Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kikuyus owe nobody an apology!

I was told it's Kenya against kikuyus... I guess we are no longer Kenyans.

That we have been stacking up for ourselves for far too long. Need I remind anyone that a kikuyu has led Kenya for 5 out of the last 29 years?

That we are greedy, we are all over Kenya. Last I checked it was a free country. And next time you want to accuse kikuyus of being rich because they steal, think about the fact that they are "everywhere" as you call it. It is how they get rich. They see an opportunity and they follow it. And you? You? You get mad and remain poor.

Did you know Indians don't have shops in most central province townships? The kikuyus have learnt the art of business and have run with that knowledge. Is this the same for your hometown? if not, ask yourself what the implications of that are.

About that they have old money, who owes you an apology that they settled in the highlands because they are farmers by nature,suffered the greatest personal losses from colonization, reaped the benefits of education from the same colonialists, fought for their freedom and took back their lands with enough knowledge to farm; in a primarily agricultural economy, prospered and continued to build themselves up. How do you feel that you have been wronged by this?

Did you know there are poor kikuyus?

And that we are not all related to Kenyatta?

But are all largely related to a freedom fighter somewhere?

Why not your people, you ask? I don't know. But remember, none of us chose where we were born. Plus, you could start by looking inwards instead of outwards for the problem.

Such as choosing to change, adaptability, edification and common sense. And some risk taking. personal growth too.

Recall the closest tribes to the colonialists were both the Masai and the kikuyus. Look how that turned out. Yes, yes, yes, Attitude is everything! And so are cultural influences. Maybe the greatest gift we got from the white man as kikuyus was an absolute dilution of culture, so we could be free to prosper, devoid of cultural chains.

And taking to stoning and burning investments in your local area when aggravated and wondering why there is never any progress is not smart. Rebuilding is costly and that money could have been used for prosperity.

Unless you think a kikuyu who comes across money should turn away because they are kikuyu so that they let the other person have it, shut up about this rubbish.

Why would I post about kikuyus and apologies? Because I wish everyone would stop pretending this isn't a tribalistic situation. Actually it's a step away from Rwanda. This is not about Kibaki or his government. This is about the kikuyu tribe. Which explains why the local kikuyu has already had their business burnt and perhaps their home and is probably in hiding as we speak. let's attempt open dialogue for a change. It might improve things.

I'm ashamed at the extent of educated, I would have thought sophisticated persons, calling for or condoning or quietly supporting calls for war.

Go to war. Let it rid you of kikuyus. Then you can all sit in that country, all 41 tribes of you, and love each other. You will always trust each other. It won't be over, the liaison that is; after the common enemy is gone. Nooooo. You'll all always be friends and can get along great forever and ever.

There ends the fairy tale.

We the kikuyus have had to shelter relatives after Molo. We now have relatives whose lives are in jeopardy. But we're all human. And this crap has gotten old to us too. Stop the damn madness. No one owes you an apology! If you're failing, it's probably because of something you did wrong; unless your parents failed you. If your village is, same thing. And that applies to kikuyus as well. Killing kikuyus will not build schools for you, or put money in your pockets. Grow up already!

Should we as a country kill Americans next because they are so damn successful? And always feeling a step ahead of us? And economically vibrant, hence able to influence events? Or does this argument end with kikuyus?

If it doesn't make sense one way, it doesn't make sense at all, period!

****Feel free to get as blatantly honest as you need to should you want to comment. Just not abusive.****


Thomas said...

I wouldn't care to comment other than to say this is narrow parorchial ethnic chauvinistic drivel that I can't believe is coming from Mymmoh as if those alleged Kikuyu attributes are something so unique and did not exist until muGikuyu set foot on this earth. There is nothing special about Kikuyus that is not special about Luos or anybody else for that matter. You should be more enlightened than this Mymmoh.

I am presently in mourning for my country and hope that Kibaki can see sense and do the right thing. I fear that more likely that is a pipe dream.

Mimmz said...

@Thomas: That's just it Thomas, it's not unique to kikuyus. It's human nature. Why treat them like they owe people an apology for being victims or beneficiaries of their pasts?

