Monday, June 26, 2006

In the past month...

-I have been to hell and back via strep throat. Hell thoroughly sucked.

-Al Zarqawi got killed. In an air strike. Some 2, 500 pound bombs used. Picture of dead body was taken. It was framed. It was displayed to the public, proudly. And they call the Africans barbaric? And btw, I'm not buying the air strike as Zarqawi's point of death. That body did not bear the marks of the air raid that was described as the source of death. It should have been more... what's the word, bruised, battered, blue...Yeap. The forensics evidence would support my suspicion I'm sure. Who else suspects another gitmo murder?

-The Armenians saga... I'll let you all talk about that since you've had so much to say about it. So is this about airport security, attack on the president, who was going about his business as were the rest of you when guns were pulled out at the airport, or is this just another loud public bickering out of sheer habit? And how horrible, the police found these people, shipped them out of country immediately and the government is doing nothing?! tsk, tsk, you poor Kenyans with no one looking out for you. Or are the cops not part of the government structure unless they're raiding the standard...? Get serious you people!

- And today, Buffet announced that he would donate an approximate 80% of his $44 Billion wealth to Bill Gates foundations mostly, amongst other organizations. The significance of this is that Gates foundations are fundamental to issues in 3rd world countries as a solution. That's what I call a hero. He still left his children as billionares, not multi billionaires though. Each got just about a billion dollars.

- Also today, I decided to end my blogging hiatus. With a double post. Second one to follow shortly.


Msanii_XL said...

Really that armenian saga went down that way?

where do you hear ppl flash guns at airports willy nilly and still leave the airport like its nothing, then the police had to get a go ahead to raid the property, yes the police are really independent,

not to mention business class to Dubai instead of armenia..

while the president is busy for the milioneth time telling us about his family..really we HEARD you the first time

yes its only bitching.

wapi post number 2? nice to have you back.

POTASH said...

I can imagine after a hiatus, two posts are needed- too much going on. Al ZAq, damn I got a grainy newspaper of him that looks like that for when they lynched Kimathi.
AS for Armenians... why you can add a voice... it is such an annoying thing we shouldn't really hear the last word unless it is from the top.