Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Iraqis must show up?

And help bring peace to their country? What is wrong with this statement? And why is everyone who is an official of the US to some degree commenting on this as a fact? What makes these people think Iraqis need to be involved in bringing peace back to Iraq? They had nothing to do with removing the peaceful atmosphere that existed during Saddam's reign. So it was obviously a dictatorship. The difference between that and most other places including the US is that it was obvious, not encased in political fallacies. At the very least they had an honest environment. And moreover, their daily activities went on without a hitch.

So why are the same Iraqis who have lost schools, health centers, relatives, peace in their home environments amongst others expected to clean up a mess they didn't create? Why is every US official talking like the reason Iraq hasn't been conquered yet has anything to do with the Iraqis? The Iraqis didn't start this war because they weren't ready for it. Dictators always go out the historical way. Strikes, riots and if nothing changes, revolts or civil war. Time fixes that. When people have had enough, they fix their situations. So why would the Bush administration indicate that they will dictate to the now democratic Iraqi government (is this ironic) when and where and how soon and how many troops and basically their level of involvement? Or leave them to their own chaos? These chaos have never belonged to the Iraqi people. They have been victimized by them, but never owned them.

Enough with the hypocrisy. Bringing democracy to the Iraqi people, my foot. If we are to believe this, then for sure these troops are headed to Darfur soon? Or maybe not, there's no oil there. No need for democracy there. Selectively ambassador the countries of the world, is what these administration does. Selective criteria, oil and perhaps diamonds or maybe copper in the future, must be abundant in these nations. I'm sure this very helpful reason is why the US was in SA as they lived through apartheid. Very loving world police who help all those who are oppressed. Where would the world be without them?

My opinion is; bring peace to Iraq and rebuild it. Not the Iraqi people. You. You who went there and dropped bombs, uprooted their sewage systems, interferred with every one's livelihood and messed up school attendance and goals for citizens of Iraq for the past 3 years. So you and your people are happy. You got what you wanted. Whatever might have needed to be avenged is avenged. Rebuild. Yourselves. Your people. Your sweat. Your blood. Leave the innocent, unwilling victims alone. Their involvement must be left to be theirs alone and that of choice. They have suffered enough so that your goals were met. And whatever is happening there isn't their fault. It's all yours. Because you invaded their country. Your fault, your problem, your mess to fix. And fix it, soon!


Whispering Inn said...

My thoughts exactly!

Remember Colin Powell's pottery barn rule: "You break it, you own it."

coldtusker said...

I am curious... but the iraqis do the same (rebuild, repair, recompense) after they:
1) killed Kuwaitis
2) stole Kuwaiti money
3) destroyed Kuwaiti property
4) raped Kuwaiti women (& men?)
5) destroyed Kuwaiti oil installations?

Mimmz said...

Yes, Coldtusker, the Iraqis would need to do the same in Kuwait. But recall, there were other people from other countries went in and secured the oil wells where most of the damage was done. I know the fires they set took 9 months to put out and I know the invasion was unnecessary and uncalled for. That was their responsibility. And same case here, Unnecessary and uncalled for and the responsibility of the US in this case.