Friday, August 04, 2006

So why do I care?

About these things. That's if I really do care. They do bug me though. That I know for sure.

1. The cheap perfume. And why so much of it? So much that I gag when I walk into the bathrooms after you've been there? Despite the fact that you're no longer there, and I don't know how long ago you were last in here. But I know you were in here because your cheap smell is still hogging the air so tightly. It's so bad that I have to hope I don't leave the place smelling the same as the current air I'm struggling to breathe in.

Here is a tip. Dump the cheap perfume. Buy a more expensive one. Use like 1/10 of the amount you are using currently. Seeing that you will shop a lot less often for perfumes, your everyday cost will remain unchanged, if not reduced. And why do I care? Because you're infringing on my share of the air as well!

2. The ineffective manager. The one who is afraid of everyone and hopes to make all his subordinates the same as him. Becomes openly hostile to his subordinates when they don't comply, while he's a total woos amongst his peers. Result, underfunctioning department, unhappy, frustrated direct reports, a team that nobody wants to work with and a general pain in the you know where! Worse than him is the Bit**, (always a woman, in this case. Anyone know why?), the person he tries to shelter from answering basic questions that would assist his team in working out her problems. Why does he shelter her from answering questions? Don't know. Because it sure as hell won't kill her!

Why do I care? Because we the other departments have to deal with your department. And we hate that we work with them undercover, and can only let you in on what we are doing at the very last minute, so that you don't cripple them, and us in the process!

3. The freaking wars all over the damn place right now. The fact that in the old days, when wars were fought by the sons of the Kings at the head of the battle lines, controlled the wars that were fought to within necessecity. Not today. We pick an elite group. Vote them into powerful positions, and make it easy to okay a war. We then go out and recruit poor kids into an army, convince them that the word of their superiors is law, and then proceed to send them to meaningless wars. You know why they are sending these kids to these wars?Because their own children are not at the frontlines! Had they been, their opinions on these issues being war worthy would be very different. And while I'm at this, can anyone tell me why Israel keeps bombing Lebanon over a war it has with Hezbollah? Doesn't this violate like some many war pacts sitting inside of the UN?

Why do I care? Because I am shit, pissed tired of the rich, greedy, guileless, immoral people being so easily able to manipulate the rest of the people. And in the process, enriching themselves and chasing meaningless power at any cost to the lives of the regular folk, those that apparently don't matter! And worse, that we the masses, sit here and continue to live in a world that lives like this. And especially because those resisting it have been lumped together with the real terrorists. And we will no longer be able to tell the difference between the two!

And to end on a lighter note. If you live in the states. See if you have a frenemy you may wanna send this to.

I've also had this with me for so long, I'm not sure if it's live in production yet. Here, entertain yourself as to some of the new vista sites coming soon.

Xbox crazy? This one's for you! It was especially hot during world cup. And there are so many more. All in small doses, peeps.

Enjoy your weekend folks!

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>d® said...

Funny stuff, about the cologne. Why is it that the cheapest fragrances smell the strongest?

And don't even get me started about work.

That tech quiz got me too. It's insults rival Bop It's!