Saturday, August 20, 2005

Lottery Fraud In Kenya _ Alert your Relatives

I called my mum and was quite surprised by some news she had. She had won some insane amount of money. All in dollars, btw. How? It came via e-mail? From whom? Some people in SA and this is an annual thing... Thank goodness I live in the Central scamming nation, aka USA. My antennae/radar was all up in distrust. I asked for the name of the company.. "Euro Afro American..." Ennter this on google and you will be shocked at what you find.. Worst case is the insane amount of people with these e-mails and they seem to have been sent to every corner of the earth. They have aliases as euro Asian... blah blah.. to fit the continent. They seem official.

My mum spoke with someone in SA who was advising her either to go there or he could send her some paperwork to open an account in SA. He says the name of the bank he works for is ABSA. Don't know if such a bank exists in SA. Don't care. My mum smelled a rat. Didnt dish out any info. I shudder to think where this was going. It scares me that they are willing to meet people face to face. I hang up with my mum less than 10 minutes ago. Advise those you know. These Kenyans are not aware of these scams and if they give out their bank information they will be wiped clean. These scam artists are in SA, Burkina Faso, the UK and Canada. It's a very well organized team of people who are going to the extent of sending you convincing evidence such as "their passport copies" I bet you they are either stolen real passport copies or manufactured passport copies.

Please get the word out before people you know get scammed.

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Msanii_XL said...

thanks for the heads up on this