I have read through and I don't see anywhere where I said kikuyus were better, I just pointed out they hadn't wronged anyone, collectively.

Political issues? Take those to the politicians. They aint got nada to do with the common kikuyu.

I'm addressing the fact that the "wars" are targeting kikuyus in general.

No insults necessary, hence.

Irena said...

@Thomas, everyone is special within their own right, if one want to tout their mightness let them. God created each one of us to feel special, do nto attack Mimmiz because of her won analysis as to why we (I'm one) kikuyu's need to be hated by everyone else. She, just like you want to feel she matters and does not need to apologize. Yes Kibaki, Kalonzo, Raila, Kibera residents, Kisumu residents, coast , all of Kenya need to do the right thing and that goes to any International observer or local who saw things but kpet quiet! I do not understand why , you as an individual is so subjective to your outlook for who is causing bloddshed in our beloved Kenya. You are also part of the pack because you seem to be more interested in pointing fingers instead of LOGICALLY looking for ways to create peace of mind even to those who are not in grave danger in Kenya. Kibaki didn't create ECK , Kibaki alone didn't create elections. Everyone and their mama who were part and parcel of seeing fair and free elections including opposition has a blame on this ,so quit attacking Mimiz for getting enough of Kikuyu hatred and pointing fingers. I have friends from all tribes of Kenya and I look at them as individuals and never called one Kibaki or Raila. Your pessimistic view of a violent Kenya says it seem to wish it!

Thomas said...


If you are not a tribalist you would not notice the Kikuyuness of the alleged victims(of course you are basing this on hearsay), you would simply abhor the senseless loss of life regardless of the ethnicity of the victim. You are obsessed that the alleged victims are Kikuyu. I would be concerned(once convinced of the information) of the senseless killing of Kenyans who happen to have nothing with the illegitimacy of this election. I know what you think of Luos in general and have even gotten the impression from you that they should apologize for something.

You cannot dissociate the fact of the violence going on in Kenya from the recent election by any stretch of imagination. The common Kikuyu is part and parcel of the Kenyan political landscape including the current impasse. He has been convinced by, admittedly, the political elite from Central that he will be finished and lose everything(whatever that is that a commoner can own in such a benighted banana republic) he owns. In reality he is a mere pawn in this game. Once that trump card failed for Kibaki he(no illusions about ECK independence here) decides to steal an election in broad-daylight, on national TV. As we write this, the EU has not recognized the outcome, and there is yet a possibility that Kibaki(your hero) will become an international pariah a la Mugabe.


I don't remember asking anybody to apologize for anything. Are you suggesting Kikuyus need to be hated? Am I missing something? And being the practical person you are: can you suggest a working solution to this undeniably chaotic state of affairs brought about by the ECK. Unfortunately my pessimism is informed by what is going on in Kenya and justifiable distrust for Kibaki. I have a couple of suggestions in mind:

1. Kibaki annuls the election and creates room for either a verified recount of the votes or steps down and acknowledges the result of the certified votes(which as we write are public domain knowledge, unless your head is high up somewhere). This will almost certainly immediately stem the tide of violence(and countless lives will be spared) and Kenya can safely avert attempts by ODM, to form a parallel government and mass action and disturbances beyond the government's capacity to contain.

2. Raila accepts the results announced by the ECK(even though he won) and takes up his seat in parliament. The problem with this option is legitimizing the farce that this election has become and entrenches the culture of impunity and disrespect by leaders for the aspirations of Kenyans. At best it merely postpones the problem.

Knowing that you are more worried about a Raila Presidency than respect for institutions I don't even look forward to what you have in mind.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyu's had this coming and have no one but themselves to blame for the violence that will be meted upon them. If you have relatives outside central and eastern province tell them to move back to their central province enclave. They either join the rest of Kenyans in protesting the flawed results or ........(RIP).

irena said...

