Friday, March 17, 2006

Definitely makes you go mhhhh

*I guess love will lead people to do strange things.

* Jessica Simpson snubbed Bush... Hehehehehe.
Maybe she isn't as dumb as she looks.

*Q: Kenyans, mercenaries, Raila, Kibaki, government ---> Hog-wash?
A: True

*Crude oil has been getting cheaper past few days, gas prices are going higher. The oil companies are making record profits. Congress is meeting them to discuss this trend. Anyone believe this will lead anywhere? Didn't think so.

* Iraq is teetering on the edge of a civil war. The US air force has launched a massive strike. Since they "control" Iraq via the so called new Iraq Government, are they at war with themselves? Oh, well. It was bound to happen sooner than later.

* The stinking rich KC Chiefs, their owners and the state of MO think taxpayers with little money to spare (aka me) should pay more taxes so that the stinking rich keep getting richer. Instead, they (rich ones) could each give up 50% of their $7-15M earnings per year and build the damn roof at Arrowhead Stadium themselves. Making me madder is that there's no financial benefit to the state, but plenty to the chief and Royals owners, to be gained from this. That translates to me paying taxes for this roof for years. Goodness, why when the average cost to park a vehicle during a chiefs game is $25??! Strangely, I know the average taxpayer will vote to allow this damn tax just so that they don't lose the chiefs to LA. You ask me, I love the chiefs but c'mon, don't sucker me!

* This state had 92 tornadoes touch down 5 days ago and we should be snowing again within the next 24 hours? Given that tornadoes are a factor of warming temperatures and snow the opposite of that... AAhhhh, gotta love the Midwest.


Msanii_XL said...

lol..jessica the blond looks are all a facade?

25 for parking? ya'll don;t have park and rides over there? works wonders park for free and shuttle to game..

Msanii_XL said...

oops forgot... KC chiefs and LA doesn't sound right. btw RAMS fan ofer here...I never detected any cross town rivalry when I was down there..hmm

Mimmz said...

No park and rides. That would affect the profit margin for the teams. I'm sure it's not encouraged. Which means that there are huge traffic jams as well as the $25 parking fee on game days. Not to mention the $6 draft beer. It makes no sense. And now the Royals (remember they are on a perpetual losing streak) want the tax payers $$ to build them a pavillion for them and their families. This pavillion will have amongst other things, a movie theater. Do we seriously look that dumb to these people?

Jessica is a smart woman. I definitely changed my opinion of her.

Rams and Chiefs have a friendly rivalry. The chiefs lost Tony Richardson to the vikings?! Couldn't offer him enough to stay. And they want my support to stay...?