Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No, No, NO!!!

Minimum or maximum, just say no to the proposed constitution reforms. Truth be told, enough time has been wasted. Emphasis on wasted here. Ask yourselves:

1. Who are the beneficiaries of the reforms? To answer that question correctly, barely you the citizen. This is yet another selfish ploy from your elected leaders. Its about them and keeping posts. The constitution may not be great, but the constitution barely sucks. And Kenya definitely HAS GREATER problems. If they try to convince you, it's for you, don't believe that.

2. What are you losing while debating, discussing these reforms? Time and money! These politicians have done little in their constituencies to show for the 4 years. A major part of which they spent lobbying for themselves within the constitution draft. Waste of time and resources. You know what would benefit you, the average Kenyan more? More schools, water projects, more hospitals and hospital equipment within existing facilities, better infrastructure, including roads, hish speed internet access amongst others. These are the tools that open up business opportunities and reduce cost for existing ones, making them better able to afford more staff... Chain reaction is positive to all.

3. Following up on 2 above. What are you gaining from these reforms? Not what is your elected official gaining. You, the tens of thousands that are the rest of you that weren't elected? Do you expect that the minimum reforms will be about minimum wages, gender rights, fair employment practices or anything else that benefits you? Or do you expect that these reforms are about consituencies and elections? What do you gain? If you have an answer to this question that you feel is satisfactory, please share it.

4. Think about how much you're paying these people. YOU are paying these people. Otherwise, that money would have been left within your available income/purchasing power and provided you with a means to afford more. So it's an election year next year. YOu are still working everyday. Why should your MPs start campaigning on your time? You're paying for it. Demand results! Their job is to serve your constituency, not their selfish needs.

5.Think about this. If every election year, 1.5 years before the actual elections are held, time starts being wasted this way by your elected officials. If this becomes a norm, it represents 7/10 working years in a decade. That's 70%. Ask yourself if 70% is satisfactory in terms of showing up for work. As they campaign, what about your constituencies? Who is thinking about that are, its people, its needs, its development? And then start to add up that in 2 decades, 3, and see how quickly those wasted years add up. This is before you include their very obvious absences in parliamnet throughout the years.

6. Fact is, let them wait to be re-elected, attend parliament and format a workable, reasonable, informed and educated way to identify weak points, reasons why they are weak points and how to ammend these weak points satisfactorily (versus selfishly) within the constitution.

Enough time wasted. Ask these officials to shut up about elections and constitution reforms. Campaigning is to be done at their own time. Not yours and mine. Including those spending enough time campaigning and soliciting funds in the states. Who is working within their elected constitutions as they do this? Teach them that their real campaigns will be in the output of their 5 years. Tell them what they really need to do is to double over and start getting caught up with measurable results. No, No, NO!!!! No more veering off the path of development.

Please do all of yourselves that favor.

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