"Knowing that you are more worried about a Raila Presidency than respect for institutions I don't even look forward to what you have in mind"
Sorry Thomas you CAN NEVER READ MY MIND" I'm one person who you will never read a mind of , just because I say I'm PNU maybe I may just not be. I just do not subscribe to the believe that anything I hear, read is true!! Period hence why you cannot go with what I read ..that is what us Kyuks we are good at!!!
Before the 2 options you have given above my equally practical friend, lets get some evidence out and I mean no hearsay, not a guy who claims he was working for ECK and saw some IT guys doctor results. Lets get some IT experts to trace how these were doctored (I'm sure KBW has such pun intended), let the man go the court a witness and elaborate on how results were doctored, let the person who had one results in some constituency come up with recordings (was there no one record these) or any evidence that sows the difference in what was counted and what was reported by ECK..Thomas that is all I'm asking! That is all what anyone wants peace wants. Going to Uhuru park proves nothing, let ODM stop riding with emotions and assumptions. Actually, there must be many lawyers in the midst, lets the two teams face each other in court .. That is all Practical Irena is asking !!! I was not there and hence I refuse to be brainwashed to believing anything I hear and so far utterances from politicans which we all know are good at has just been the only evidence I have heard!

Mimmz said...

@ Thomas: I didn't quite understand your rant and I don't know why you're putting words into my mouth. When did I mention luos and owing apologies? I've read through everything and I'm not sure what it is you're talking about.

My intention was to have open dialogue. It has to be contained within facts or debatable issues not angry intolerance such as you're writing for it to be useful.

@ Anonymous: Disgusting as your sentiments are, I appreciate their sincerity.

Because every kikuyu residing outside of central province that intends to fight for their lives needs to believe this abhorring fact so as to take measures to save their lives.

Recall the tribe that was killed in the 1994 Rwandan genocide? Recall just how much they didn't believe their neighbours could harm them? Recall that? In my opinion, every kikuyu who can get away needs to.A Kenya that despises your tribe that much is not worth dying for. Get out and abandon it.

in 1992, Moi won over Matiba only as the results for the last 3 constituencies were announced after Matiba had had a strong lead throughout. I recall the disappointment, the feeling cheated and deceived. What I don't recall is it being this personal against anyone outside of political circles. This is why I insist that this is not about election results. And that's why I'm not bothering with mentioning them. Truth be told, this was going to happen to kikuyus sooner or later. This election results are just an excuse.

Have the balls to admit that all this is about Hate. That it is on the same lines as the holocaust and genocides in meaning and origin. And that the election results being a reason is a farce, that's all.

Thomas said...


I will respectfully step away from this conversation. You are incoherent.

irena said...

By the way I wish to add Thomas, I can actually add to this, I wished whole heartedly that Raila would win and I wish kibaki could step down and allow him to rule, lets see what he can do that we (kikuyus) have failed to do. Let him have his chance and see how many Kenyans will be better of, how less of Kibera slums we will have, lets see how Nyanza will be an economic force since Kibaki is the cause of all problems. Actually let him rule so the so called Kyuk/luo problem can come to an end because just like you Thomas I want change, a change that other people problems will not be defined by their birth rite but the will and power to pursue better lifes with or without the president hailing from a specific region. I yearn too for the day that Kenyans will forget about tribal politics but will judge politics and objectivity not by how they were wronged by the guy before then and want revenge but rather by their love of peace and tranquility. Yes I wish Raila will one day rule Kenya too so I too can realise and see for who he trully is!!

Thomas said...

Mimmz, I wont massage your ego by saying things that are not true. You want me to sound like anonymous to make you feel better. I am not sure why it bothers you that some people do not resent Kikuyus. Is it because it falsifies your theory?

irena said...

@ Thomas , yes you best retire from this conversation because I 'm reading news and allegations from all corners to know that there are all sorts of allegations and since you seem to know ,then my so called incoherence, you should have picked them up from the new news from CNN!about the so called tally officer who claimed to Raila that he saw 2 IT guys doctor results from some constituency ..YES THAT IS HOW INFORMED I'M. I'm not just talking and hence why you cannot read my mind!

Thomas said...

Greatly appreciated, Irena. I certainly cannot read your mind. I can barely follow your train of logic(my apologies for calling it that). Once you can string together one coherent statement, I will reconsider my decision.

irena said...

