Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Worthy Mentions

Ati China can aim and fire at a missile in space from earth.... and get it right the first time? Daaammmmn! Can you say just negated all efforts at warfare the superpowers have been wasting money on in the past 3 decades. Satellite doesn't count anymore. With the ability to disable every target via annihilating the satellites then being the only one with a satellite and knowing where to hit and aim? Damn them Chinese. They are so super smart. Like find the real solutions to the real problems. Oh, and yes. We believe the real concern here is space debris - not. To speak like a true Kenyan, as if? Balaa. China just won every war it hasn't fought yet. Who is the new world military power? Believe it! China. Amazing how everything can change with just one test.

Go Colts!!!! Winning after being down 21-3. Go colts. And 2 African American coaches at the Superbowl. Some super sweet balaa. Martin Luther King Jr, what say you about your dream now? "I had a dream?" Now anyone of these two teams can win the game. The bears, the Colts. Seriously though, 51-49 vote to Colts. Go Colts!!!

So there is all this noise about global warming here and chorused by all including CEOs from pertinent firms again. mmhhhh. What would it take for us all to just get natural? Including getting to cultivating fuels instead of using fossil fuels, whose mining btw, affects the core of the earth and causes disturbances to weather patterns. That is over and above the well known pollution et al. Another 100 years and maybe someone will finally listen. And now this?

In Kenya via England, John Githongo missed his own rants and sentiments and came back singing the same old chorus. This broken record from this man who is desperately trying to get a political edge needs to be stopped. Any takers? I'm willing. Set us up on a live aired television Q&A session, me against this Githongo guy and watch me tear into him. No mercy at all. John Githongo, if you desire to contest for a political seat, return to Kenya, where nobody is looking for you, nor thinking about you, and do the drive down the potholed roads and dusty places. Campaign kama everyone else and stop these bad attempts at using this backhanded tactics. It is a sad day when education can not a wise man make. Personally, I intend to look into his blog if it ever shows up. I hope he won't be disabling comments and that he will respond to all questions posed to him via those.

And Midwest airlines must be mentioned here today. Thank you very much for a great flight. No issues, just one very understandable brief delay due to high winds and great service. Not to mention those warm choc chip cookies that always make Midwest airlines special. I'm very glad to note that Midwest is expanding its services to serve more cities. It might be the only flight I choose if it hits all my cities. Southwest comes a close second but Midwest has some very comfortable seats. There might be a good argument here for eliminating travel classes for Domestic flights and instead making all flights better and improved. Too be fair, I haven't had really huge issues with Delta, Continental or American airlines either.

Finally, to those who were with me in NYC over the weekend, thanks for the blast! It was definitely just that, a total blast!

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