Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Was made today (err yesterday, this was started and abandoned due to some minor emergency)

Obama wins the nomination.

Clinton does not concede. (Update) NYT reports Clinton to concede and endorse Obama on Friday. She was literally forced here by her own superdelegates who made no attempt to hide their displeasure at her speech last nite.

Bad Manners:

That would summarize my opinion on her speech last night. Just plain simply bad manners. You know better than that, Hillary Rodham Clinton.


That better be in their wildest dreams. Can someone, anyone tell me how you announce to the world that John McSame, err McLame, err sorry McCain is more experienced, is better vetted etc, etc, and then come on and ride on my coattails as VP and expect that the GOP will not announce how my own running mate thinks McCain is better suited for the position than I? If she had wanted that position, she shouldn't have burnt the bridge and the surrounding trees making sure there would never be another bridge built on that issue. Frankly, she needs to get over herself and her "should be respected" supporters. Kwani, the rest of us don't deserve respect?

William Clinton:

Suffering my own personal loss on him, I'm disappointed and saddened. I think this campaign showed me his true colors and I can honestly report that he had me going. I thouhgt he was a much better person than that. However, thank goodness for his infidelities and his dubious sources of $$. We have good reason to just say NO! to her when she comes a knocking for the VP spot, thanks to her decision to stay with this one very Bill Clinton, she is quite frankly, not a viable candidate.

Eeks me out. Maybe he will finally Shut the hell up!!!!

Barack Obama:

Congratulations! Again and again. Go make us proud!

On June 3rd 2008, the democratic party, by nominating black Barack Hussein Obama as their nominee, has made history. MLK must be smiling in his grave. I wonder if even he dared to have this dream.

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