Monday, January 08, 2007

2007... so far

First and foremost, no more bells and whistles with the new years. While I'm very glad and grateful to be alive with each, I'm also very aware that I'm getting older. Plus after this many new years, boy, it got old! However, don't let that get in the way of this little message; Happy New Year, y'all!

About the deaths of James Brown, Gerald Ford and Saddam Hussein all in a very short period of time... what is there to say? Rest in peace you all. Hata kama, they snack Hussein's hanging on us. I left to go out briefly, I return and I'm questioning a relative of mine as to why the people on Nightline keep talking like they've already executed Saddam. She reckons, they mean upcoming execution, I'm explaining they're usually very careful with how they say what they say when "...who was executed about 2 hours ago by hanging...", comes through. I have never known a time when I needed to use the swahili word I was taught by my crazy primary school instructor, "Bumbuwazi!" The real ones. Loss of a king of soul, a president of peace (after the Watergate scandal) and the leader of the Middle East. For those who believe in signs, is this one of them? And if so, of what?

I feel quite sure that the lesson for all this year is not to give up. In it's simplest and purest meaning. Whatever you're doing, don't give up. And within that lies Endurance. Build up endurance folks. That's the message for 2007.

Elections Kenya 2007. The less I know the less irritated I will be, I'm sure. But because I'm an information junkie type, I'm going to know and I'm going to be mad, irate, disappointed and angry. I hope I'm prepared. Might I urge all bloggers to argue wisely, based on fact and at the very least on logical reason? Any deviation from this and I might as well read the papers to hear what our politicians had to say.

Football season. The Chiefs. Where do I begin? With their miraculous playoff qualification or with their disastrous showing in Indianapolis? After little thought, I won't start with them at all. Fargghedaboutem! Cowboys, they tried. Good showing. Went out fighting. I'm hoping the colts win the Superbowl.

Of course this year the economic debate this part of the hemisphere will be "Are we or are we not headed towards a recession?" Should be interesting. I think we are. And that could be dangerous. But a recession today in the global world would be different from the one that happened in the 20s. Perhaps, if I do feel so inclined, I'll put up a post dedicated to this later.

I've learnt that if someone keeps asking you real stupid questions and you don't know where to start, you go like "in the beginning there was an atom. And then came a big bang!..." and keep going until they catch on that you're trying to find a beginning that works for them. Of course Christians like me will start as "In the beginning there was the word, and the word was God." (or is it and the word was in God or somn). Yeap people. That's where you start.

Again, make 2007 count! Be happy!

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