Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Decamping to Obama

I've been chit chattering about how Obama isn't ready and how I think he should be a running mate for Mrs. Clinton until he has had more experience and then he will be ready. I have always stated I think he'd make a good president. I just haven't been sure that he is ready. And very importantly, I have thought that the mess that is Iraq and America in Iraq right now would do nothing to credit him, a black man, whom I believe as a president would have everyone watching for the mistakes he will make, forget all the good he would do.

I registered as a receiver of Barack's campaign info a while back. They've been sending this information to me about a dinner for 5. Donate and get dinner for 5. Today, the e-mail had a link. An invite to the dinner from Barrack himself. Well! Mr. Obama tells us how he will meet with four people plus himself, will fly you at no cost to you and pay for the dinner. Theirs is a grass root kind of campaign and this way, he gets to hear every one's opinion. Donate any amount. Link is here.

After watching this video, I would like to reconsider my position. Granted, my position has been influenced very significantly by this documentary It's not that it's new information but it's very detailed. The whole other side. Where even I am not interested in any democrat, forget my aversion to republicans (shaming God always). I am interested in what Barack is doing. Eliminating the Washington lobbyist. All of them. They do nothing but promote the damn pharmaceutical companies, Oil companies and any other influential organization with no regard to human life. You ought to know how mad I am about GE making its way to Kenya. It's one of the 5 evil companies, in there with Halliburton and others. They never do anyone any good. They just act like they are. Those damn GE people better not mess with Kenya! Which they will I'm sure. Let's watch for the rot they're about to start.

Back from wandering and digressing, I'm now convinced that the only thing that is an obstacle to Barrack is people like me. Those who want to shelter him from America. Obviously, the man knows how to use the Internet to market himself and knows how to get to people through this medium. Who am I to assume he doesn't know other things? That he can't handle the heat that is Iraq and shine through it. Obama has proven time and time again that he votes with his head not his alliance when it comes to the war. He gives the reasons why, almost always very well thought out and why then am I claiming he isn't ready? I think with that short video, Barrack just totally made the campaign of his life to me and many others. It was all I needed. Back off Mrs. Clinton. Running mate for Barrack Obama instead! I've decamped. Obama for President 2008!


I'm still with Kibaki in Kenya. No one has given me any reason to oust a man who obviously can influence prosperity back into Kenya. Go Baks! Kibaki tosha, 2007!

Officially as well.


Anonymous said...

how about Gore/Obama? like the ring of that?

As for why you should (or not) vote for Kibaki, how about this?

Anonymous said...

Before you make a decision on Obama you should TRULY understand the American politics at hand. It is very easy to be swayed by the first African American candidate to come into play but as an American who has been a participant of several elections there are so many factors involved with respect to womens rights,social infrastructure etc. This is a game whereby every candidate has to come out in favor of representing the people's issues. Remember John Kerry??? I personally see a lack of strong candidates as they all seem to be saying the same thing only utilizing different advertising mechanisms.