Saturday, December 29, 2007

Peace above all else!

And these goes to both ODM and PNU supporters.

There are posts such as this calling for bloodshed should Kibaki win. Why? What does democracy mean to all of you people? It means that as far as voters go, some will have favorable outcomes and others not so favorable outcomes. democracy always has victims. And you should always be aware of this as you head out to vote.

These results are not shocking. They agree very much with preliminary polls that were carried before the elections were held. We all knew it was going to be close. So grow up and wait for the ECK.

Those claiming rigging, if you don't have tangible evidence, stop propagating propaganda! You're directly contributing to any bloodshed that will occur here next!

Please note that most ODM supporters were ok with the results when Odinga was ahead by far. Truth be told, his strongholds had been tallied and Kibakis had not yet. This current figures following those should not be surprising, shocking or alarming to anyone with any common sense and understanding of the process. if you must edify yourself about the process then do so, but don't make it your place to create victims of this elections.

The counting stations are filled with observers from all over and have every party and candidate represented. So if you're claiming rigging, once again, I say prove it. Otherwise shut up and promote peace.

No one can call this election yet. It is too close to call. So sit back and let ECK work. The process is slow because there are that many voices to be heard, from every party. And every dispute starts a counting vote all over.

Why the panic over the final result? Why not have the confidence that you're going to win? And the common sense to let peace prevail if you don't?

Don't forget, the poorer you are, the likelier you are to be caught in a skirmish riot or melee. You are likely to be injured or to die. And it is also highly likely that you are the sole bread winner, with no savings in the bank.

people with money incite, then they sit at home and are safe, some with body guards; and you do their dirty work. The results here today are of no use to anyone if there is bloodshed in the streets. you won't have a place to go to work, hence you can't eat and seriously neither one of these two candidtaes in power is going to be that bad for you in a peaceful environment, as much as they arent really going to do anything for you on a personal note should they win. So what it is, is "Isn't that serious." Get to understanding your priorities. It's an election, and it's overall effect on you personally unless you lose your life or a loved one is not going to be that significant.

That's the truth. Give it a chance to set you free!


Farmgal said...

Hear! Hear!

Am disgusted by one Baraza especially. Someone who is sat comfortably in America is calling for people to go fight.

Mimmz said...

@Farmgal,I saw that dude was in Michigan and that his biggest concern would at best be snow...taka taka.

A friend (non kikuyu) whose mum is in Kericho just told me all kikuyus are in cop stations otherwise would be dead following their newly MP elect announcing "Elections are being rigged, why are you sleeping?" And so businesses thought to belong to Kikuyus are being burnt and so are their homes. Oddly, these people seemed to be prepared to go out and kill. very concerning. What did any of these kikuyus do to anyone of these people? How soon we forget Rwanda amazes me.

Are these the people we elected? Is the only way the elections could be acceptable be if Raila wins? What was the point of voting then? Why not another coup?

Was this a vote to oust kikuyus or to elect a president?

And someone asks me, why is it kikuyus are everywhere? And then they wonder next, why is it kikuyus seem to have money? because people who venture out and take risks tend to do well in life.

Remember this:


Just think about it...

Thomas said...

The violence aside this election was rigged. The ECK has been announcing results that are are at variance with the certified results from upper eastern province. I know you will mention something to the effect that there are courts that ODM can go to, but you and I know that system is rotten in Kenya. In any case the ECK role is not merely reduced to reading contentious results and sending the complainants to court. The ECK is supposed to be able to pro actively ensure free and fair elections, part of which means that it should verify the results it releases against what is on the ground. Yes we need peace, but you cannot ask one side to maintain the peace while the other one blatantly violates the will of the people. In my opinion responsibility for the violence rests firmly at Kibaki's doorstep.

Irena said...

