Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Where are they now?

Joe, Esther and all the other people from Tushauriane. I shocked myself because I can remember the entire first verse of the theme song;

Wenzangu tushauriane maishani mwetu
ukiwa na jambo lolote, usijitenge
Maishani, siku hizi, umoja ni nguvu
Hasa nyumbani

Don't remember the next verse at all...Anyone? But what followed was always this

"ilikuwa... Joe alimpenda Esther... Lakini..."

I recall the episode where Joe was thinking "Wonders in this world will never cease"

There was a very feisty female known as Night as well. And I recall the crazy relative with a panga in almost every episode. His name might have been Jairo. I believe he passed sometime back.
Where are all the rest of them now?

That was one major Kenyan soap.

That was my one random misplaced thing sticking out like a sore thumb in my mind today.


Acolyte said...

I think Dennis Kashero aka Joe became a corporate high flyer with East African Industries aka Unilever. I dont know about the rest.

Irena said...

I thought Joe died..oops my bad (I'm not trying to start internet rumor like that of Jaleel White (Steve, Family Matters)or the latest Sinbad's,.

I think I saw some episodes on Youtube.

Unknown said...

Where did Esther and Sheila go to?
That was a programme I never missed to watch