Friday, March 02, 2007

Long Month

It's been an extremely long month, mostly because I bit off almost more than I could chew with my school course load. Thankfully, after finals this week, there's hope that the following semester should be better bearable.

Something happened within my family space that made me realize just how much the actions of family members affect the other family members. You'd think when everyone is grown, everyone can move on, grow up, make mistakes and everyone else will just be able to stand on the sidelines with only the supportive hand extended but emotionally be safe from the acts of other grown people. It turns out not so really. There is a lot of responsibility and personal questions everyone in the family deals with when one other person goes through a major shift. I was surprised to note that I wasn't the only one who had gotten to the point where I questioned if I ahd contributed to the whole situation by being absent or otherwise. I thought I was all grown up but this incident has made me realize just how stuck together family is, and for that matter, just how much we all must make choices with the other family members' welfare in mind. But because I've had so many devastating news of other people's family tragedies recently, I was able to just look through the other side of all this and see how much worse it could have been. Stiil, I can't help but feel that One of these fine days, I should stop growing up. Every successive lesson just seems to bite off more from me...

And of course the world meanwhile has been mostly the same; save for unsurprising camp shift by Mrs. Ngilu. Same old politics, same wars, same bickerings, same insanities and unfortunetaly, a lot of the same mediocrity continues as well. These in circles worldwide. Of course the Nation Media Group drama getting its own website gets some mention. Still, I think the people behind this whistle blowing would have done much better to keep this professional and dump the personal crap that's bound to hurt innocent victims such as wives and children. It would have had more substance and quite frankly, more interest and support from me. After the first 500 lines it does start to read like an ODM bickering session. Meanwhile, Kenya's press continues to lose the elections for Obama by speaheading his activities as headlines every now and then. Little realizing that it's hard enough for him being black, and the last thing he needs is to seem Kenyan instead of American. You want to help Obama, let him go! The man is Kenyan by parental heritage right but for the purposes of his life experiences and his career, he is only American.

And so the world continues to go around...

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