Sunday, December 02, 2007

Far from adequate!

The most disappointing thing any Kenyan can watch is NTV on youtube. Bull's eye makes it worse, but just watching our politicians creates a sad day indeed. And age is no factor. Ignorance surely is bliss when it comes to knowing exactly what it is these politicians do and say. I allowed myself to log into and watched NTV's bull's eye. I had no idea just how bad the political scene in Kenya is. It is so bad. I know it's possible that the situation looks much worse for those like me who haven't had to deal with it that directly for years, still I declare, words from a written column don't capture nary 25% of the drama. The way I see it,if this situation were to get worse down just one notch, we'd be about to be extinct by virtue of stupidity. If you ask me, something's gotta change!

I doubt it will though. Because the cheers that come from the crowds get louder as the deeds and words of the politicians or aspirants get more random and less professional. Quite frankly, the more inappropriate and borderline abusive they get, the louder the cheers get. I guess the politicians are just giving the crowds what they want. How sad that is, you have no idea.

Does no one demand and or expect professionalism from their leaders? And with these shenanigans as part of their daily campaigns and local addresses, how then do the citizens appear shocked that these same people are incapable of managing their daily situations to improve livelihoods? Nobody speaks of what they can do, they all speak of where they have been and the beefs they have with the other rivals. Stupid stupid stuff. Tactics that std six students might use to settle scores. Where is the substance? Where is the measure of intelligence? Where is leadership? Where is someone to spire to be like? Where is motivation? Where is hope? Where is a worthy person?

One after another they rise, they sing stupid songs, they say even dumber things. They incite stupid joy from a crowd that is to me amazing by their responses. And at the end of they day, they say nothing. A whole lotta words with nothing said. Their time would have been better spent washing dishes in their own homes.The crowd is well entertained and we all go home and start another day of campaigning, come sunrise the next day.

All well and good if this was a comedy tour!

Which it isn't.

And thus the sad part.

Somebody needs to start a "professional addresses: manners,etiquette and diplomacy" training program in that country. A secondary class will be issues that pertain to Kenya, locally and globally. And it should be mandatory for all politicians and aspirants to attend.

Quite frankly, the situation is so desperate that were anyone to actually start this training program, and suggest that elections be postponed until the courses were taken by all involved, they would have my vote.

What an entire disappointment. It is debated that there is an argument for dictatorship and colonization. Many of these clips support that statement! Kenyans you can do much better! Stop aiming so low always, Get better, do better and demand better!

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Thomas said...

I see you've finally watched tuko hapa hapa kwasababu hatuko kule kule popote yeyote pale pale muondoe huyo mtu wasemee of the kazi iendelee fame in live action. Depressing.