Yeah, from where I come from Queen's english was never and will never be a slave my thoughts or coherence , sorry Thomas you do not understand me or do you? If youdo not understand me , why not ask and I will expound on it to your liking. Sorry logic and diplomacy dictates peace, violence on the other hand dicates death, shattered dreams and hopelessness and I ain't for that. ! I hope the last sentence is not as "not coherent":-) .Or is it a case of lack of come back?

Thomas said...


No need to apologize. If you are still interested in conveying some coded message, you could maybe ask Mimmz for help decoding.


I am overwhelmed by Irena's remarkable grasp of gibberish. Some us never had the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with it.

wampum said...

There is only one thing that kenyans will appreciate at this time: Sober minds and miracle for peace.

There are only two people who can really quell the situation on the ground;.. Kibaki and Raila

We can scream, insult, kill , mim, rape or or do all other things to feloow kenyans, but when all is said and done; the common mwananchi will have to shoulder the price and burden of the chaos.

Kibaki should resign for the peace of the country.

we are likely to see a mutiny which is far much worse than civil disobedience.

Place let's us be calm and sober as this cloud passes over us

Philip Roy said...

Right now is the time for Moderate Kikuyus to stand up and be counted as people who said something at the important time in Kenya's History.

If people like Njonjo,Muhoho and Uhuru stepped away from Kibaki, there would be different turn to events happening in Kenya.

It's not about the Kikuyu ,but rather about the Kikuyu elite who have propelled themselves through rigging into power.

So cool your head and let us work together to try and solve this issue in peace.

Anonymous said...

As long as people are still thinking along the lines of "we the Kikuyu", there can be no progress whatsoever. Speaking of which, the much touted economic progress as a result of the Kibaki government would have happened with any government that was different from the KANU government. Yes, I am Kikuyu and I am courageous enough to say that it's time someone took the helm that was not overly associated with the Kikuyu.

"We the Kikuyu", indeed.

Thomas said...


Thank you for saying it as it is. I shy away from saying it that way because as a non-Kikuyu my objectivity is immediately brought to question. So while Mimmz can go into a jingoistic diatribe complaining about all the wrongs the Kikuyus have suffered it is easy to forget that the Bukusus equally took the brunt of the '92 tribal clashes, but you wont find them having a chip on their shoulder because of that. The thing is Kenya belongs to all of us and no innocent person should be harmed for the sins of a few.

Raila has actually appealed to Kenyans to desist from violence and victimization of people that have nothing to do with this farce. We are still waiting for the "president-elect" to come out and show the direction forward. Alas I have no illusions this will happen any time soon.

Mimmz said...

This being the last of my comments on this let's address the following,

That the first line of this post is very crucial to understanding why it was written.

That the aim of the post was to encourage people to address antikikuyuism, to be open and honest about a major underlying factor going on right now.

That I don't think every non kikuyu hates kikuyus. However, I strongly believe that anyone calling for war directly or indirectly is reacting to antikikuyuism aka Hate. Unless one can tell me where those calling war are targeting other than kikuyu homes and businesses, I think the truth is in the pudding.

That I especially need kikuyus to address their reality. They need to be prepared to flee or fight for their lives. History has taught us to be able to accept the unimaginable.

And if you want to know what I feel about the election results or peace as such, please see my previous post.

Thomas said...

"That I especially need kikuyus to address their reality. They need to be prepared to flee or fight for their lives. History has taught us to be able to accept the unimaginable."

I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I read the above but did not on second thoughts for how sad this is. Like I said earlier, other ethnic groups have been victimized before. This is not a uniquely Kikuyu experience. Instead of assuming that the worst is beyond your control, I would ask myself, why should anybody need to fight for their life? I just got information from a friend of mine who happens to be Luo and was holed up in Nation Center all of last night because there were Kikuyus looking around for Luos to kill in the Central Business District of Nairobi. I bet they were defending themselves. He was very level-headed about the situation and understood that the guys were doing this because they had nothing to live for in Kibaki's Kenya, and have been fed propaganda during the election frenzy. He still had the presence of mind not to make a blanket statement about Kikuyus or non-Luos for that matter.

