Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Midtacular Elections

So I went to bed last night all worried and disappointed because it seemed McCaskill was losing to Talent by 10%. Forget that only about 2% of the total votes were in. It was super depressing. Since I was determined not to get emotionally engaged with these results, I tuned into Bravo and watched the crazy women crack jokes, or attempt to anyway. This versus my usual Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert choice. They were covering elections. Soon I was in lalaland.

Fast forward to this morning and I resist as much as I can to check the Dems vs Republicans results. I finally give in to what is over and above curiosity and WHAM! Do I see McCaskill ahead by 3% with only 2% of the precincts not accounted for? I'm feeling better. And what is that? Oh yes, The Dems seem poised to take control of the senate. Well contingent to the Virginia and Montana vote tallies coming in.

Nice start to this morning. Especially after I went to bed with this weird "can't live through this another 4 years" feeling. Will keep you posted.

pssst.... Did I mention the Talent team had started a small victory dance last night? What is it they say about he who laughs last?

Update at 2:15 CST
Already, the first major rewards of the Democratic rule days. Rumsfeld has been forced out. Finally. My day continues to go well.

It seems we are confident enough to declare a win for the Democrats in Montana but not yet ready to do the same in Virginia as far as the Senate goes. Looks like they are winning here as well. And the day gets better.

Random Observations:
-Last evening, despite crude oil prices going down, the pumps shot gas prices up by 10 cents. Are we in for major gas hikes so that they can come down same time 2008?

-I have always thought I'd comment on Bush and a regrettable legacy some 2 years from now. It seems like I might have to start now. The comments coming in from the world in regards to his 6 years as American President seem to be forcing me to discuss the importance of doing right, versus being right with the rich. Still I choose to hold on to give an in-depth personal analysis on this one perhaps in 2008 sometime.

-Myself and many others fed up with a lot of crap going on had a conversation. We are not idiots and therefore don't think the democrats to be gods. We just want the lesser evil. We're hoping that in 2008 the ticket will run as H. Clinton and B. Obama as running mate. Obama could use some exposure before running for the white house. (Dear Obama: Of all things stupid to do, do not announce your decision to run, if at all, on the Oprah show. You must show your charisma, your independence, intelligence and your belief in yourself by standing on your own cloud, not Oprah's. Please take heed.) Worthy opponent from the Republicans? McCain.

- On the stem cells vote held in Missouri; Belated education. Stem cells can be harvested from grown adults. However, by doing this, the cells would be free and there would be no profits for the drug companies. That's why they are pushing for embryos. This bill to legalize stem cell research passed. Have I mentioned that I passionately dislike the pharmaceutical companies? Oh how I wish the ads had educated people on this instead of bashing each other.


The future diplomat said...

What a bautiful morning it was, compared to that sad november morning 2004

Afro said...

i soo feel you! What a good day. Just read that Jim Webb in VA, the guy running against macaca Allen won and Dems have the senate too.

A combo of Obama and Hillary clinton would definitely be a dream team, you are so on point with that one. Obama as prez and Hillary as VP i presume? IMO America is not ready for a woman president. Your thoughts?

Mimmz said...

Both, beautiful day it was yesterday.

Afro, we're just waiting on Macac to concede defeat. He's a stubborn man. He could choose to torture us for weeks.

Obama, Clinton. The US would rather be ruled by a white female than a black Obama. As of right now, his exposure has been limited but he has a major fan base. He should be a VP for Clinton. It will both increase her chances of getting elected and seal him in as a man of action. Then when its his time to run, it will be free and smooth sailing. It's easier for Americans to accept him as a VP first. Then they'll be able to take him in as a President. Easing them into the black man can rule without a "Soul plane" kinda party attitude.

Afro said...

ROFL on 'soul plane' attitude :)

Very interesting choice for America and the DNC team!

Thanks for your thoughts.

gemini said...

On stem cells: the reason they push for embryonic stem cells is that they can become all cell types of the body because they are pluripotent. Adult stem cells can only be used in the same tissue of origin. Very limiting.