Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Genesis...

I've been wondering why the US has become so arrogant as to ban people out of the states under what they call an anti-corruption law. Never mind that their current government is running with more corrupt deals and allegations than the Kibaki government.

It's the same arrogance I see with this US government that has them interfering with Iran and their nuclear program under a "cannot be trusted with those" guise. Surely, can the US of A who already have nukes be any better trusted? If what the ex-CIA official said is true, there's a tape out there that guarantees that Bush and Blair were plotting a war that had no basis. The CIA has a conversation between these two men of the "trusted" nations that has them discussing how to force a relation between Iraq and al-Qaida, despite knowing that there are no links, saved.

I'm to the point I'm both frustrated and exhausted with this attitude. Simply because it insults me. Every time I hear a politician open their mouths and justify an obvious wrong, every time someone comes out and tries to pretend that all is well, if you look at it from their point of view, I want to scream. I don't want the modern day politician speaking on my behalf. Do not speak to represent me. I would call for a disclaimer be introduced before they speak. One that goes like "As I speak, I represent only those dumb enough to agree with me. I emphasize that I do not represent those smarter and more conscientious than I". I will belong to those this disclaimer excludes. And I would like a badge of honor made for me to wear to show this. I'm smarter than all this, and definitely better than it too. Don't lump me into what seems to be the majority world population. You are drowning my voice and it's singing a very different tune from yours.

As always, I'm going to the root of the problem. And I'm blaming you people out of there that belong to the following categories. If:
1. You hear things and believe them without question, especially if you believe them because they are from people who you have things in common with you such as tribes, race or business/wealth inclinations.
2. Do not vote. Complain under the table and just never bother to get involved beyond bickering. I call you whinny.
3. Do not read the paper, watch news and bother to enlighten yourself, objectively I might add.
4. Write for any news outlet, especially major ones in one of the following ways. Write inaccurate information, intentionally or not. Write biased news for the masses as if it were truth and do not involve yourself with due diligence before printing influential materials.
5. Refuse to stand alone to fight for what you believe in ever. Always pick the safe/majority side and refuse to just risk being different even for things you believe in. Swayed convictions. Must agree with the masses.

To me you are all the genesis of my problems. You are the reason why these idiots first and foremost, get elected. Then the reason why they confidently and in a non chalant manner proceed to do atrocious acts. They then come forward and justify these actions. And moreover, some of you continue to support them either because they paid you money, or because they added a gay vote to the ballots amongst other important issues. Worse, because they are from your tribes. You are my problem. If this type of habit, attitude or leadership is a drug, you are its enablers. You are the reason no amount of rehab could change anything around me.

I appreciate the freedom to express yourself always. To do what you want to within the law. Even to be stupid. It's all your prerogative. But I draw a line on any of these freedoms. At the point where your actions/ freedoms start to affect me. And all of yours have been and continue to affect me and a lot of those people without voices. You are the genesis of the wrongs that are going on in this world. So now that it's been explicitly pointed out to you, what are you going to do about it? How are you going to confine the consequences of your acts, mainly selfish and lazy ones, to yourselves?


UARIDI said...

I hear your frustation, and as an exhausted activist, I am taking a long leave, until my frayed and shot nerves are rested enough.

Meanwhile, I will encourage all bloggers who are blogging for human rights and true democracy.

HASH said...

Some of your post sounds very libertarian. In fact, I think this quote sums up the libertarian idea pretty succinctly:

"I appreciate the freedom to express yourself always. To do what you want to within the law. Even to be stupid. It's all your prerogative. But I draw a line on any of these freedoms."

Mimmz said...

@hash: Really? Libertarian? I wasn't aware of that. Doesn't this part of the quote, "But I draw a line on any of these freedoms." actually contradict my libertarian theory?