Saturday, October 14, 2006

Peek through the blinds...

I keep getting asked about how my brain is wired. Here's how.

1. Whenever there are 2 opposing parties, I make choices/decisions based on pure fact. Forget sentiment. Simply it means that if I switched sides I'd still make the same decision or hold the same opinion. And if not, I'd carry the knowledge that I was being self serving and not necessarily fair. That's as fair as it gets.

2. I hate people who abuse those they deem lesser than them. physically or emotionally.

3. I'm simply lost when it comes to this one. Why again are you with a spouse who abuses you?

4. I value most my peace of mind. The first signs of a relationship infringing on this and we're done.

5. I only break up once!

6. People who get to know me tell me I was intimidating when they first met me. Until I heard this several times, I used to think I was very approachable to strangers. Interestingly, no one has clearly explained how it is I intimidate people yet.

7. I have patience proportional to your expected knowledge base on the subject matter. This is a very elastic area for me. 0-100%.

8. I emotionally dump people who insist on seeking pain in their lives to play the perpetual victim role. Logic behind this is if I'm choosing happiness and they insist on calling me to join their painful choice of a world; then they're antagonizing my efforts. Kwaheri!

9. It's all very clear to me. Almost always. crystal clear!

10. I'm very angry at the idea of death. I've accepted that it happens but I'm still very angry about it. We could all just leave when we were ready to. Who wants to continue living when all their body parts don't work any longer?

11. I feel quite sure that Christianity is the way to the truth. Having said that, I've lately come to believe that the enemy is within. Organized religion is causing Christianity to be deemed stupid. I can see why people would think so.

12. I have 2, potentially 3, people I admire or that inspire me. First is Mother Theresa, hands down. 2nd is Bill Clinton. If you want to go on about adulterous scandals, I said people I admire, not gods. And a possible 3rd is Princess Diana. I wish I knew more. But there's so much potential there.

13. I really don't care what people think of me as much as I care that I can stand myself at the end of the day.

14. Music and books are alike to me. I will listen to or read anything.

15. As far as I'm concerned, "stupid" is not an insult. It's a condition that can and should be rectified. Usually through self edification.

In a nutshell!


Gemini said...

6)You come off as intimidating because of your strong, very strong, personality (you're very opinionated and you don't worry about "rocking the boat"). Once someone gets beyond this, you're nothing but a fluffy pussycat!...until that someone says something crazy, then your ever-sharp claws come tearing at them!!!

Anonymous said...

quite assertive! looks like you don't "look" behind your back much! ...