Sunday, August 14, 2005

War of the religions

Gaza. Israeli and Palestinian governments are abuzz with activity on the withdrawal of Israel from Gaza. Can't help but note that the Islamic Palestinians are happy to state that it's not that Israel is voluntarily giving Gaza up, it's that their Jihad has born fruit. I'm under the opinion that Israel should leave Gaza. However, I am concerned by thefact that the radical muslims are happy to note that they will continue with the violent acts to pressurize or influence other phases of this extended forever kind of disagreement that goes on between the Promised land and its environs. This truly concerns me. Myself and others with a myriad of other views on this.

More than this is the evidence that is coming back from Sudan. Through children's drawings, not solicited drawings, those of children handed paper and writing materials and left to self expression; we begin to see evidence of government aided attacks. How so? Planes, military tanks, all showing up in almost every drawing. Some show uniformed men with guns and bullets ricocheting out of them. Point being, the Islamic government is pushing out the non -Islamic community out of Sudan. On the aside, this is being called a genocide quite openly now but the ever sleeping UN is yet to respond to this.

I'm concerned about these attitudes. I have several Muslim friends and have thus been actively involved in protecting the generalization of all Muslims from a world that is quickly beginning to group them all into one category, terrorists. My problem is that great Islamic nations are not helping this fight. It seems that as far as the eccentric Muslim is concerned, there is only room for Muslims in this planet. We have two options here. Either those that recently returned from space are yet to make a big announcement that there is another planet that's all set for human invasion out there or the Muslims at large are going to live and let live. I'm completely appalled that for Gaza to "return" to the Palestinians, the generations of Israelis that have lived in Gaza have to be evicted. Why can't their be jews in Palestine and muslims in Israel? Why must the jews in Gaza leave so that Palestine will reclaim it? Greanted, the settling of the Jews in Gaza was incorrect, but do two wrongs make a right? These are 4th generation people. Where else do they call home?

I don't know when we went from me against the world to Islam against the world. I'll tell you what I observe. All the major world decisions being made lately seem to influence this war more and more. And since the US made it so that oil was turned to gold, we as the world community are at the mercy of the Islamic countries. Some are still friends of the world, but more and more are becoming... ummm... Not. Controversial point. Empowering them more, is the fact that all nuclear energy, that could free us all from the great dependency of fossil fuel, is a taboo to practice, thanks again to the all knowing American government. I think the world needs to start rethinking a lot of policies. Worst case scenarios need to be evaluated. Nuclear energy vs nuclear weapons needs to be invested in as a study and how to co-exist in this planet needs to be looked into. We as the world are going to have to go in and admit that we are beginning to tear at the seams and since these are not the days when wars were fought with bows and arrows, I sure would hate to live through a semblance of a world war III.

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