I know you have tried to paint a picture of a persecuted people, but not convincingly outside of the existing political shenanigans in Kenya. If there is distrust of Kikuyu by some people, I am aware of many Kikuyus who distrust entire ethnicities purely for being different, which makes the Kikuyu "predicament" you talk about a sad state of affairs but nothing to write home about if you live in Kenya. Thats why I judge people on a case by case basis.

In the meantime, the "defeated" opposition leader is showing the way and actively urging Kenyans to shun violence and protest in an orderly manner. The "president-elect" is still waiting for instructions from the Michukis and Njenga Karumes even as his illegitimate regime becomes increasingly isolated.

Mimmz said...

Following the death of over 100 people burnt alive in an Eldoret church where kikuyus were hiding, seeking refuge, does my statement that kikuyus need to address their reality and be prepared to flee or fight for their lives still want to make you fall off your chair laughing?

I'm not painting pictures. I'm addressing reality. And a very sad reality at that.

It was worth making a comment despite hacing promised that the previous would be my last.

Thomas said...

No. Thats not something to laugh about. While I would wish the report were false, there are too many such reports coming through to dismiss off-hand. The previous 24 hours it seems like the ethnic hatred in Kenya has taken on very disturbing dimensions. It looks like Kikuyus are under attack across the country. I have even read news reports of Kikuyu refugees crossing the border into Uganda( an ironic reversal of events in the 2 countries ). A lot of things need to be done very urgently:

1. Deploy the army to quell violence where the police are overwhelmed. In certain areas martial law might have to be declared. Such actions will further curtail freedoms already under attack by the illegally installed administration, but are the best option for people facing imminent death at the hands of bloodthirsty hooligans. Where they can, they should defend themselves due to limited resources. It goes without saying that this has the potential to spiral events further out of control.

2. Open up the airwaves, so that people who feel aggrieved can get direction from their leaders(ODM) who have consistently been preaching peace and condemning violence. Have Kibaki, the strongman, issue more conciliatory speeches instead of stoking the anger of the aggrieved parties by issuing threats. There have been reports of trigger-happy police of a certain ethnicity going on a turkey shoot in Nyanza. The figures of the dead are said to be in the hundreds.

3. Address the events that triggered the explosion of ethnic violence, namely the blatant rigging of the people's votes. Yes we have heard the argument that ODM areas also experienced rigging. In such a scenario the best way out is simply to carry out an audit of the votes(PNU and ECK has categorically rejected this reasonable suggestion). ODM has categorically said power hand-over from Kibaki is a non-negotiable demand before they can even consider talking to PNU. This is reasonable demand in a working democracy(winners don't negotiate with losers to hand over power), but we know that Kenya is not a working democracy. ODM should give up some demands in this situation.

4. ODM planned million man rally on Thursday to be a peace rally as opposed to an inauguration and naming of a cabinet line-up.

While your suggestion that they escape merits some attention, there are no safe exits. Meanwhile, it has to be remembered given the news blackout, that there are indeed members of other ethnic groups facing similar attacks in areas dominated by Kikuyus. In my opinion such people face equally disgusting options as those Kikuyus under attack elsewhere and deserve to be protected as well.

Mimmz said...

Thank you, Thomas. For the first time, I actually believe that you've started to listen to/hear what I've been saying.

It's probably easier for me as a kikuyu talking to kikuyus in hiding to have understood the gravity of the situation much sooner than others.

I largely wish I had never had the opportunity to make my words as clear to you as it seems that they have become.

I concur. It's time the military was deployed in specific areas.

The Expatriate!!! said...

Ive got something to say. As an expatriate living in Kenya, i still have to say that you have not learned anything. ANYTHING. Stop behaving like little kids over all of this. The only problem that stands in your way is this tribalism. You don't vote for the best man, only your tribe. I'm not just blaming the Kikuyus. It isnt their fault. I just want to stay that after 40 years of so called 'democracy', you still bicker with each other because of tribalism. It just so frustrating to see you do that.

Last time in Europe we tried this we ended up with Hitler, and he killed 6 million people. What I simply am trying to say is for you people should unite and be Kenyans, and not subdivide yourself into tribes.

