice in the last 45 days. Positively both times. That's the guy behind the book "The World is Flat". He sees hope for Kenya. He understands trade and politics very well. I hope he can enlighten the ever skeptical Kenyans! here is one of them.

Imus got fired finally. The white people citing Sharpton and Jackson on being discriminatory are livid about this turn of events. They somewhat have a point but surely, if you're Imus,then your job is supported by advertising, in a superficial society, where appearances matter more than truth. And even though like Imus, your show is based mainly on the addition of the so called "locker room jokes" you have to know your limits. Especially because in a situation like this, what are your alternatives? Should the company heads have done nothing? Acted like all was well? In a job like his, either you're in or you're out. The punishment option list isn't much longer. Therefore, he should have carried the burden of his job with that knowledge clearly and drawn a boundary line to the callousness of his jokes. And he might have mitigated his fate by offering some kind of innovative punishment such as offering to sponsor some of those "nappy headed ho's" events for say like 5 years or so.

Elections in Kenya are 8 months away. Anyone want to offer insight into whether Kenyans are likelier to make more informed voting choices this time versus mob mentality ones? And on that note, I need to point out that the Sierra Leone civil war started with border induced skirmishes as are happening in the Mt. Elgon area. I say the Kenyan government needs to go in there with a whole military presence like it was at war and instill order the hard way. No time for jokes! These preposterous behaviour of surrounding police stations et al has to be nipped in its bud!

Maybe I was never that disinterested after all.

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