Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blogworthy featuring mention of Lionel Ritchie

You can listen to this masterpiece hit, "I call it love" here. This man still has got it! I'm referring to the ever elusive "it" that most wanna be stars are always hoping to have, find, acquire, create, buy..., whatever. Can't wait for that cd. And I was just commenting on how Neyo and Chris Brown are making decent attempts on bringing back love songs. They aint got nothing on this man! And so many years later. My father must be jumping around somewhere with the thought of new music from Lionel. And the radio DJ was super excited about Nicole being in the upcoming video. He proclaimed it was going to be good. I mean how sexy can one get in front of her dad?

Can anyone say tail between legs? I wonder how they all feel about this. Having to reverse their self serving policies. If that money is coming in with sanctions, Just say no! I have to say I think we need to be prepared in case Somali gets out of control for the sake of Kenyans, but we still have the upper negotiating hand here. Al qaida isn't mad at Kenya, if you all know what I'm saying. They get a strong hold in our neighborhoods, not good for us, but much worse for others! Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

The blogs have been interesting. So is the Kachumbari of KenyanVillager dead? Or is Samuel, Kachumbari's alter ego? I sure hope the latter is the case. Yes, I'm in denial, seriously!

And I was in San Fran. Had to scream at a cousin, name Njeri, to cross over so that we wouldn't miss the cable car. So I scream"Njeeerrriiiii!". White woman to my right looks at me, she is flabbergasted. "What a coincidence," she reckons. "Even, I'm about to scream the same name across." And proceeds to shout "Jeerrryyy ", to her male friend (Jerry) across. Which brings me to a new philosophical question. "Is this or is this not a coincidence?" You know, like in the tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it thud, and hence, does it make a sound? Seeing that we weren't calling the same name, despite sounding like it? Feel free to debate on this one, if you please.


Ms K said...

That song is so catchy and brilliant! I love it!

But I wish he hadn't used Nicole in the video. She needs to try eat some food!

mama mia said...

I found 'Coincidence or Destiny' by RA Johnson a fascinating read in this regard - a collection of real-life meaningful coincidences that happened to various pple.

Mimmz said...

@ms K; I love the song as well. Lionel Ritchie rocks!

@mama Mia: Thansk for pointing me towards a good read. I'm a total junkie in that department.