Just start calling yourselves Kenyans instead of Kikuyusm or Luos, or Kisiis, or even Masais. Things will get along much better that way.

obamab said...

Unfortunately Mimmz.... the post is what is the problem with the Kikuyu ( not blaming it on the politicians, because they are playing to the base). There is a perception that all other people in Kenya have something against the Kikuyu. Currently out there the kikuyu are inciting each other and blaming it on others...... sample this out....A recent message from Prof Ngugi wa Thiong'o rings familiar :“Prof Ngugi’s letter to the people of Limuru in Gikuyu was titled: “Mutigatume Ngari Imuriithirie Mburi, literally translated means, “Do not allow a leopard to herd your goats.”"
I will take the translation to mean what it says, this may be hearsay but then it is printed somewhere and has to have some legitimacy because I a non-Kikuyu would not make up the kikuyu saying.

I'm tired of Mimmz and others, playing the victim card. When comments such as are made, they close all the doors of objectivity and perpetuates the feeling that kikuyu are hated by other tribes in the country. Following the death of over 100 people burnt alive in an Eldoret church where kikuyus were hiding, seeking refuge.... this is an assumption that it was oly kukuyus holed up @ the church. How about Embu's and or Kambas who are also being blamed for the perceived quagmire in Kenya. The election
(as insinuated) was not about kikuyus is was about the rich and the poor. The extravagant display of wealth by the haves, and the continual diminishing of the standard of living of the have-nots.

Kikuyu's due to there industrial character either from nature or nurture, have always been the haves, in different circles, they have succeeded in doing whatever they wanted to do, from farmers, to shopkeepers, teachers etc, the politicians who have successfully looted the country in the last few years have used the same technique used by the previous regime to alienate the people and imply that they are targets and hence should band together and protect themselves, or as Mimmz put it "They need to be prepared to flee or fight for their lives. History has taught us to be able to accept the unimaginable" That I especially need kikuyus to address their reality.

ambient morality said...

expetriate, I have to say that renouncing tribalism is not possible (in the absolute sense). The best you can hope for is compromise, and that requires some level of trust in the other party. I have never been to Kenya, but I am from India and I know how deep seated ethnic differences can be. People are angry at Kibaki, and they have misdirected their fury at his ethnic group, leading to a cascade of violence. Let's hope this thing gets resolved without external intervention, and the lessons learned, hopefully, will result in instituting better safeguards against malpractice in future elections.

Anonymous said...

Mimmz i feel compelled to comment. My best friend is married to a Kikuyu, i went to school with Kikuyus. I am a kisii. By and large i have my tribal identities but most of all i am a Kenyan, Kenyan.
When my fellow kenyans were maimed and burnt alive in Eldoret, they were not Kikuyus, Merus or Kambas, they were Kenyans killed by other Kenyans bent on destroying life and property.
Many of us in the diaspora me included can rant and rave about how what is happening in Kenya. My fellow blogger Obamab could not have said it clearer, the politicians are playing to the base. When Kenyans in luo Nyanza destroy property whantonly they do it while singing ODM. It pains my heart to see this as investments that were acquired over time by fellow Kenyans are destroyed over time.
I pose this rhetorical question, why are they not breaking into Spectre International Kisumu???????????????
We need to rise above our tribes and call a spade a spade. Our leaders are safely sequestered in Runda, Karen, Muthaiga and Lavington while lives are lost. Let us pursue the different resolutions that Thomas proposes. L
Let us resist from calling it a Kikuyu against us animal. If the election was stolen Kikuyus were not the ones who stole it. It was our fellow Kenyan Kibaki who stole it.

Mimmz said...

@ Anonymous: I strongly feel that we're saying the same thing. while the tone has changed some since this post was originally written, the initial events was all out loud and clear war against kikuyus. But you're correct as my earlier posts have clearly stated. This beef is amongst politicians. And they need to sort it out. basically we the local people need to let them sort it out without hurting other innocent people for whateer we deem to be good reasons to do it. Exactly my point!

Daudi said...

