Monday, June 18, 2007

You Kenyans have it good

I was browsing for news as always and caught the interesting note about migration to Europe. Nothing could have prepared me for what I watched via the www. It's a short production, a photojournalist recording some still moments as some young man leaves home to attempt to cross to Europe. The link to watch this is here. Watch the entire journey.

Which made me realize Kenyans just have it easy. People fret about going to the embassy to get visas but that's about it. I'm sure the demographics of this country have played a role in how they attempt to get to Europe but hey, life is tough. Sometimes you just need to see something like this to get you all back to grateful.

And if any politician wanted motivation to work at improving their country, (KP directed me to a post about the Zambian copper export tax here); they need to watch this so that they can see why they need to improve situations so that people never have to go through this in search of a better life!

And bankelele mentioned some $500,000 dollar properties. OK, seriosuly, even if its showing off, let's get smart about it. Is there any land in Kenya worth that much yet? Because the properties that cost that amount of money here are justified by the land they're on. They haven't yet designed a house worth that much. But watch the fickle Kenyans, who need to be noticed, buy these properties, no other thought needed. "It implies status I gotta be part of that" (isn't that the Kenyan mantra?) But as the economy improves (assuming after elections this trend continues), people get smarter about money and spending it and the masses get less fickleminded; how do you not lose after having invested in property whose only base was status; actually supposed status? Smart people wouldn't invest in those amounts of anything in Kenya unless it was a business with 99% chances of making very good returns!

Have a smart, grateful day, won't you :)


3N said...

Kenyans are indeed lucky it is unimaginable what other people are going through to get to a better life.
On 500K houses unless it’s commercial property that is an unnecessary amount to spend on living quarters in Kenya.

Tony Maina said...

I haven't cried in years but today I'm in tears. I'm in tears after watching that guy (Kingsway's) journey...leaving his family & struggling thru the sahara desert, being smuggled thru the Atlantic Ocean, and finally making it to Europe to a better life.

He has made me realize how lucky I have to have made it here to the States. How lucky Iam. And how I need to just change alot of things in my life...and do what it is that brought me here in the first place. Thank you for making me see my life in a whole new perspective. Thank you for opening my eyes. God bless.

Tony Maina
Los Angeles, CA.