Monday, February 05, 2007

The way I see it...

That the US media is jetting into Kenya often enough now to raise concern for Obama's kin. Apparently, they are going to fight/contest Obama by finding out about his Kenyan roots. Crazy aspect here is that the fickle mindedness of the general population would allow this to happen. How is it, that a past Obama never had should influence his future? How would a journalist twist his findings in Nyangoma Kogelo (is it?) so that he used these to portray what kind of president Barrack Obama might make? Not much, says logic. But logic doesn't dictate these things, no. Foolishness does. The readers of these publications are easily excitable and will hang on to anything that constitutes idle gossip, no matter how irrelevant it truly is. This is the reason why the US media is wasting, read investing, money by flying into Kenya to dig up "dirt" on Obama. I'm hard pressed to believe they are looking for anything positive. They all know Obama didn't grow up in Kenya and has nothing to do with this country as any part of his childhood or youth. I insist as a habit that people engage intelligence into every media coverage they come across.

Speaking of the media, here exists an article that I wasn't quite sure what to feel for. Dominic Odipo expressly singles out Michuki and Karua as people who don't come out well in the media. Seriously?! In all of Kenya these two he picked out. Singled them out as people who have no understanding of how the media works and its influences on them and their careers? I'm interested in how he decided these were the two he would single out. Because the list is endless, always was, as far as Kenyan politicians are concerned. Moreover, the thought that these people while addressing the masses should too much care what the masses think, I disagree with. The masses in question are not smart in general. They are fickle and easily swayed. They are a good argument for dictatorship. As a leader in these scenario that is Kenya (government versus ODM) no matter how noble the cause it must be opposed, I say just tell it as you see it and hope the obvious truth becomes obvious to those who don't see it that way somewhere in the future. Not to say they can't improve the way they communicate. But first, they need a major improvement on the way they are interviewed. The journalists basically suck. Stupid questions that indicate bias result in stupid answers that indicate defensive attitudes. If I don't stop here about the media in Kenya, I might as well write a book.

And what is that photo of Raila holding a bible to swear Kibaki promised to run for a single term?! (Is this swearing in vain?) Seriously, Raila still wants us to believe any MoU between himself and Kibaki should still be worth considering despite the past 5 years? And why did he buy that crap? Words between people cannot and should not supersede the constitution which allows Kibaki to run for another term. Raila should stop whining and he and Kibaki should meet at the polls. May the best man win!

I'm analyzing, perhaps over analyzing today's standard, so I quit it!

Tony Dungy, you and your team rock! Congratulations. Enough about Payton Manning, good as he might be. And the Bears definitely deserve a good effort mention. Poleni Chicago. Maybe next time. Till next season...

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kenya imagine? said...

Interesting wrap up and rants about the news. On Obama-- they will dig dirt on all the candidates... Obama, since he is squeaky clean, gives them a clean slate to work on, so lets wait and c.

Kenyan newsmedia... have a lot not going for them, least of which is talent! I do not understand, especially the Standard, how it gets off as a daily since it really is a tabloid... sometimes, I wonder at the grammar, other times its the content!!(all the same compare Kenyan journalists, esp when they start out, to American ones, and ours are quite favorable.

As for Raila.. he is just being drammatic!