Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Now, I've heard it all

Has anyone read from CNN that the FBI cannot afford e-mail accounts for its agents? The reason for this is even better. The FBI, has its own Anglo leasing. Yes, the FBI invested some $2B, (B stands for billion, you're reading correctly) for some supposed, well dreamed, technology project. The contracting company never delivered, and no one is demanding this money back. Instead, as a way of combating questions into the flabbergasting possibility that the FBI is denying some of its agents e-mail accounts; one lady said that some 2000 agents would have e-mail accounts by December. Seriously? It will take the enormous institution 9 months to set up 2000 e-mail accounts? In terms of affordability, this cost compared to the operating costs of this bureau does not amount to a drop in the ocean. What is going on with Bush's administration?

Gossip has it that the port deals, the ones that they would not let the UAE company through to run. Guess who is going to get the deal? Think again. You got it, HALIBURTON. Yes, Haliburton. Haliburton is the same company that charges $100 for a soldier's meal in Iraq and they fed them crap. Including giving them untreated water from either the Euphrates or the Tigris, who knows. The same Haliburton charged to the government, $1400 for hammers after giving them a politically correct name that made it sound important. No government contract has been pulled from this company yet. Yes, they are completely immersed with the Bush family. So all of you screaming in pleasure about dignitaries from this West you choose to assume is so great and not corrupt, please stop. Tell them instead to pull out the logs from their eyes before they point out the splinter in yours.

Away from politics, here is a neighbor not to have. How annoying. They should set him up for a public flogging and then turn his yard to a dog poop dump site. Make him watch that and like it.

Want an error proof job? Meteorologist. They had been singing about 3-18 inches of snow. We were lucky to see a dusting here this morning. Some errors are acceptable but when they have everyone turning on their emergency units and going over emergency drills, for nothing! And this isn't the first time. I guess good guessing is what they do. They're telling us we'll see a dusting tomorrow, I think we'll be buried in snow then.

Did you know the Irish white consider it a no, no to marry outside of Irish? Yeah. They look down on that. I learnt that at some St. Patty's parade/drinking binge last Friday. What would they say to a mixed race marriage? Did you also know the Puerto Rican Latino is considered the Latino trash? Yeah. And J. LO and her husband are Puerto Ricans. I was given this as a reason why she has had so many amazing issues. So like calling a Mexican, Puerto Rican is a good way to make enemies. Tribalism is rampant in Africa as we all know. Basically, does anyone believe there's a chance of ever uniting this world?


guessaurus said...

Funny, I just finished commenting on Stunnuh's blog on the issue of these Western governments and their corruption - and how they sit back and point the fingers on us. Shame. Did you read the article in the G2 (Guardian) yesterday?

And as for Haliburton - are you suprised?

As for the weather - it is supposed to be spring, and we are still freezing - I need to get the Guessing game going -seeing that I am officially, ..er.. Guess :D

That neighbour from Hell - literally makes me laugh - what is with loner Martins (There is the case of Tony Martins here shooting dead a burgler)

I will make a note of keeping away from referring to any Latinos as anything but humans (LOL talk about the world all over being divided on colour/race/gender/sexuality/religion etc.

Which of these divisions survive a short in the heart?

Guessaurus said...

I meant a shot - damn these fingers

As for the guardian link - here goes

Guessaurus said...

Here is the link in the G2 regarding the use of Coalition money in Iraq:


Guessaurus said...

I seem to be permanently camped here, I apologise...

The link to the Kenyan/British corruption link:


I am going away now :(

Mimmz said...

Guessaurus. What a good read. Thanks for the links. The post about the Iraq money, it gets worse. Some guy was on TV, Bill Maher's show. He said that they literally were wheeling money in wheelbarrows. Can you believe that? Asked why they didn't keep records of who they paid and what amounts, he said that they didn't have the time.
I'm hoping to catch Oprah's show tonight so I can see the poverty levels in this country that are kept undercover. That money could have helped these people if not the Iraqis. I'm no believer in Oprah's 'genuine intentions' unquestioned anymore, but she still has the power to highlight an issue. I just weed out her under-researched opinions.
Do you know Kenyans drive me crazy when they indicate an excited reaction because some international delegate said something they were already thinking? This is why!

acolyte said...

Ethnicity has become an even bigger issue over time!I am not surprised with what the Irish believe even though they are seen as the lowest group in the U.K

acolyte said...

I was interupted before I finised.It seems that everyone thinks that their own group or ethnicity is superior when we all should know that we were created equal!