I hate this post. This post is exactly the problem that Kenya has today, the arrogance of one tribe against the rest. I hate this post because does not condemn the violence agains ALL Kenyans but against the Kikuyus only. What about the rest? I hate this post because it reeks of as much tribalism as the poster is trying to condemn. I hate this post because it comes across as arrogance with the victim card to boost the play. It comes across as 'Dont blame us for taking advantage of what the Brits left behind and becoming successful'. Again I ask, what about the rest of us? The fight for independence was not a Kikuyu or Luo or Maasai fight, it was for ALL Kenyans. I hate this post because it comes across with a F%CK Y'all attitute. (I apologise to Mimmz if i misread his intentions) I agree the Kikuyus DO NOT owe anyone an apology. The politicians (Raila included) owe us all an apology for not thinking about us in the long run.

Mimmz said...

@daudi: First Mimmz is a female. And I do believe you misread my intentions. This post as you may have read from some of the comments I've left was written to those who were calling for all war against all kikuyus; and had provided various reasons that I addressed as I posted. No f**k Anyone attitude. It was a "stop the madness attitude" and stop attacking innocent victims while contorting what sound like viable reasons in your minds. Read it again from that point of view and see if it makes sense.

It's the second time in these comments someone has mentioned the victim card. Not sure why you're all getting that vibe. The way I posted this is as the way people see the kikuyus (which isn't true to all of them) as very successful people. Victims? Not at all. I do however get the vibe that it may be coming across that way though I can't figure out how.

daudi said...

Mimmz, my sincere apologies for thinking you were a dude. Having said that, I have reread your post and still feel the arrogance of it. This is what i read;
1)You say "...need I remind anyone that a kikuyu has led Kenya for 5 out of the last 29 years?"...I don't think Kikuyus have stacked themselves up but somehow you forget the initial 14 years after independence.
2) You say."..they see an opportunity and they follow it. And you? You? You get mad and remain poor".. You must be really ticked off at the rest of us to use such a shallow statement.
3) You say.."...recall the closest tribes to the colonialists were both the Masai and the kikuyus. Look how that turned out. Yes, yes, yes"..Really, you believe this baloney? These kind of statements assume that Kikuyus are somehow responsible for Kenya's independence and are thus entitled to more than everyone else. You forget that the fight was not won only in the bush but by staring down the British government as well. you make it seem like people like Pio Gama Pinto, Jaramogi Oginga and Tom Mboya were just a bunch of pussies far from the fight.
4) You say " one owes you an apology! If you're failing, it's probably because of something you did wrong; unless your parents failed you".. Someone suggested the anger was not only tribal but based on class division as well. You have lashed out against not only all other tribes, but POOR Kikuyus as well..
I do agree with the parts of your post not written with a chip on your shoulder though..Again, sorry for assuming you were a dude, Women as usually not as arrogant..You asked for honesty..

Mimmz said...

@daudi. No offense on the female/male confusion. was just correcting you...

I can see why you would think this post was written with arrogance. And you are right about it being written with a chip on my shoulder that was based purely on the attacks that were going on. It was definitely an angry post but with things I believe needed to be said.

The arrogance, I was writing this post from the "rich kikuyu" image that had been mentioned to me by all who condoned and attempted to justify killings. My own personal arrogance on social class, I have to doubt that I have personally earned the right...

Anonymous said...

"The Expatriate!!! said...
Ive got something to say. As an expatriate living in Kenya, i still have to say that you have not learned anything. ANYTHING. Stop behaving like little kids over all of this. The only problem that stands in your way is this tribalism. You don't vote for the best man, only your tribe. I'm not just blaming the Kikuyus. It isnt their fault. I just want to stay that after 40 years of so called 'democracy', you still bicker with each other because of tribalism. It just so frustrating to see you do that.

Last time in Europe we tried this we ended up with Hitler, and he killed 6 million people. What I simply am trying to say is for you people should unite and be Kenyans, and not subdivide yourself into tribes.

Just start calling yourselves Kenyans instead of Kikuyusm or Luos, or Kisiis, or even Masais. Things will get along much better that way."

We all agree we love Kenya.

Kenyans I urge you to listen to Expatriate's prophetic views above.