@Thomas: I only have one questins, in the digital era, why is it no one and I mean even those bloggers who claim to be techie savvy have not produced tangible evidence. It seems Kenyans use camera phones or dig camera only when they are drinking or why is it no one documented these allegations. I'm one Kenyan regardless of the hearsay I want the facts, hard fact, not because someone said so and so. Like Mimiz and Farmgal, I 'm sad that Kibaki seemed to be the blame for all this violence while Raila has all the right to cause bloodshed? So it is okay for opposition to call for bloodshed? It is okay to take the law into their own hands? Why can't logic prevail. "Pride comes before a fall" and it is mostly Raila fault and Mudavadi who called press conference two days ago and declared raila president, ignoring the electoral and rule of law. Is that what we are calling democracy? Until there is tangible evidence and "nilisikia ama nimeambiwa" . So question is, if there is a recount and verification, is ODM orPNU ready to facce defeat?

Mimmz said...

@Thomas, you're inciting violence as well. My post simply stated that unless you're a politician, pro PNU or ODM, ytou're simply getting carried away in hype that is generally meaningless to you post elections.

Suggesting that the country can go to war if Kibaki wins, and the blame is on him hence for winning, is quite, crazy an is definitely part of the inflamatory remarks I am addressing. You're in the states. if you were in Kenya, on the ground, in the streets, you might start to negate the points I made about this being how wealthier Kenyans abuse the poorer ones to meet their agendas.

Thomas said...

Irena, what more evidence does one need? Its obvious you are so pro PNU you wouldn't see it even if it were staring at you in the face. Its not as if that information is not in the public domain. I have been following this election live on KTN for a way long now. The ECK chairman himself admitted numbers coming in from Eastern and parts of Central were phony. An ECK official who blew the whistle on the goings on at the ECK(has reportedly gone missing now). The certified results by returning officers differed from those that ECK was announcing. Last night on TV we saw returning officers in Imenti or somewhere in Upper Eastern who admitted that what the ECK was reading out for the constituencies did not tally with what was certified. Kibaki said even rigging requires some intelligence. This was amateurish, blatant, live-on-TV rigging.

Even after delaying releasing results to "resolve" the impasse that arose from their bungling of this now-illegitimate election, ECK was still adamant that they will not go by the certified results from the polling centers. How much more do you need to see to agree that Raila is not merely whining for the heck of it?

I am not going to involve myself with the violence or belabor the need for peace. Its hollow and hypocritical to call for peace when you violate people's rights, when you are the cause of the unrest. Democracy is not a one way street. It does not look like Kibaki is going to walk away without consequences. As we talk, there is a parallel inauguration slated for tomorrow at Uhuru Park. Yes it is illegal, but its not anymore illegal than what Kibaki(I don't blame his cronies) has done.

Irena said...

@Thomas: Thank you for the analysis and I have been following that , thank you ! I have read any news, any rumour, any text etc to make my own conclusions. I do not need to be convinced! You and everyone else is not court of law period! And as for me being PNU supporter yes on presidential candidates, ODM and ODM -Kenya on am I the enemy still?

Thomas said...

Irena, your question is irrelevant to the issue here. Whether you are an enemy or not, the unalterable fact is there is trouble in Kenya and you have to have your head really up high somewhere or in the sand not to know why.

Irena said...

@Thomas: May I remind too that what is reported in the news is not always objective unless you were there to collect hard evidence, do not go with the euphoria because you heard and even someone disappeared:-) Rubbish and going to Uhuru park , that shows how some Kenyan Quarters think "an eye for an eye" and you wonder why there wars in this world. Can't ODM be the bigger men and face the courts!

irena said...

@ Thomas, I asked you a valid question because you claimed I MUST PNU supporter hence the question. Must one be an PNU supporter to side with it? Another valid and logical question Thomas.. Yes there is trouble but will not put parafin on fire just because I want a Bonfire!!!!!

Thomas said...


So what is in the news is not always objective. For argument's sake, if what I have been watching on KTN at the ECK headquarters the last 3 nights might just be a mirage, what is it that so much convinces you that Mudavadi called a press conference and declared Raila the winner?

irena said...

Really you are so blinded by your yearn to have your guy win , you didn't see it and yet you were in Kenya or wherever you are Dang! I'm really blinded by Reuters Video and AFP yahoo news!!! It is the power of the internet and how hatred spreads fast!!!

Thomas said...


That was a rhetorical question.

irena said...

Oh was it now? I seem to be slow on such!