Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Surprised? Watch the heavens.

Kenya is headed back towards the abyss. I for one, I am not surprised. Peace as fragile as based on two grown men with their own selfish ambitions, surrounded by other influences and bogged by promises they made to others over a future that belongs only to God, is not peace. It wasn't there and anyone who believed in it is much more of an optimist than I ever could be. Anyone who dares to stare facts in truth, ugly as they can be may want to read on.

Kenya has no choice but to go to full blown anarchy. Only after that kind of genocidal situation, ugly as it is will anything in Kenya change. The damage has been done. Those who started antikikuyuism sentiments many years ago were like George Bush as he attempted to convince congress of saddam's weapons of mass destruction. Those who reignited the madness recently were like Bush when he decided to invade Iraq. You can get the ball rolling, maybe even declare success. And then the real situation will arise.

Not even the alternative of military controlled government exists as a solution. The time for simple solutions, simpler choices is behind Kenya. No human being, unless guided firmly by the spirit of God will be able to navigate Kenya out of this mess blood free.

War is ugly and unpredictable and no one can control the events that will occur. Those who meant for there to be war against the kikuyus can begin to celebrate. It's inevitable, it will happen. But for every man dead, there exists a pool of innocent blood left behind.

For those who believe that human sacrifice is okay for the greater good whatever they deem greater good to be, they are wrong according to God. Especially when chasing earthly goods and prosperity. There is only one acceptable human sacrifice. And that is the part of Jesus that was human. Period.

At the point when that blood flows, and continues to flow, remember that you are sacrificing humans for the returns you hope for. God does not accept human sacrifice. Man is an unclean animal. So whom then are you serving, knowingly or not? And how much of that can you control? Recall, not believing does not negate existence.

Only those who kill in self defense will be spared.

The vengeance of God over Kenya is nigh but is waiting for the final blows to be dealt. Wait patiently for there will be those who will be blessed and those whose God's vengeance will settle upon. When it's all done, no one will wonder what side anyone of these members belonged to.

I don't preach peace upon Kenya anymore. I pray for the spirit of God to befall Kenya. Those who believe pray to God in all earnesty and don't bother to dictate outcomes. Pray for his peace, his outcome for only that can be correct.

It would be make sense to wonder why a regular believer, not pious, ordained or overly religious would write these things. Why would I take the Jeremiah Wright approach?

The beauty of God, however, is in how much he can't wait for the opportunity to forgive.


Anonymous said...

Amani ni Haki Yetu

Daudi said...

Mimmz, Anti-kikuyunism? Since when did Kikuyus become the victims? Have the Kikuyus taken some time off for self reflection? There is blame to go around for everyone. Did you read where the 'Mungithi' were in talks with Raila, and only Raila because they were not 'PAID'by the morons who hired them. What does that tell you? You should reserve your anger and judgement for all the Fat Cats who had no regard for the everyday mwananchi. I'm yet to feel your sympathy for anyone who is not Kikuyu. Prove me wrong.

Mimmz said...


I'm not sure how long your comment has been out here but let me ask a clarifying question before I say anymore.

Are you doubting there is an antikikuyuism sentiment in kenya? Is that a point you want to argue? And if so, what would you call it then, when neighbors of kikuyus take machetes to the kikuyus just because they are kikuyus, and in their tribal heritage are deemed guilty by association to tribe?

I'm not discrediting what any other tribe has gone through. That's not part of anything I was discussing. But how do we get ahead before we can correctly diagnoze the situation? What's with the absolute denial I detect amongst many that there is anti kikuyuism sentiment? It exists. why can't we accept that so that we can proceed to fixing or mitigating the issues?

Do I detect a notion that if we accept there is anti-kikuyuism it takes away from teh sufferings of other tribes? Because then kikuyus become victims? anti-kikuyuism on its own is not really victimization. Victimization is death via neighborly machete or other horror tactics. the rest, is in the hands of tolerance and history as education being passed on to the masses.

Anonymous said...

lucifer hates kikuyus and surely his followers are many in kenya... they hate kikuyus too....for nothing
i am not a kikuyu but sincerely say that....these people have similarity with jews..i thnk JEHOVA LOVES