We are at a critical point in our history..we must "unite and be Kenyans"..or more of us will die.
Our hearts are breaking because of the violence we have witnessed taking place in Kenya..Let us PRAY and choose PEACE NOW,

We are Kenyans..blaming and targeting the Kikuyu people hurts us all and is senseless ..we need each other ..Kenya belongs to us all.


ps: Expatriate thanks for the wake up call.

Anonymous said...

Mimmz you think Kenya belongs to the Kikuyus only,sorry.About theft you kikuyus are the worst,I gather Mumbi was one thug thats how you all became thugs.Majambazi you can even steal your mother's cunt n sell at cheap price.By the way did Mumbi have a hubby or just a person from the jungle cohabbited with her to giv birth to you?

Waruimbo said...

Kenya belongs to Kenyans and not Kikuyus. Just because Kenyatta was the first president, this did not give the kikuyus an upper hand or an advantage. The missionaries started schools and hospitals in Kikuyu land first before moving to the rest of the country. Kikuyus were the first to be educated in Kenya. They secured the first professional jobs an african could get. Everybody loves money, how people manage it and use it these are things one learns and cannot inherit genetically. The Colonialist when the started grabbing the fertile highlands for themselves, they put the Kikuyu on reservations. When the British needed labour the tried to force the Kikuyu to work for them. The Kikuyu were defiant and the british introduced a 'Hut Tax'. A Hut tax meant you had to pay taxes if you owned a hut and the only way to pay those taxes was with money, the only way you could get money was through employment on the big wazungu farms. The story goes, the parents went to work and the kids went to school. Approaching the 1930's, the first batch of graduates from High School received scholarships to Britain for a University forward to the 1940's Kikuyu or African Political Parties began to emerge the first party being pioneered by Harry Thuku( a Kikuyu) other tribes began joining or starting other parties on the back end initiative of the Kikuyu PoliticalLeaders. At that time, they were fighting for an independent kenya and not an independent Kikuyu land... Fast Forward to 1950's Kenyatta, and few others were locked up for political reasons and the also backing the predominatly Kikuyu Mau Mau fighters. Keep in mind, during this time, only the educated folks got jobs whom by th way were the Kikuyu. The saw how the mzungu and muhindi operated and they sought to duplicate that. The bought property,land when they could, started business, secured the better african jobs...they realized with money you can live and enjoy life like the wazungu. During the 50's to the 60's other communities were just starting to take up education as a rite of passage. The Kikuyus had about a 50 year headstart on the rest of kenya. As a country 85% of the millionaires in Kenya are from GEMA. Most being Kikuyus. By Millionaires I mean net worth and net assets. I know of brilliant lawyers from other tribes that have the big house, big cars and still have no investments or assets other than that one big house or the big cars. a river road businessman might drive a 404 Peugeot pick-up...several multi-million shilling businesses, several rental properties, plenty of land....and his net worth tramps the big lawyer anyday.....So, I am a Kikuyu, and whom do I owe an apology, I personally have not stolen from you, taken your land, or lead you to your lack of knowledge. We are both human, we have 24hours a day, and the same opportunities in this World. God made us all with unique talents and abilities, if you are jealous or offended dont take it out on me. We are both created in Gods image. If you do not like what you are then take it up with our creator.

Anonymous said...

We as Kikuyu's owe nobody an apology for being what we are.Everybody hates us just as everybody else hates the Indians,the Americans because we exploit opportunities well.All humans are greedy,not only Kikuyu's.To hell with all of you who think we are the cause of all the problems in Kenya.In fact am surprised that some people commenting on this blog are educated but unfortunately think like people who come from the village.We don't own Kenya that for sure but the rest of the communities are just a lazy lot esp the luo's-and for those who work hard they just spend all their monies on luxuries forgetting anything about investment.So,are we the cause for their stupidity when it comes to such matters?By the way it is important to state that I don't hate luo's at all.In fact my wife is a Luo.What I hate is the way they are blaming Kikuyu's for their woes since independence.Fuck all those that think that way.

Anonymous said...

successful minds will always prosper no matter how many enemies may tokelezea to outfit them,kikuyu's are reaping their fruits of braveness and focus and they shall forever will