Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Enough Already!

Perpetual Victim Syndrome. As per the description of a victim, I can't help but wonder if this also becomes a disease. I can't help but notice the symptoms of a chronic illness brewing in Kenya. It is with everyone. And more so, it is exasperating to watch. Victims of unfair practices, victims of undelivering governments.

Standard/KTN the victims?
Are they done whining yet? Over a week later and they are still talking about the raid? Has nothing else happened in that nation since? And these victims, are they telling us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Has anyone else noticed how much their coverage is about the raid and not the 3 staff members and their cases? What is the reason behind why these people were being held? I find it hard to believe that the only reason is because they wrote about Kalonzo and Kibaki meeting. That, I think, may have triggered an investigation. Into what I ask, dear Standard? Because by all measures, why only the Standard was raided? What is the alleged security breach? I must point out, I'm all for shutting down every newspaper if it provides a security breach. Also, I'm not a believer in the news/media being over and above the safety of the people. If there's a leak in State house, speak or serve time. My safety and my family's before news, which by the way are biased as is possible to be. Has any of you asked if Standard/KTN is being completely honest? Have they lied by omission? I think so. But they can. Because you eat it up. They have control over you and they know it.

The crowds are screaming for blood
In a recent post, I described the pontius Pilate Syndrome. Where everyone gathers and starts screaming for blood. And it's happening again. Why, I ask, have Kenyans turned off their brains? Why are you all so willing to be manipulated? Why must you all agree on nothing? How comes, it's so easy for you to believe in everything you read, despite years of literature that have taught you to analyze what you read. How comes the only solution you all have for everything that goes wrong is resignation? What happened to correction? Who says you're all perfect? If we ran our businesses this way, would we have a single surviving one? Could we possibly fire everyone that errors, without investigation, and say, we find that they are guilty, without a process of correction? For everyone that resigned following Anglo Leasing, how many projects have stalled? Was this worthwhile or could they have been working, since after all they're getting paid as investigations continue?

Angry or Crazed
The way I see it, Kenyans are angry. About many things and rightfully so. But I'm unhappy with how they are handling this. Kenyans are jaded, so they are venting. I liken these acts of idiosyncrasies to throwing crystal objects to walls as a show of anger. Because they are angry, Kenyans are spreading misery. To everyone in power. I'm amazed that anyone runs for elections with a crowd like this one. Who would want to claim charge over people that refuse to be helped? People who want to "preach to the world" that they have been wronged, and cannot wait for the next example to showcase. The Kenyans have been victims of injustices for so long and they must complain about it some more. Oh, oh, oh, here comes another chance to prove we, kenyans, are victims. My advice to you all, snap out of it. You can only whine so much before those listening have heard enough. There are those that haven't though. Does it concern anyone that the UK house has time to debate what is going on in your country? Did they stop their daily affairs to debate the starving people? This they interfere with? Tell me, why did your forefathers fight for freedom? How comes, you all think it's a great day when the world is debating your dumb acts? Don't you see that the people that suffer are those where the potential aid would have helped them? Why does someone not turn to these people and tell them to help without sanctions, especially where it does not involve concern with spending of allotted funds, or shove it! I'm particularly proud that Kibaki said he wasn't firing anyone to appease the crowds anymore. Good one, NOT Pontius Pilate!

Why you have no choice but to process and discard the bad stuff
Remember Hitler and the Jews? Recall Rwanda? Everyone agrees that Hitler was horrible. So were the interhamwe and the people influencing the general Hutus to kill their Tutsi countrymen and women. Agreed. But are these the only people to blame. Isn't the honest and appropriate feeling towards these genocides disappointment in the human race? The general German elitist and Hutu elitist who killed another man because he was influenced, is he innocent? Wasn't he responsible for his thoughts? Did he not have control over that? Could he not decide not to believe crap he heard? That's where you all come in. You can think the worst of the government and every official in it. Just think it. After you have read and observed, conclusively think it. Don't give reasons such as "I read in the papers" and believe that to be a sufficient answer? Let that prompt you to find out more or to know that there could be more to learn. There are always 2 sides to every story. And listening with an open mind to both sides is the key to being honestly informed. The worst and most dangerous person is he with little information. Because he thinks he knows when he doesn't. And the general Kenyan is here right now.

The White Man doesn't know better
Trust me. Therefore stop writing about how the "white world is up in arms against this or the other" ,because it agrees with your sentiments, as a happy thing. If you thought it, that should be sufficient to give it weight. Weight is not when 27 delegations chip in their 25 cents worth? If they can see a pattern, so can you and the next Kenyan. If they say it, it isn't automatically right. I beg kindly that you cease and desist to make important news of the white man's opinion. I'm quite sure it carries no more thought process than my own. IT gives them reason to deny you much needed aid though. And also gives them reason to claim you're incapable of handling this or the other on your own. After all, aren't you always looking up to them to confirm your opinions?

Clock's Ticking:
In reality, Kenya is a very developed country with great human resource, in comaprison with 3rd world countries. In reality as well, Kenyans are excitable and are easily manipulated into tunnel vision. In greater reality, Kenya's debt was not pardoned while that of its neighbors, its general competitors was. Translate that to this. Kenya has a very short while to cement its worthiness. As we speak, the other countries have capital not accessible to Kenyans until after they're done paying off debt. Kenyans need to simmer down and start concentrating on true and effective methods that secure the competitive edge of the nation. Forget the Standard Newspapers and address the starving. The Standard can afford its own lawyers. Concentrate on enticing foreign investment now, while there's still an edge. Time is running out. Make sure when you all stop whining about how angry you all are it's not because you're too hungry to continue. Make some goals and attain them. Let not everyday propaganda veer you off that path that easily.


Anonymous said...

You have too much sympathy to dole out...and accuse the masses who have no way to be heard for using the only means that is available to them. This I think is the only way this particular government can be held "accountable"

"Hata mukiwachukia mtafanya nini? Bado watakuwa" ...why are some people leaders? disdain of the populace, constant reminders of their irrelvance. Disgusting arrogance.

But more to the point why hasn't the government still explained why they VANDALISED the offices? or we should move on already? i mean what conclusion is one to come to if on one side full of birdbrains and numbskulls does not even believe it has/SHOULD have time to explain their actions?(This particularly irks ME) its always distractions from one crisis to another.

Engaging post!

Mimmz said...

Msanii, as usual, you bring up good points. And the government did explain why they raided the Standard. They said it was because there was an alleged security breach. Of which the Standard has made no affirmation or negation. It's possible how the Kalonzo/Kibaki meeting information was obtained does pose questions of National Security. But say there isn't a good reason, but for idiotic policemen (what's the average education with our police force?), I'm suggesting we let Standard handle their issues and the rest of us handle our business. I'm not into sympathy. As well, I'm not into mob mentality. I prefer to deal with issues effectively. Emotions aside and make room for progressive solutions.