Monday, October 02, 2006


Lists of shame:
Barrack Obama fueled by ignorant kenyans : I have said many times before, that the opinion of the west is to be left in the west or to be left only to proper diplomatic forums. I have begged before that Kenyans start to value only their own opinions after ascertaining that they are informed. Barrack cannot claim that the Kenyans he spoke to have depth, which he claims is missing from the response letters he got from his speech. These Kenyans with depth are looking for any cult like figure or following; and just look at the orange, banana shenanigans that went on in there just a few months ago should you want to argue. Information from this crowd or an opposition hell bent on destructive politics is not depth. As a politician himself, Barrack should be able to see this from far. But is it possible he is plagued by his own ghosts? Remember Auma his sister in his book "Dreams of my father"? What did she insinuate to him was the reason behind why his father couldn't get a job at some point? She claimed tribal politics. Forget that it was the universal political game; you antagonize the leader, you fall. No one would blame Barrack for holding this grudge with all the one sided information he has had access to. Still, it's no excuse for a smart man like Barrack to act like he wasn't. And feel secure because there is a loud chorus of ignorant Kenyans backing him up. Again, I repeat, let the Kenyans run Kenya. It is these random acts where you allow a select few foreigners, say Clay and Barrack, to make derogatory statements randomly that lead to the comments made by Bush and the Tanzanian president. That you scoff at? You created the environment that lets these kinds of things happen. And those that want to argue with Barrack being kenyan so he can comment, BS!!! If he was THAT Kenyan, he wouldn't be on the US senate!

John Githongo: If ever there was a man to be ashamed of, it's this one. Pretending to run for shelter from peopel that want to kill him and acting like a perpetual victim. This might be a condition of overvaluing self. And now you think you deserve a seat in our kenyan parliament? Tell us Githongo, say you were president, where would you run to should a difficult situation arise? Where? Into whose arms? The UK, US, those people you run to, to disclose information that tax payers, via the government paid you to gather. Information they expected you to deliver to their hands that you took and delivered to another independent government?Your job was to deliver this dossier to the government that paid for it first, not other governments. What you did was abscond your duty and absolutely abuse tax payers money. Your good fortune lies in the fact that they, the taxpayers, are mostly too dumb to realize that.

The government on dropping the standard newspapers journalists case: I personally believe there is a small fire hidden somewhere here. I think that the Standard either had or has a leak in the state house. What this does for national security makes me shudder. Plus, I think that the government dropped these cases so as to be in agreement with the masses. The pontius Pilate syndrome at work here as well. Personally, I need a government that can protect me, and follow through on what they start out to do. At releasing these journalists, they indicate these people were never at fault and should therefore immediately indict Michuki and his crew for harassment and property damage.

Lists of kudos:
Warren Buffet: On starting a trend that has caught on, when he gave a very huge chunk of his wealth to the bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Kudos!

National Geographic channel: For more information than anyone will ever need to have on the entire process of birth right from conception. Details on details and 3d picture of a developing female foetus. Brilliant! The documentary is in the womb and it's strangely fascinating.

Kenyan government: for making the abuse of malaria drugs more expensive and therefore harder to reach. And especially for making malaria treatment free in clinics. Very big kudos!

Wangari Maathai: On a brilliant autobiography and just a wonderful journey through life. Long live!

Resting my case(s), for now anyway!


Half 'n' half said...

Thank God am not the only one who feels this way about Obama and Githongo. I dont get it? Why are kenyans taking them like some heroes? Are we really that short of heroes in our back yards?

3N said...

mimmz..what is you say is truth and in fact Koigi had an article couple of weeks ago complaining about the ignorance and blindness of our people when it comes to Obama and Githongo.

And can you imagine these same Kenyans will probably force Githongo into parliament and lay out a red carpet to a ministrial position. The that was 'sleeping' with clay whilst working for Kibaki. Shame on Him.

MM said...

I am very impressed with your critic angle. I thot Githongo is a mama's cry boy. Very old but still a kid. Come home Githongo, noone will kill you, u aint worth that effort.

Όstalgia said...

you should add yourself to the kudos list! you've hit on Githongo squarely, and rightly so..

Shiroh said...

Obviously this is another brilliant post that escaped my eyes.

Githongo is a guy who i don't understand. He was on a vengeance spree.

The truth of the matter is Githongo was given work to do, he showed it to Clay, Clay vomited it on some function and the dumb ass had to leave. Kibaki trusted the man and he betrayed him. No wonder he is running, the guilty ran before they are chased.

On Obama, for his mad looks, i don't criticize him

Anonymous said...

I am surprised you people want to make Kibaki a hero.. Little wonder your country will never develop. Any advances that have occured in the last 3 years are kenyans rights not a priviledge. Kibaki and his cronies have failed kenyans, we should have 7% economic growth. Part of the money that s returned to kenya is the money repartriated over 20 years

Mimmz said...

OK, everyone who commented before Anonymous here did. Kudos to you for being forward thinking gems!
@ Shiroh, I'll give you Obama's looks. Still he's too smart to act this dumb...

@ Anonymous... Where did I mention Kibaki being a hero? Are you carrying forward an opinion from elsewhere? BTW, I'm a huge Kibaki fan. Here is why. See your statement "Any advances that have occured in the last 3 years are kenyans rights not a priviledge." You're right. Point is they always were. But until 3 years ago, they simply weren't happeneing. And now the economic advances are happening. That's what we see acknowledge and appreciate. Don't let your prejudices dull your mind.